Meiji Tokyo Renka reverse harem anime

Meiji Tokyo Renka was a nice reverse harem anime

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When it comes to reverse harem anime, I am not really a fan of it. It’s been awhile since this genre wowed me with their story, animation and execution.

Interestingly, this anime is quite refreshing.

Meiji Tokyo Renka had all the tropes of a generic reverse harem anime, but there’s also something about it that is very interesting and fun. I can’t really pinpoint it much, but its the reason why I stick to this series until the very end.

Mei Ayazuki is just your ordinary, everyday high-school girl. That is until one night, when the moon is full and red, she’s transported through time to the Meiji Period by Charlie, a self-proclaimed magician.

She ends up in a strange, Meiji-era ‘Tokyo’ where the existence of ghosts is accepted. Led by Charlie, she finally arrives at the Rokumeikan. There, waiting for her to arrive, are the historical figures Ougai Mori, Shunsou Hishida, Otojirou Kawakami, Kyouka Izumi, Gorou Fujita, Yakumo Koizumi, and Tousuke Iwasaki.

Whilst interacting with these men, she discovers she is a Tamayori – someone who can see ghosts – a skill that is highly valued in the Meiji Period. Due to these powers, her relationship with the men begins to change… As she gets to know these handsome men in a new era she just can’t get used to, a love begins to grow within her.

Will Mei be able to return to her time? What will become of her love – a love that crosses the boundaries of time and space?


As mentioned above, Meiji Tokyo Renka is about a girl who can see ghosts who was then got transported to the past, specifically the Meiji era.

I always enjoy watching shows that gives me more insight about the past eras of Japan as I am into history. Knowing that this series was set in Meiji era made me like this series for a bit.

Other than this, the story was interesting enough. Having a main girl be the only one who could see the ghost is not really a original concept, but it works for the plot.

And to be able to introduce and fit all of the men of her life, the anime follows the typical reverse harem way of introducing the characters. Not that I am complaining. I do want to point out that the limitations of the arcs left the anime to focus on few guys instead of all 7. This made it easier for the viewers, like me, to pinpoint which male characters are the main partners of the heroine. However, this affected the story greatly as some arcs were unnecessary long and others were too short. The pacing were all over the place but its watchable enough for me to enjoy.

Now for the characters, I find all of them quite entertaining.

When the main heroine was introduced, I really thought she’s depressed and full of negative energy. However, she turned out to be quite fun and quirky. Very interesting.

Yes, she does have her lonely moments, but because she had fun with the other guys, it seemed she casually forgets her problems in the real world.

As for the guys, each of them were unique in their own way, but my favorite would be Shunzou. He seemed to be the 2nd male lead here, but I felt like he had more depth and personality compared to the main guy, Ougai. His arcs were a lot more sentimental and full of feels, it pretty much spanned all through out the series. As much as I love his interactions with the main heroine, I kinda don’t want them to be together as they seemed to be more of best friends rather than lovers.

Time for the art and animation.

I am not much of a fan of the art. The color palette of the anime seemed dry and not really appealing to me. Especially that this series was upbeat most of the time, the scheme wasn’t consistent with it.

I wasn’t a fan of the character designs as well as they looked generic as hell. I dunno if the designs were based on real people in the Meiji era, but there sure a lot of long haired men in the series. Not that I am complaining, I just noticed this and I find this a bit interesting.

I think the only saving grace in terms of art would be its animation. Yes, its animation is not the best out there, but it served me more than I expect it to be. The animation was pretty basic and generic on normal scenes, but it shines well when it comes to comedic moments as they added a lot of interesting reactions of the characters and it was entertaining to watch them all. I actually screenshot a lot of the crazy faces, however, my laptop died so…goodbye shots.

Overall, the anime was refreshing and fun. This maybe not the best reverse harem anime out there, but its pretty much enjoyable and easy to consume.

I would recommend this to people who wants to watch some romance anime. Reverse harem animes had been scarce lately, so if you guys are into it, then watch this anime.


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