Ladies versus Butlers! Anime Review

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Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jan 5, 2010 to Mar 23, 2010
Premiered: Winter 2010
Studios: Xebec
Source: Light novel
Genres: Harem, Comedy, Romance, Ecchi, School
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: R+ – Mild Nudity

Synopsis: Hino Akiharu lost his parents when he was small and was adopted into his uncle’s family. He didn’t want to be a burden on his uncle’s family and decides to enter a free boarding school as a butler, Hakureiryou high school. However, his delinquent boy-like appearance frightens the girls, who make up the majority of the students. Unable to get along with the classmates, Akiharu meets his childhood crush Saikyou Tomomi. (MAL)

My Thoughts:

I had watched quite a lot of animes that follows the ecchi romance harem route, it became too common and generic. It became a boring type of genre to watch overtime. But if ever the anime do offer something other than the generic, then of course, the series would be entertaining to watch. This series, however, happened to be on the generic side of the ecchi romance harem spectrum.

The premise was simple. A guy, Akiharu, who happens to be an orphan, entered a free boarding school but he needs to train as a butler. He happens to meet various girls (who, of course, likes him later on) during his stay in the school, among them was his childhood friend Tomomi. Every possible archetype of an ecchi romance harem anime, this anime had it. Nothing was special, except I think Tomomi. Her intentions tends to lean on the fact that she doesn’t want to be bored in school and always put Akiharu in a tight situation. I’m not that sure if she really really likes Akiharu like the rest of the girls in the series.

Other than that, everything else are not worthy to talk about. Everything is generic as it is. I think its downfall was the fact that me, the viewer, had already seen this types of tropes in an ecchi romance harem anime to be use again and again. If I had seen this anime on its airing I might find this series interesting to say the least and has potential.

Anyway, its still an okay ecchi harem anime to binge-watch with. I recommend this anime to all the fans who likes to watch ecchi harem animes, and peepz who wants to waste their time to watch something.

I especially recommend you guys to watch this in dub. The dubbing of this series is really really good. The voice fits the characters really well. And from my experience, ecchi harem animes are good to watch in dubs cuz its much more enjoyable.

That is all.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. aw, c’mon. the show was beyond standard ecchi. the amount of filth in this anime is unmatched. maybe Queen’s Blade topped it, but both featured extremely different kind of perversion. This one is “naked moe”. it’s awesome.xD

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