Keppeki Danshi! Aoyama-kun, Soccer Genius Germaphobe

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Episodes: 12
Season: Summer 2017
Aired: Jul 3, 2017 to Sep 18, 2017
Studios: Studio Hibari
Source: Manga
Genres: Comedy, Sports, Seinen
Duration: 23 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 – Teens 13 or older


My Thoughts:

A soccer anime!!

This series was really fun, I had a great time watching it on a weekly basis. I totally didn’t expect that I would finish this anime and not drop it along the way.

To be honest, the reason I chose to watch this was because it a soccer anime. I happened to have a soft spot for this type of sport. But what I got was kinda different from what I expected. This was suppose to be a sports anime, but it offered more comedy than sports. They even touch slightly the Slice-of-life genre, I totally have no problem with that.

The story is slightly unique than the generic, I give you that. Though the series was kinda episodic, each episode is connected to each other. The comedy was not that funny, but it can make you smile from time to time. There was not much of character development, well, its not like I’m even expecting one. The art style though. Sometimes, it looks good, the other times, it looks bad. They added some CGI animation, especially during the games. At least it looks good, but it didn’t blend that well to the background 2D animation. I liked the OP song, the ED was kinda meh. I also liked the fact they constantly change the characters in the OP. In every episode, the OP kinda introduced a set of minor characters that will be relevant on the episode.

Overall, it is an average sports comedy anime that is enjoyable to watch if you are looking for light-hearted and easy to digest animes.




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