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Kamisu Reina Is Here, a Japanese Novel Review

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Sirius here!!

Welcome to my first ever Japanese novel review. Heh.

The novel is called Kamisu Reina is Here.

Unlike my previous book reviews, I will be sharing with you guys my thoughts on a specific novel series I discovered years ago.

I got a copy of this series in the internet, don’t ask me where, and was intrigued by its “simple” premise.

She is my best friend—a member of the track-and-field club and in a different class, but we always go home together.
She is my hateful nemesis—the murderer of my family. I won’t forgive her and I will take revenge!
She is my fellow partner—together, we fight against the humanoid energies to save the world.
She is my…

She is always smiling with an absurdly beautiful smile. What is she to you…? (MAL)

Intriguing, right?

This novel series comes in 2 books. Unfortunately, I was only able to read the first volume, as it had been waiting on my To Read list for a long time. I will check out the 2nd volume once I feel like reading an e-book.


Anyway, about volume 1, I actually read this one before last 2018, around the time when I was still reviewing for my licensure board exams. However, I wasn’t able to finish it because I need to study Psychology books to pass the exam. Lol.

Well, as you can see, I am talking about this series, then that means I finished it…at last.


Now, unto my feelings.

Mind-boggling Story

This book is like no other.

Oh man.

You guys have no idea how many times, I stopped reading just to collect my thoughts and piece the clues together. You guys also have no idea how many times my jaw dropped and my eyebrows almost kissed each other because I was confused and blown away.

The story was that mind-boggling.

I never encountered this kind of plot before.

Okay, I will try not to spoil anything to preserve the majesty of this series.

As stated on the synopsis, the book “Kamisu Reina is Here” is about Kamisu Reina and who she is in someone’s life. Throughout the volume, we encountered 5 story arcs, 5 POV’s of people who have “met” Kamisu Reina.

Who’s Kamisu Reina?

Well, some people would say that she is their friend. She might also be your worst enemy.

But all I could say is that she’s a phenomenon that exists only to people who are broken.

What made me love this novel was how the story was made, plotted and executed. From start to finish, it is solid as a rock and the way it was told was both unique and raw. You can really feel every emotion of the characters and it never feels overload. And bruh, Kudos to the author for writing this well-knitted story. I’ll definitely check more from him.

Broken Characters

The characters were the reason why this novel is amazing.

As there were 5 stories, there are 5 “main” characters. Each one of them gives their POV’s on each arc, and bear out their soul for us to feel.

I really love how relatable each one of them to a certain degree and you can totally feel for them. Even though each arc ends on a sad note, everything will then connect and be answered in the end.

It makes you realize how real the characters are, and that they do exist. They might represent someone in real life, and that is scary.

Each one of them is broken. But you will never know it until you know what they went through.

And then, there’s Kamisu Reina, who happens to be there.

With them.

Until the end.

My Overall Feelings

I’ll be honest…

Every time I finish reading an arc, I feel really shitty.

Consuming every inch of the emotions of the characters is hard and heavy. However, I welcome these emotions as they are real. What they went through are real, and knowing that really gives off a heavy feeling but I welcome it.

I feel sad too as I want to help them, each one of them.

Oh man, my Psych major side is showing….


Anyway, overall, this book series is really deep and raw. I just read the first volume, I dunno how deep and raw the 2nd one. But I think it would also be heavy.

I dunno if I mentioned the name of the author yet, I think not.

The author’s name is Mikage Eiji. He is quite known for his work, Utsuro no Hako to Zero no Maria. I haven’t read that light novel series yet, but with my liking of the Kamisu Reina series, I might check it out sooner.

Would I recommend this? HELL YES!

It deserves a lot of love and people needs to read this as it is not just intriguing, it’s also informative on some heavy issues.

However, I do admit that this series is heavy. So it depends on you guys if you guys would check this one out.

Now, where will you get a copy?

Well…if you guys are a “P” then looking for a copy would be easy to you guys. But if you are not, you can always PM/DM me on my social media accounts. I love sharing stuff so I have no problems sharing my copy to you guys.


Now that we reached the end of my post, I want to thank you for checking out my blog and this post.

Recently, I had been writing a lot of stuff, but most of them, I threw on my trash. I dunno, I just don’t feel like they are worthy to be shown to the world.


Not like I’m a good writer or anything. I just…don’t like how I wrote them.

So yeah, good thing this one passed.


Anyway, that is all for now.

This has been Will Sirius and thanks for reading!!

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    I will try to read the 2nd volume soon. I think more stuff will be uncovered in that volume.


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