Momokuri (TV): After Thoughts

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Here is another lighthearted romance anime I recently finished watching.

Momokuri is one of those animes that you can’t stop grinning while watching. The story is so cute, the characters are so adorable, and their interactions are so enjoyable to watch. Totally recommended.

That’s all.

I just reviewed the whole series in 3 sentences. Ha. Ha. Ha.
Anyway, here’s my real thoughts:


Episodes: 26
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Dec 24, 2015 to Feb 4, 2016
Studios: Satelight
Source: Web manga
Genres: Slice of Life, Comedy, Romance
Duration: 12 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 – Teens 13 or older
Synopsis: The story revolves around Yuki Kurihara, a girl who has finally been granted her wish of dating her crush Momo. At first glance, she just looks like a normal but very cute girl. However, she is in fact a maniac over Momo, taking notes of his activities and never missing the chance to see him in a cute moment. Momo, on the other hand, is inexperienced in love, and just wants to make Yuki happy.

My Thoughts:

Momokuri is an innocent highschool romance anime that has tugged my heartstrings to a whole new level. The level of moe and fluffyness can’t be measured, its that high. Still, this series is not perfect. I also have some issues with this series and I’ll share them later, let’s first tackle the positive ones.

The story is so cute and simple. Yuki, a second year high school student, confess to her crush, 1st year high school really really cute student, Momo, and they become a couple. This kind of set-up is kinda rare you know. In this kind of scenario, its usually the guy who is older and bolder, while the girl tends to be the receiver and follower. This anime is a breath of fresh air. Ooohoohohoh.

I really like how the story flowed. The romance between the main character bloomed sweetly and purely, it made me jealous. Hahahahha. RIP who doesn’t have a lovelife. Anyway, my only problem with it would be the lack of excitement. The story was so pure and lighthearted, even when they add drama it wasn’t dramatic enough. Other than that, I’m cool with everything.

For the characters, I really like all of them especially the main characters. Both Yuki and Momo were really cute and very interesting. Yuki is a certified stalker. She is so weird and unique, if ever there is a real person version of her, I would really want to be friends with her. Hahahah.Even though she is like that, she is also really smart, caring, sweet and quite dense too. Interesting, right?? While Momo is a cute boy. Everything he does is cute, I totally understand Yuki’s feeling why she fawns over him. He is so cute. The fact that he is younger is also cute, he tries to be ‘manly’ for her and his actions are so cute. Though I do wanna say that when he get the timing right, he sure is manly. Both of them look good together and their personalities fit well with each other. I really like how both react to each other’s quirky personalities, it just shows that they are willing to adjust and compromise for the person they like.

Uuuggghhh, they are so cute. I’m so jealous.


It’s not just the main characters that I really like, the supporting characters as well. Even though there wasn’t much development on their part compared to the main characters, its their presence and support to Yuki & Momo that made me like them. I really like the moments when they get together, seeing them tease Momo and connecting with Yuki & fellow senpai, Norika, it reminds me of my highschool & college get togethers with my friends. Speaking of Norika, I can’t help but ship her with Sawaguchi Rihito, Momo’s close buddies. I really like their moments together. Even though they mostly talk about Yuki & Momo’s relationship, its a start you know, if they continue to hang out together, relationship would bloom. Ooohohohohohoh.

For the art & animation, its so cute. The visuals, character design, and background art fits well with the theme and mood of the anime. I do wanna point out that I’m not much of a fan of the overly skinny characters, but I got used to their looks later on. I really like how they animated the facial expressions of the characters, it definitely adds alot of depth and personality to the characters, its so fun to watch. I also like how scenes were played out, it was consistent all the way to the end. Me likey.


For the music, Ooohhohho, I enjoyed listening to the OP. Its fun and light-hearted, a nice way to start the series. The ED, on the other hand, I hardly remember the music. It was cute, I guess. I mean, I like the visuals of it, but the song….I barely remember it.

Overall, this anime is really cute, light-hearted, and it gives you fluffy (and envy) feelings. I really enjoyed watching this one. Definitely a must watch to people who likes this certain romance animes.

Thanks for reading!!



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    I really liked the support characters, and they helped tone down how overwhelming Yuki and her admiration for Momo was. I mean, the way they stirred the two of them together is pretty hilarious and relatable.
    That said, Norika is best girl (XD, I’m biased)

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          Yeeeeee!!! Sawaguchi and Norika look so good together ooohohohhohoh

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    This sounds cute. I’m always looking for cute anime that doesn’t get on my nerves.

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      You should try this anime 😀
      Its very very cute and fluffy. You’ll definitely enjoy this one. 🙂

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    the visuals are adorable. omg, do the characters kiss or is it just a cute SoL comedy type show?

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      Spoilers but nope they don’t kiss… I want them though. But this is an innocent cute romance anime so yeeee


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