Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress – The Battle of Unato was better

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I enjoyed watching Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress’s main series a few years ago. It was released last 2016 and it was one of the top animes that year.

However, I do admit, it wasn’t perfect.

For a really really good premise and amazing art, the last arc of the series left the viewers (especially, me) disappointed. It made the whole series look bad, even though, it was supposed to be awesome.

I think that Wit studio catches on with the viewer’s dislike of the last arc, that they tried to redeem themselves by making a sequel. It’s a movie, by the way…but its also made into a mini-series on Netflix, for reasons I don’t know why.

To know more about the movie, go to this link (MyAnimeList).

Kabaneri the Iron Fortress – The Battle of Unato was tons better than the last arc of the main series. How come I can easily say this? Well, its because the movie was really good. It was the proper ending we always envisioned for this series (not the last arc).

Okay, let me give you an idea as to why.

First, the story.

The main premise still remains, Kabanes are all over Japan and the Iron Fortress continues to hustle. In this movie, they went to Unato to meet up with the other groups as they planned on overthrowing Unato against the Kabanes.

As I have a weak memory, I kinda forgot the reason why they want to overthrow the city again, but I think the reason was that Unato was one of the 1st places were Kabanes reign supreme. If they conquered it, the good guys feel like they can overthrow other heavily conquered places as well.

If you guys saw the main series, we kinda have an idea of how OP Mumei and Ikoma are because they are Kabaneris. Well, in this movie, they were still quite OP, but were having a hard time functioning. the reason behind that would later be explained, which I have no plans on spoiling. In some ways, this made Mumei and Ikoma on the same footing as the normal characters. With this, it made the story a lot more intriguing and suspenseful, as we don’t know how they could overcome it.

The climax of the story was well executed, I love it. Even though I do have a feeling that they’ll have a happy ending, watching the 2nd half of the movie was thrilling af. I was on the edge of my seat, especially during Mumei’s first battle. Another intense moment was during the one on one. I know Mumei was an amazing fighter, but damn gurl, she’s amazing.

Another thing I liked about how the story was crafted would be the amount of depth they gave the antagonist this time. This was one of the main disappointments of the main series, the aka, Last Boss, wasn’t deep. Baba, if I remember it correctly, had a shallow reason as to why he did what he did. There was a dissonance between his reasoning and the amount of chaos he brought. Good thing, Wit studio learned from their mistakes and made a deep backstory for the antagonist. His actions were a lot more reasonable and understandable, though his actions were still really really bad.

I still am a bit confused about the glowing thing whenever Mumei and Ikoma cuddled together, but I guess, their aka, “care” for each other made them stronger. Cheeessssyyyy…

As we are already on the topic of characters, let’s dive into it more.

In the main series, we get to know the main characters. From the protagonists to the supporting characters, each one of them has a role in the Iron Fortress. Because of this, it was easy to watch. Seeing the old gang being awesome was a delight. I dunno how long was the time between the main series and movie, but for some point, the gang was a lot more mature in the movie and I love it. As most of them are young adults, they were kind of forced to grow up early, so seeing their maturity shine all throughout the series made me smile.

I don’t think I could move on without talking about Mumei and Ikoma’s relationship. In the main series, I shipped them really hard. But in the 2nd half of the anime series, I really thought they only treat each other as siblings. But boy oh boy, this movie just made them cross the line. As a fan, I am loving every minute of them together. Ooohohohoohoh.

Now for the animation.

As this was made by Wit Studio, it’s no question that this series would have amazing art and animation. The main series alone was amazing, but with a huge movie budget, no wonder the movie was a spectacle to watch. You can’t really see much difference in the normal settings, but during the fights, oh boy, what a delight to watch.

For the music, I kind of forgotten much of the main series OST, but my gut feeling tells me they recycled some of the old tracks for the movie. I mean, they brought back the OP and ED, what more the OST.

Overall, Kabaneri the Iron Fortress – The Battle of Unato was a delight to watch. I had a great time watching it. I like the main series already, so transitioning from that to this, I sure am lucky.

If you guys might have noticed, I don’t have any pictures on my post. That’s because I watched this movie on Netflix, which prohibits me from taking screenshots. Like I said, the movie was turned into a mini-series here on Netflix for unknown reasons. Nevertheless, it doesn’t affect the experience of watching it.

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