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I had always been a fan of Studio Doga Kobo’s works. They welcome this new decade with a new anime piece, Koisuru Asteroid.

Unlike the other animes I recently reviewed here, Koisuru Asteroid is not that popular with people. I even think only people who like moe animes are the one’s watching this.

Still, I actually enjoyed this one. I mean, you can check my Anime Weekly Watch entries from last season.

Anyway, I am here to give my honest thoughts about it.

In a fateful childhood encounter, Mira Kinohata met a stargazing dreamer named Ao Manaka. Though their time together was short, Ao showed Mira the wonders of astronomy, from orbiting planets to distant stars. Before they parted, Mira learned that a star with her name exists, but there are none with Ao’s. And so, she forged a promise: one day, she would discover a new asteroid and name it after Ao.

Years later, Mira is still fascinated with astronomy. Now in high school at Hoshizaki Academy, she tries to join the Astronomy Club. Unfortunately, she finds out that the club has been merged with the Geology Club to form a single Earth Sciences Club. She joins this new club and finds a pleasant surprise—she reunites with Ao after years of separation.

Alongside their new clubmates, Mira and Ao begin their journey together to fulfill their promise. How hard could it possibly be to find an asteroid? (MAL)

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Koisuru Asteroid was really cute and chill.

Studio Doga Kobo did it again in delivering a consistent animation of this series, even though they also have another anime for this new Spring season.

Anyway, Koisuru Asteroid anime is a slice-of-life series about 2 people who dreamed to discover their own asteroid. It’s another highschool club type of anime.

It might sound boring to you guys, I also thought too.

However, the club featured in this anime was something unique and new to me. The club formed was Earth Science club. FYI, its actually a mix of 2 clubs which are: Astronomy club and Geology club. Both clubs had low number of members, so they were mixed.

This made me remember when I was in my elementary days. Alot of my school’s clubs got mixed together because of lack of members.

All throughout the series, we follow the club members and their activities. Nothing special actually happens, but personally, I learned a lot of stuff about Astronomy and Geology through this series. I am very thankful for that.

Other than the club, the main highlight of the series were the characters.

As this series lack plot, the anime is a character-driven series. All throughout the series, we see the club members grow and develop in front of our eyes personally and as a club. I can clearly point out the difference between the demeanors of some of the lead characters from the first episode to the last.

However, I do admit that the main character didn’t change much compared to others.

The main character, Mira, pretty much was the influencer. Her bubbly and active personality helped a lot of people open up and be comfortable with her. However, she also tends to get clouded by her emotions immediately, it’s almost annoying. Still, I love that she’s also aware of her mishaps and address it.

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The other lead characters were really likable and charming.

I especially love Sakurai-senpai, as she had the biggest development out of all. She’s the typical tsundere, but a lot mature. At first, she’s having a hard time opening up to others, she was able to do so and becomes a senpai the other members could depend on.

Mari-senpai was an odd one. Her development seemed to be the most subtle one. In the first half of the series, we see her as that reliable senpai. However, in the 2nd half we learnt that all this time she’s been going through stuff.

At that time, I was shocked by her struggle, I didn’t notice the subtle lines and movement she gave off in the beginning were already signs of her own struggle. As much as I kinda wanted to know about her struggle beforehand, I think the subtle development, in the end, fits well with her.

Inose-senpai was one of the kind of senpai I personally wanted to have in real life. She’s kind and really chill to be with. Her interactions with Mira and Ao was really sweet. And damn, she so cute.

Speaking of Ao, at first, I find her the weakest of everyone. She doesn’t have much a personality yet, as she’s always the one being dragged around. However, she was able to start to be daring in the latter half of the series and I got to see more of her real self. I know she’ll grow more in the future, so I might check out the manga to see it.

Lastly, I wanna discuss my thoughts about the de facto member of the Earth Science club and best gurl, Moe. She’s amazing. Not only that, her VA, Ueda Reina, is becoming one of my favorite recently and she did justice. Moe is an amazing friend, best friend to have. It’s clear she’s into YURI and she ships people. Lol. But my favorite trait of her would be her maturity and her talent in reading the room.

She’s the firecracker of this anime and I love it.

koisuru asteroid

Like I said above, Studio Doga Kobo did it again in delivering a splendid anime adaptation. They were able to be consistent all throughout of the week with their solid art and animation. The character designs were full of moe, I love it. However, my only problem was its bland color palette, especially the background. I love the accuracy of the background art, but it would be nice if it was a bit brighter than what was shown.

Overall, Koisuru Asteroid was a nice moe anime to watch this 2020. With a lot of bad happenings in real life, watching this anime helped alot in my cleansing. It gave me a peace of mind every week.

However, this anime is not for everyone. I also don’t think this anime is for binging.

Still, if you guys want to check this one out, feel free to check it out. I recently learnt that you can check the anime through a youtube channel called, Muse Asia.

Here’s the link: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwLSw1_eDZl279Yd4R1ENjMTLDZBSfX1Z

Anyway, that would be all for today.

This has been Will Sirius and thanks for reading.

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