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Kiss Him, Not Me was hilariously romantic

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and here I am, Loveless. Lol.

Hi everyone, Sirius here.

To properly celebrate Love month, I watched some romance animes. One of them was Watashi ga Motete Dousunda, or in English, Kiss Him, Not Me.

This anime was quite popular around the time it was aired. I didn’t watch this anime immediately as I was watching more of dark and gore animes at that time. Heh.

Other than the fact that this series is a romance anime, one of the reasons why I watched this was because I found this series on Netflix. Recently, I had been binging a lot of shows as they are very convenient.

Kae Serinuma is a very kind second-year high school student and a devoted otaku. A little known fact about her, though, is that she’s obsessed with BL, or Boy’s Love. Serinuma can’t help but to fantasize about her male classmates falling for each other and enjoys imagining them together. A more known fact about Serinuma, however, is that she’s noticeably overweight.

While watching her favorite show one day, Serinuma witnesses the death of her most beloved character. Utterly depressed, she can’t muster up the energy to eat her meals, let alone attend school. After an entire week, she finally recovers. But now there’s something unusual about her—during the time she refused to leave her room, she ended up losing a large amount of weight and has somehow become strikingly beautiful!

Now catching the eye of everyone who sees her, she finds herself at the center of attention of four boys she has always known at her school. Though they all wish to spend time with her, Serinuma would much rather they spend time falling in love with one another. How will Serinuma deal with the four boys pursuing her BL-obsessed self?


Kiss Him, Not Me isn’t your typical romance anime.

Based on the featured pic, you guys might’ve got an idea that this series is a reverse harem, and yeah it is. However, it’s something different.

Yes, all the four boys and one girl are so into her, the main girl pretty much sees them all as friends and was the representation of her addiction, which was Fujoshi.

Yep, she’s into Yaoi. Rather than wanting the guys for herself, she pairs them up and spazz over them. It’s so hilarious, I love it.

From start to finish, it never failed to amuse me with its comedic antics and timing, it’s quite impressive. At the same time, the story flowed really well.

However, I do admit I did find some sections boring. Don’t get me wrong, I totally understand those moments, I’m just not much of a fan of Yaoi to appreciate the beauty of it, hence, some scenes became boring and cringy for me.

As this is a romance anime, the romantic side of this series definitely delivers. Each possible ship standout in their respective episodes and moments, however, it is quite clear from the series who has the upper hand.

As this series had long been aired already and the manga is already complete, I am already spoiled as to who the person the main girl chooses. I won’t say the name, but both of them sure has a lot of moments in this series.

But that doesn’t mean they are the perfect couple in the series. Believe me when I say some of the other lead characters have amazing chemistry with the main girl. It would be nice if there would be an AU were the main girl chooses one of them.

Now for the art and animation, I am not fan. Compared to the usual shows I watched, this series had an average character designs and subpar animation. There were a lot of still shot and short cut scenes that were hard to unsee. It’s disappointing.

For the music, the OST is not really impressive. I really didn’t pay much attention to it, which is unfortunate. The OP song was a bit memorable and catchy, but enough to make me look for the song and add to my playlist. The ED wasn’t my type of jam so I pretty much ignored it.

Overall, the series was okay. Not amazing, but bearable. A good anime to waste your time on. Especially if you guys don’t have anything to do on Valentine’s Day and just want to have some laughs.

It would have been nice if the adaptation of this anime would have been better as I do see a lot of potential.

Nevertheless, I do say this added a lot of charm to the series and my enjoyment of it ever wavered. It wasn’t consistent, but it’s there, the enjoyment, and that trumps everything.

That’s just me.


Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone.

I hope you guys have a wonderful day, with or without a lover. After all, everyone has the right to celebrate the day full of love, in whatever form.

I know I had been a bit MIA lately, blame the podcasts, Netflix, and life. Lol.

No, really. I’m just lazy, that’s all.

If only I could pump up my mood to write, however, I am too gloomy these days…just like the weather here in my place.

Anyway, I won’t prolong this anymore.

This has been Will Sirius, and thanks for reading.

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