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Ever since I saw the live-action for Ghost in the Shell and Death Note a few years ago, I kind of lost hope that there would ever be a good anime adaptation movie. Death Note Netflix adaptation was an abomination, while the Ghost in the Shell had everything correct except the story. Rather than following one linear story, the movie was a mesh of almost all anime series. Stupid idea.

Then this movie came.

Believe me, I wasn’t interested in this movie. When the first trailer was released, the eyes of Alita was a huge turn-off. I didn’t expect they would adopt it, the big anime eyes. It didn’t sit well with me. But after learning about James Cameron’s passion and love for the source material, I thought of giving this one a try once it will be released here in my country.

February came, I totally forgot the movie will be released on Valentine’s Day. I didn’t save any money to watch it on theatres, LOL. While I was drowning on my misery (it was around the time I was told I can’t work), my brother invited me to watch the movie alongside with him. I was happy cuz it was for free (LOL), and also I was touched by his effort to cheer me up. It wasn’t just him, also my Dad went out of his way to make me happy (this domain site was his gift…damn)…I feel loved. Heh.

Anyway, let’s now focus on my thoughts of the movie.




I mean, it was the best western live-action anime/manga movie to date. It was that good.

Compared to the 2 predecessors, this one was wwwaaaaaaayyyyy above it. Why? It was because of passion and Cameron’s love to the source material. Watching the movie, you can immediately see the amount of love and passion the production team put on this movie. From how the story was handled, the visuals and the amount of details in the movie were outstanding. Watching it made me speechless. But well, I guess the fact that I watched this on IMAX definitely added alot more enjoyment to the already amazing experience. Heh.


Let’s first talk about the story.

I haven’t read the source material nor saw the OVA, so I didn’t have any much of an idea what the story would be other than the initial synopsis. For a span of 2 hours of the movie, they sure have covered alot. From the early beginnings of Alita to her finding more about her past, you would sometimes wish this was a series instead. Alot of stuff happened, to a point I could see some pacing issues. Still, it doesn’t affect the overall watching of the movie.

For the characters, Everyone did so well. Rose Salazar nailed Alita. It was quite clear that she studied her personality really well. Even though she was kind of animated the whole time, her acting prowess can’t be masked, bruh. But the one who shined the most here in the movie was Dr. Ido, Christopher Waltz. He was amazing. He was really believable and very compelling, his relationship with Alita was one of the most highlighted and sweetest parts of the movie. Both of them definitely made the movie really good and their father-daughter combo was really believable and it made me want to see more of it.

For the supporting, Hugo, Keean Johnson was good and he did his part well, but it wasn’t memorable. His character itself was just a stepping stone for Alita to become mature, so all in all, I understand the lack of depth their cute relationship. For Dr. Chiren, I was disappointed. I can clearly see that Jennifer Connelly and the character can pull off more angst and good moments in the story, but yeah, because of the time constraint, she pretty much got the short end of the stick. Mahershala AliĀ as Vector was really good. He portrayed the character well, he also did well acting as Nova’s vessel, though I would have liked if his voice was changed or something. The other antagonists also were quite cool and badass. I definitely understand the lack of depth to them as they were only used for showcasing Alita’s badass action moves. LOL.

Now for the main highlight of the movie, the jaw-dropping visuals. IT’S UHH-MAAA-ZZIINNGGG. The details in every corner of the world blew me away. It’s quite clear that production team not only adored the source material, but also studied and made sure everything is right. It was really realistic, like the world does exist.

I don’t I could finish this review of mine without discussing the badass moves of Alita. Damn gurl, she’s a fighter. Her prowess in martial arts blew me away. Not just me, but all the people watching the movie. She can really slay the enemies. I mean, there wasn’t any magic or supernatural elements involve, just hand to hand combat. It made me remember how much I enjoy Kung-fu movies before. LOL.

Overall, this movie was amazing. It is true that this movie seemed done before and kinda outdated when it terms with the story, but it can’t be helped. After all, this movie adapted a 90’s manga.

Another thing that made this appeal to everyone who are not just fans of the source material, but also to anime fans, was the fact that this movie retains elements of its foundation, the manga/anime. Basically, Alita’s story is quite similar to other shounen animes out there. This movie also features a freakin’ tournament, and alot more parrallels bruh. Because of this, anime and manga fans would surely love this.

If you haven’t seen this movie yet, please do watch it and support it so that we can get a decent sequel. As much as I want this movie to succeed, its kinda hard to do it without the support from all of us. Right now, the movie grossed around 350 million box office. Yes, its a good thing, but its still not enough for us to get a sequel.

If the movie is still available in your place, please do watch it.




  1. ospreyshire Permalink

    Good job on the review. Interestingly enough, I saw the original OVA not too long ago.

    1. Will Sirius Permalink

      i planned to watch it soon. i just need to get a copy of it first.

      1. ospreyshire Permalink

        Sure thing. It would be a good thing to compare and contrast. Granted, it is older, so don’t expect the production to be as flashy as the remake.


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