June, my Birthday Month: Monthly Rundown

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Hello Everyone!! Its time for Monthly Rundown!!

Yep, I didn’t forget. Heheheheheh.

Now, as you can see from the title, June was my birthday month so its very special. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make a special post on my birthday only a music review (which I like, btw). Real life stuff tends to occupy my free time. Still, the whole month of June was full of happy vibes and quite less down vibes. In this entry, I want to share to you guys all the content that were memorable and were really enjoyable to read/watch. I’m also going to share to you guys some milestones and changes with my blog and my life. Ooohohohoh.

Without further ado, here it is:

5 years here on WordPress

Ooohohohooh, I really didn’t expect this milestone. 5 years! Damn. That’s a long time bruh.

I started my blog last year, but I already have my WordPress account for quite awhile. I made this account because of a blog that had alot of concert dvd links of some artists that I follow. The admin of that blog wants the people to reply or message them if ever we want the links, so I made an account just to get them. LOL. I’m too honest, hahahahahha. But yeah, I don’t regret it though. If its not for my account, I don’t think I would open a blog here in WordPress.


Anime Philosopher

One of the things I do during my break from studies is to watch anime-related youtube videos. For some point, I always discover alot of new content every month and it dumbfounds me why they are not well-known. One of them is Anime Philosopher. She’s a new anituber, posted her first video 10 months ago. Her content focused more on analyzing and philosophizing anime. I studied Psychology and my course tends to crossover quite alot to Philosophy, that’s why I got really interested in her content. She always give reasonable and knowledgeable videos which amazed me alot. She deserves alot of attention and love. Please do check out her channel. 🙂

Lita Kino’s “Time To Answer A Long Time Question, Why Jupiter?”

In this entry, Lita Kino shared the reasons why she ‘loves’ Jupiter. I really like her entry. Not only cuz she expressed her crazy love for Jupiter, but because I also love Jupiter. The moment I saw the Sailormoon series when I was young, it was Jupiter that I idolized. I barely remember the scenes or what episode did I watched, but I definitely know and remember how much I love and idolize Jupiter. I’m not that crazy in love with Jupiter compared to Lita Kino, but still I adore her and she’s also part of my all time top waifus until this day. There was something about her that makes her special compared to the other Sailormoons. I haven’t watched the series yet since I was young so I can’t really comprehend my feels properly. Still, Lita Kino’s post definitely made me want to watch the whole franchise and see Jupiter being awesome and badass.

Plebby’s “The Three Episode Test Is a Horrible Waste of Time, Here’s the Right Way to Use It

I enjoyed reading this entry, especially because I totally agree to Plebby’s reasoning and tips. Following the 3 episode rule is not bad, but if you already think that the anime you are watching is bad or not your cup of tea then why suffer. You can always drop it, or put on hold for you to watch on another time. I usually do that alot, thats why I have alot of on hold animes on my MAL. Heh. I also experienced giving a bad/meh anime a chance to redeem itself, maybe just maybe it would get better, but nah. I’m talking about you 18if & Ousama Game.

Overall, I always follow my gut when it comes to dropping an anime or not. It depends on you if you follow me or Plebby’s advice. XD


Arthifis’ “Fune wo Amu | The Great Passage, Review: Who Said Dictionaries Aren’t Interesting?”

I really like reading reviews from other bloggers about some animes I haven’t watched. Its through their entries where I get convinced what animes I should watched next. One of recent anime reviews I read was Arthifis’ Fune wo Amu anime review. I remember seeing Fune wo Amu in Amazon Prime’s anime block but I never got a chance to check it out. It wasn’t my cup of tea at that time so I added the anime on my PTW list. Then here comes Arthifis’ review. In her review, it gave me an insight as to what I’m going to expect from the anime. I’m definitely captivated by the animation of the anime. I didn’t expect it would be that fluid. The plot and characters seems interesting too. Arthifis’ entry definitely made me intrigued by this anime. Without a doubt, I’m going to check this anime out soon.


Otaku in Review’s “I wish Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory came out nine years ago

To be honest, I haven’t seen the latest Full Metal Panic season. Why? Cuz I felt that I need to watch the previous anime seasons of it before I could properly appreciate the lates one. The gap between this new season and the previous season is quite large, its intimidating. Don’t get me wrong, I love that fact that there is a new season. Its just so surreal, its still feels like a dream come true that someone in the anime industry actually made a new season happen. But the gap was too long for me. In Scott’s entry, he expressed that if the latest season of the FMP was released years ago then this would be still amazing and relevant. I totally agree with his sentiments. The timing of FMP’s new season release seems abit outdated. Now, most of the anime watchers don’t even know or haven’t watch FMP, and its a downer. FMP is not that relevant anymore. If this was released sometime after the previous season, then it would have been great.


Positive Sides of Scoliosis

I saw this entry on my facebook. This entry moved me. I’m not really sure if you guys know but I’m scoliotic. I have dextroscoliosis and the degree of the curve is quite severe. I won’t mention the exact degrees, just know that for a 24 year old person I am really short. In other words, I’m a loli. That’s why I can relate to this entry. Ever since I discovered that I had scoliosis, its kinda hard to find some good and positive sides of it. But through this entry, it reminded me that this condition had influenced me greatly as to who I am today. Having scoliosis is not so bad at all.
I’ll definitely post an entry about scoliosis and my struggles in the future. But for now, I’ll end it here. Hehe.


My Anime List’s Anime Stats UPDATE!!

Amazing!!! I was able to reached 1000 completed animes before the first anniversary of the blog. Wooohhhhooooo!!! Amazing!!

To be honest, I was abit scared especially during the maintenance of MAL. I wanted to check my progress and status in MAL, but the maintenance took longer than my exam week in med school. I really want to reach my goal of 1000 animes before the anniversary. Thank God I did it!! Ooooohhohoho!!

Changes here on my Blog!!

For the next 4 months (July-October), I am going to be very very busy with my studies for my licensure exam.

Because of that, there’s going to be less and less entries published here on my blog. Its an inevitable moment. I thought I could handle it the usual way, but with the continues interference of my obligations for my family and me only ‘relying on stock knowledge’ during review classes, I know that I need to do some changing.

Compared last June, I will be posting only 2 entries in every week. Only on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This is going to be consistent until the end of October. For my entries, I will only posts about anime-related content. I won’t be posting anything else. Why anime? Its cuz I’m still going to watch animes, but not that much as before. Anime is my stress reliever and my escape, so it stays. Another reason would be because I already made the entries so why bother hiding them. I’m just going to release them all, all through out the 4 months.

I do hope you guys can still wait for me.

Oooohohohoh. Now that’s a mix of everything. XD

Now that everything’s out now. I just want to tell you guys thank you for sticking with me all through out these months. I won’t be very active in the next months, especially on my first anniversary here on my blog, but I’ll definitely be back after exams. And come back with a BANG!!

Anyway, that’s it for now.
Thanks for reading!! 😀


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    Happy birthday!!! Wordpess and birthday, birthday wise XD
    Thank you so much for talking about my little place eheh <3 just a thing, I'm a guy not a girl ahahah xD But don't worry that much about it since it really doesn't bother me ahah
    Hope that everything goes well with your studies! Medical stuff is way too difficult and it's just normal that it has to become the centre of your life for the next months 😀 Wish you the best eheh

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      Oh crap!!! I got your gender wrong!! Sorry!! I really thought you were a girl. I’m so sorry!!

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    Thanks for the feature! Also, wow, a thousand is a big milestone. Good luck with your licensure exam and happy birthday!


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