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Type: TV
Episodes: 13
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jul 6, 2014 to Sep 28, 2014
Premiered: Summer 2014
Studios: feel.
Source: Light novel
Genres: Slice of Life, Comedy, School
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 – Teens 13 or older
Synopsis: Yuuki Akamatsu, who is in the Kyuumon Gakuen Second News Club, is asked to become the counselor of the club immediately after joining the club by Ayaka Nikaidou, the club leader. Three girls currently give advice to issues sent in by the students: Rino Endou from the science stream, Fumi Kujou from the literary stream, and Ikumi Suzuki from the sports stream. However, the three always have different opinions and cannot get their views to agree, so they just try things out anyway… (MAL)

My Thoughts:

This anime…..blew my mind.

I didn’t expect that I would enjoy watching to this underrated gem. When this was released, I do admit I saw some cute little clips here and there, but I don’t alot of people talking about this anime. I even forgot this anime even existed. Fast forward to now, and bruh, this one is hell of a hilarious anime.


When you look at the cover photo, you would think this anime would be the typical highschool slice-of-life moe anime….but its freakin’ not. With its fast-paced dialogues and hilarious but self-aware comedic jokes, this is one unique anime to watch. There is no dull moment, the comedic timing is scarily accurate even I can’t believe. LOL.


The art & animation looks alot like the usual moe animes released during 2014. Nothing new to show off. I do like the character designs of each character even though some of them where kinda generic. They are cute, its plus points.

What was lacking in the series would be the development of the characters. Yes, the character were really likeable….but thats just it. Nothing more. They are not really unique, most of them copied the usual archetypes we see in this type of animes. Individually, they are boring, one-shot characters. But the chemistry and how the characters compliment each other definitely made the series really fun to watch. SO, in a way, I kinda forgive and forget that there is no character development all through out the series, as each character done their purpose to the ‘story’. Was there even a story to begin with?


To be honest, there is no story behind this anime. Is that a bad thing? Nope. This is a comedy show, so having almost no plot is understandable. The purpose of this anime was to make people laugh. That’s all.

Overall, this anime is really hilarious. I couldn’t even count how many times I tried not to burst out laughing while watching it in the middle of the night. This anime gave me alot of good vibes and happy feels.


I definitely recommend this to people who wants to have a good time. I also want to point out that you guys should take note that this anime has fast-paced dialogues. You don’t really need your full concentration, but if you want a better experience, you sure need to put alot of attention to the subtitles. Heheheheheh.

Anyway, that is all.

Thanks for reading!!

Just want to tell you that this anime has…..a lot of…..boobs touching… he.he.he.he.


PS: I forgot to tell you guys. This anime has ecchi elements too.

At least I remind you guys….before I forget. He.He.He.He


  1. Jake998 Permalink

    Really one of the series I enjoyed and had to watch it fully thrice. Really wished this one had a sequel regardless it is open-ended (potential to have a sequel)

    1. Will Sirius Permalink

      There is a really really low chance for this one to get a sequel. After all, its not that popular and is underrated.
      Thanks for commenting anyway 🙂


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