Library Wars Movie, a war of Explicit Books

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I know this is a random post in a pile of anime reviews. I just don’t want to miss sharing my thoughts about this live-action movie.

The live-action movie I want to talk about today is Library Wars.

As most of you guys are anime fans, there is indeed a manga and anime counterparts of this movie. Compared to this live-action, I haven’t checked those versions yet, but I recently got my copy of the anime so I might review it soon.

Set in the year 2019 in Japan. In order to crack down on free expression, a new law is passed, which allows for the government to create an armed force to find and destroy objectionable printed material. Meanwhile, to oppose this oppressive crackdown, the Library Defense is created. The Library Defense, including instructor Atsushi Dojo (Junichi Okada) and Iku Kasahara (Nana Eikura), work to protect the libraries. A fierce battle then ensues between these two groups.

I really liked this movie.

I enjoyed the heck of it. I didn’t expect this at all.

Library Wars was a movie I didn’t expect I wanted. From the synopsis above, this movie was one hella interesting. A war of censored books? Who would’ve thought this kind of premise would actually produce an amazing movie piece?

Library Wars wasn’t just about the war, it was also about fighting once freedom of expression. The antagonists in this movie want a country with limited voice and exposure to explicit media as they might encourage people to oppose them. That kind of oppression is quite relevant today as its the problem all over the world. Though, with the rise of social media, its alot more complicated now. BUT that is not the focus of the movie so lets leave this topic. LOL.

What I like about this movie, other than its overall message, would be its storytelling. As this is a live-action, its common for it to have bad adaptations. Good thing this one turned out great. They didn’t over adapt the source material and they carefully fit in the relevant points that I think are needed to produce a legit enjoyable movie. It’s mix of comedy, drama and action was superb as it was able to find the right balance. It was an amazing experience watching this movie.

As always, the movie shined a lot brighter because of the outstanding performance of the casts. I had been a fan of Eikura Nana ever since I saw her in Proposal Daisakusen. She’s one of the actresses that I never hated at all. She did really really well in this movie. She got the character right, it was amazing to watch her. Her partner, Okada Junichi, didn’t disappoint too. I knew him as the baby of his idol group, V6, but never got a chance to watch a lot of his films and dramas. Still, his performance here was mindblowing, I actually fell in love with him again (PS: FYI, he was my bias in V6 a long time ago…I hadn’t been updated with the group). Through this movie, I think I might check out more of his dramas and movies.

The supporting casts didn’t disappoint too. Though I do find Sato Fukushi as a miscast. Don’t get me wrong, he’s an amazing actor, but I felt like his kinda out of place because of his young looks. I mean, most of the characters in the movie are in their 20’s and reaching 30’s (I think). I know that in real life Sato is within that age range, but his looks are tooo “ikemen” high-school popular guy to pass as a soldier. Sigh, maybe I saw too much of his shoujo movies that’s why I concluded this. Lol.

One of the best highlights of this movie would be its cinematography. I am no film major and I’m easily pleased, but damn, I can’t count how many times I gasped watching this movie. This movie had a lot of interesting shots and camera angles that were nice and very smart. It made my watching a lot better.

Overall, this movie was one hell of an adaptation. Its rare to find a good live-action movie, and this definitely was an amazing one.

If you are a fan of the anime or the manga, so there is a chance that you have heard about this movie already. Can you guys tell me if this movie actually was faithful to the source material? I feel like it is, but there is still a chance that it wasn’t. So feel free to comment down below.

Would I recommend this movie? Hell Yaaaassss. This movie is really good and very enjoyable. You won’t regret it.

That’s it for now.

As there are sequels to this movie, I will watch them as soon as I have time in the future.

So for now, this has been Will Sirius and Thanks for reading!!

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