Kouya no Kotobuki Hikoutai was a Surprise

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I enjoyed Kouya no Kotobuki Hikoutai…and its surprisingly good.

Recently, I had been warming up to the fact that new animes would include CG in their animation. But I am still hard to please as I want it to blend well with 2D. Infairness, Kouya no Kotobuki Hikoutai was a weird one.

In a barren frontier where people trade goods with each other in order to help each other survive. The Kotobuki Squadron are bodyguards for hire, led by a strict but beautiful squadron leader, an unreliable commanding officer, and a true artisan of a crew chief. Alongside pilots who don’t lack for personality, they take to the air in dogfights, letting the engine noise of their Hayabusa fighters ring out in the skies. (MAL)

Kotobuki was released earlier last year. It’s about cute girls being badass and fly legit airplanes and gun down air pirates. Or so I thought it to be.

Well, I am not technically wrong, but I didn’t expect this series to have some depth in the story. Let’s just say, I didn’t try to check out its synopsis before watching. Heh.

It’s nice though. Watching a series having no idea about it pretty much made me enjoy the series a lot more.


About the story, it’s surprisingly intriguing. We first saw the girls in their job, being a pilot for hire. Everything was pretty well-paced, with a very hopeful and fun overall tone in the story. In the later episodes, the story then shifts to serious mode, while maintaining the usual upbeat tone of the the series. It was really interesting to watch.

Most of the characters didn’t really evolve much at first as they seemed to act the usual way. However, if you compare the cast from their 1st appearance to the last, the difference is quite subtle but very noticable. There is also a chance that they never develop at all, but they just bloom and be more open. Either way, the change was really nice to witness.

At first, I really thought this series wouldn’t have much challenge, other than some hassle air pirates. But I was wrong, there’s an actual antagonist.

He was a weird guy.

Well, at first, I find him really annoying, his “happy-go-lucky” personality felt a bit off and I don’t think he could be trusted. But I didn’t expect him to be the main antagonist. Lol.

I really don’t understand his motives as much as I want to. He seemed to be really selfish and want everything for himself. But to scheme all of that and kill people, its a bit absurd.

I guess, it would have been better if they were able to dig more about his motives and not just speculate. This is a flaw I wish they didn’t have.

Speaking of flaws, I saw some more of it. Other than the not so clear motive of the antagonist, I also need more information about their world. Yes, I know about the fact that they are in a desert, but wtf is Yufang? The 3 circles? I know they gave some explanation to it, however, it was too vague for me to get it.

Maybe, they explained it well and I missed it…I dunno. I just can’t wrap my head around it.

Another flaw I noticed can be considered as a nitpick on my part. I mentioned this before, but yeah, there were some issues with the 3D animation.

When I first watch this anime, I was taken aback by its CG. It wasn’t bad, but it was weird seeing the girls to be CG while the other characters as 2D. Good thing, they were able to fix this by making things consistent and have all the characters CG.

I do hope they could fix this when the BD comes.

The main highlight of this series, other than the main characters, would be the dogfights. Oh man, they were thrilling to watch.

When I saw the first episode, I was enamored by the dogfights and it left me wanting more. Thankfully, I was blessed with a lot of dogfights. Not only they were animated really really well, but it also made me feel like I was the one piloting the air crafts. It’s amazing.

For the music, I like the opening song, but its a bit generic. The ending song, on the other hand, was really forgettable and boring, I didn’t even bother listening to it after the 2nd episode.

Overall, this series was fun to watch. From its interesting story to lovable characters, you can’t go wrong with this. Yeah, maybe the first episode might be a bit off putting with the CG animation, but bruh, the CG was well used for its amazing dogfights. Watching it made me adore this anime more than I supposed to.

Definitely, a recommendation.

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