Kekkai Sensen & Beyond Anime Series Review

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A late post.
I was planning on releasing this one after I had watched the series, but it seems that I forgot about this entry. Lol. I am posting it now.
Here’s my thoughts on the anime:


Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 8, 2017 to Dec 23, 2017
Premiered: Fall 2017
Studios: Bones
Source: Manga
Genres: Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Shounen, Super Power, Supernatural, Vampire
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: R – 17+ (violence & profanity)
Synopsis: Second season of Kekkai Sensen.

My Thoughts:

Yay! Another season of Kekkai Sensen. I had been waiting for this. Woooh!! I really really liked the first season of this anime. It was one of the unique ones last 2015, and I watched it over the trending and kinda hyped, Owari no Seraph. The intriguing story and outlandish setting definitely sold me out of the park. Each episode was an experience. Anyway, I am not here to discuss about the first season. Let’s focus now to the 2nd one.

Uuuhhh…one word. CRAZY. Yep. The craziness of the 1st season definitely went on to the 2nd one. And bruh, it even went beyond crazy. Every crazy thing that happened to the main characters looked odd and crazy to us, viewers, but it was very mundane to them (characters). As expected, each episode was a rollercoaster ride type of experience.
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Kekkai Sensen Beyond - 05 - Large 06.jpg
Kekkai Sensen Beyond - 01 - Large 14.jpg
One of the things I like more about this season would be the fact that it had alot of character arcs. The series didn’t focus only to Leonardo, but more on the other members of Libra. Last season, even though it was hella crazy, the underlining storyline was about Leo adjusting to his newly crazy life in the city. Yes, the lead characters were given alot of screen time, but we didn’t get alot of in depth knowledge about them, only the good-to-knows. So seeing their (the lead characters) character arcs gave us a glimpse of the hella crazy mundane life in the city. Definitely, it went beyond what I expected it to be.

Another thing that I like the most about the season would be the epic ending. I totally didn’t expect that to happen. Seeing Leo’s resolve to save his sister on his own, shows how much he grown since the first season. It was really touching to watch.
Kekkai Sensen Beyond - 12 - Large 11
maxresdefault (1).jpg
Now for my not-so-favorite thing in the season. I don’t see White. I really really like White (Mary). Not seeing her here in the 2nd season was a bit disappointing. It would be nice if they expand a little bit about what happen to White & Black (William), though I do see Black from time to time. I want White.
Overall, this 2nd season of Kekkai Sensen is really really good. I thought it would be just like the 1st one, but it went beyond my expectations. The art & animation was still good as the last time, though the OP & ED was abit disappointing. Its still a good watch.

If your a fan of the previous season, you should definitely watch this one. And if you haven’t seen the first season, please do watch the 1st season before going in into this one. Hehehehehe.

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