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July Update: Monthly Rundown

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Yo! Hello!

You might be thinkin’ that I might not post any monthly rundown or somethin….yep, that was the plan. But it feels weird not making one.

Compared to my previous entries in this feature, I won’t be sharing to you some posts and videos, cuz I haven’t read anything, though I did watch alot of youtube vidz but most of them are not worthy to be shared (there is a huge chance you already know them anyway). I will be sharing to you, instead, my opinions about everything that had happen this month. That way, I can freely rant my opinions about some stuff. LOL.

Another thing, I’m also going to give some future updates about the blog.


Now, if you are not interested, by now, you can close or move on to another site, cuz I will only bore with words that doesn’t necessarily involves you. Heh.

Anyway, let’s start.

First: The whole July was full of anime review content.


It’s been awhile since I did that. I knew that alot of my followers are anime fans so I make the most out of it. Every time I finish an anime, I immediately make a review, that way I can throw out all of my thoughts about that anime and be able to focus more on my review studies afterwards with a clearer mind. It was fun.

From all the entries I posted in July, I think my favorite to write would be the Wotakoi. I have alot to say about it cuz I am a huge fan of the manga, and I was able to share my thoughts about the difference between the source material and the adaptation. To be honest, that entry was the fastest one I made. LOL. I was that excited. Hahahahah.

Now for the opposite. The hardest one I made this month would be Hinamatsuri. Why? Well, I had seen/read alot of reviews about it to a point that it was hard to write my own opinions about it. I felt like most of what I’m about to write was already mentioned by someone else that’s why I had a really hard time writing this entry. I also had a hard time making the Golden Kamuy, but Hinamatsuri takes the number 1 spot cuz I edited it the longest.

Second: I inserted one Hello! Project entry this month. LOL.

I know, it was really random. Even though I said in my previous monthly rundown that I won’t post anything not related to anime, I still posted it. You can’t blame me, bruh. I always wanted to make that kind of entry. It was like one of my goals as a blogger to do a list of top songs released in the first half. I might be making a ‘2nd half’ entry later this year and then a whole year list maybe around January of next year.

I know, I know, it boring that its only Hello! Project. But what can I do? I don’t have enough time yet to venture other music as of the moment. But once my trial is over, oh booiii, you’ll see me break loose. LOL.

I might make alot of lists related to KPOP & JPOP. And I might also share more music-related content. But for now, I’m going to stick with Hello! Project.

Bear with me, I guess. XD

Lastly: Change of entry release schedule.

Here we go again.

Yep, you read that right. I am going to change my release schedule yet again. Why? It’s cuz of time management. With my licensure exam coming, I am also getting alot anxious about the amount of time I have left to study. Which means my time to watch animes would really lessen. That’s why I’m changing the schedule.

Last June, the schedule was every other day, and for July, it was only TTH. Now, I can only post on Wednesday. Yes, it’s still be anime reviews, so don’t worry much. I know it will be a bit lonely, but I hope you’ll still look forward to my entries. 🙂


Now that I shared all of those opinions to you, I think we can now move on and welcome August with a clear mind.


That’s it for now.

I’m so sorry for this random post in an unforseen time. I just made this one in a whim (it means its no edit, YEEE BRUH!!) so please accept my apologies if I didn’t write my thoughts properly and comprehensively. It wasn’t my intention to trigger you proofreader/editor side.

Anyway, I just want to say thank you for reading this post. Didn’t expect you’d reach this far.

Again, thank you. Adios!

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