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Monthly Melodies #1 – My Review Playlist

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Hello, Everyone!!

Welcome to my first music feature this year, Monthly Melodies. This feature would be about me sharing a couple of songs to you guys. I used to post a similar music feature like this last 2017, which I discontinued. Why did I discontinue?? Well, I released that feature weekly, which was a huge hassle on my part.

Good thing I had other plans for this new music feature of mine as I won’t only post about japanese or korean music only but everything I listen to. I will also share some themes too (if I feel like it). Rather than hassling myself in making this feature weekly, I will be sharing music to you monthly instead. Heh.

I won’t prolong much anymore and share some good music to you guys.

For this first ever Monthly Melodies, I will be sharing some songs that had helped me during my review last year. These are not really new songs as I wasn’t able to update my music very much because I was too focused on my studies. Still, these songs were there for me and I still listen to them intensively.

First up is a ballad of Goosehoose called, VOICE. This was one of the first ever songs of GH that I really liked. The blending of the 2 voices were very heartwarming and full of feels. The lyrics hit me hard too.

It was its lyrics that comforted me during my down times while I was reviewing. Well, it wasn’t just during my review, but my daily dose of depression. And yes, I cry everytime I listen to this song during my down time. Lol. I just can’t help it. This song is that powerful.

Another painful song I listened to was an idol song that I didn’t expect that would slap me with feels. That song would be juice=Juice’s It’s Okay to Cry.

Me liking this song is really unexpected. Last year, I proclaimed this song as my least favorite Hello!Project song because i find it boring and meh. But after few weeks, I found myself crying to this song. LOL.

It was around the time I was having a hard time on my studies and myself when I heard this song again and cried. The lyrics resonated with me hard and I can’t help but just cry. I now love the song. Even until now, I still feel alot of feels listening to this song.

From sad songs , let’s go on to some hopeful ones.

I want to share is a hopeful song, Bokutachi no Mirai by Leo Ieiri. I first discovered this song while watching a music show from Japan and Leo Ieiri was singing this song alongside her “nakamas” C-ute’s Suzuki Airi and Momoiro Clover’s Kanako Momota. Their rendition of the song blew me away and ever since then I had been a fan of the song.

This song is like an energizer to me. From Leo’s vocals to the hopeful lyrics and music arrangement, they motivate me to stand up again and reach my dreams. It moves me everytime I listen to this song. Its that powerful.

If Goosehouse’s song comforts me when I am down, it’s this song that helps me stand up again and believe for my tomorrow.

I don’t think I would completely share my collection for today until I share some feel good songs that I enjoyed listening last year.

I want to share this simple ED song from an anime I love, Zetsuen no Tempest, called Bokutachi no Uta by Sakou Tomohisa. I really love this song.

Well, my reasoning as to why I love this song my sound really cheesy and I really don’t want to grind cheese here. But yeah, my reason would be because I feel like a main character of a slice-of-life romance anime while listening to this song. LOL. I mean, whenever I listen to this song, my imagination goes overdrive and it makes me imagine alot of anime cliche stuff that I also want to experience irl. Heh. Me and my cheesy imagination.

Next on my feel good song to share is AAA’s Hallelujah. It was because of this song that I discovered the amazing group, AAA, years ago.

I continue to listen to this song until now cuz it has this amazing force that energizes me. The song had a positive vibe that get me going. I listened to alot of AAA music during my review, but it was this song that continues to support me.

Lastly, is a recent song I discovered while watching the animated movie, Flavors of Youth, last year. The title of the song is WALK by Vickeblanka.

I had been listening to this song nonstop since I had seen the movie lastly. This was even on repeat during and after my exams, this song was that powerful to me. There was something about this song that comforts me. From the calming vocals of the singer to the simple melody of the song, it feels like this song summarized my whole life or something. It’s carefree and hopeful lyrics motivates me to move forward and live everyday. Damn this song is really good.

It seemed I only shared Jpop music this time. Well, it can’t be helped as it was the only thing I was listening the whole time last year. Lol.

I also didn’t put much idol music because I wasn’t listening to any during my review, as I was also refraining myself into exposing my mind into other stuff other than my studies. Though, there were some exceptions. Lel.

So yeah.

I guess, that’s it for now.

Stay tuned for my next month’s Monthly Melodies.


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