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Few months ago, one of my favorite Anituber released a video about Inu x Boku SS. He talked about how much he enjoyed watching the show again and how nostalgic it was.

This gave me an idea to give the series a chance.

I watched the first few episodes of the anime years ago when a classmate of mine recommend it to me. After seeing it, I was really interested in it, but for some point, I didn’t finish it and just put it on hold. Me and my whims years ago.

In some ways, I am quite thankful to my fav anituber, Hiding in Public, as he made me watch the series.

Inu x Boku ss

Ririchiyo Shirakiin is the sheltered daughter of a renowned family. With her petite build and wealthy status, Ririchiyo has been a protected and dependent girl her entire life, but now she has decided to change all that. However, there is just one problem—the young girl has a sharp tongue she can’t control, and terrible communication skills.

With some help from a childhood friend, Ririchiyo takes up residence in Maison de Ayakashi, a secluded high-security apartment complex that, as the unsociable 15-year-old soon discovers, is home to a host of bizarre individuals. Furthermore, their quirky personalities are not the strangest things about them: each inhabitant of the Maison de Ayakashi, including Ririchiyo, is actually half-human, half-youkai.

But Ririchiyo’s troubles have only just begun. As a requirement of staying in her new home, she must be accompanied by a Secret Service agent. Ririchiyo’s new partner, Soushi Miketsukami, is handsome, quiet… but ridiculously clingy and creepily submissive. With Soushi, her new supernatural neighbors, and the beginning of high school, Ririchiyo definitely seems to have a difficult path ahead of her. (MAL)

Inu x Boku SS was interesting anime.

I thought I knew everything about the series after seeing the first episode, but…I’m actually surprised.

The anime wasn’t anything amazing or new, I mean, Hiding in Public was right, watching it was nostalgic.

Everything about it is what we call now as typical and common tropes in an anime. However, rather than feeling bored and dismayed, it was actually weirdly refreshing. I guess, with that kind of story, and classic 2010’s moe animation, everything fit so well together.

Let me start from the beginning.

Inu x Boku ss

The Overall plot of the anime is about rich kids and their secret service agents that happen to be special as they are the reincarnation of ancient powerful beings. They live in a dormitory where they could be themselves. Premise-wise, it’s very interesting, but the story mainly focuses on the romance between Ririchiyo and her Secret Service Agent, Miketsukami.

At first, they were really awkward, as Ririchiyo happens to be socially inept and doesn’t know how to interact with people. This has caused a lot of misunderstandings and hurtful happenings to the MC. Good thing, with the people she met in this dormitory, Ririchiyo was able to grow into a better version of her. Miketsukami, on the other hand, was hard to read. In the first half of the anime, we only see him as that clingy bodyguard of Rirchiyo. However, slowly but surely, his true side was shown and bruh, it was a long time coming.

As much as I love every bit of the series, looking back, there were a couple of arcs that were disposable. I know that there were weird arcs here and there that was really random. But I kind of understand as it was a 2012 anime, and those moments were always present in those times. Still, they were out of place. It would be nice if they were removed and give more space to the important arcs of the series. I mean like I said above, Miketsukami’s arc came really late in the game, which causes me to want more of his arc. Bruh, his arc only lasted like 1-2 episodes. What the hell. Nevertheless, the overall product of the anime was still really solid.

Inu x Boku Ss

Other than Rirchiyoand Miketsukami, the other characters in Inu x Boku SS anime were really really intriguing and very unique, even the less less important characters of the story. Yes, most of them were cutout stereotypes of some of the typical cliche character archetypes in anime, but their chemistry with one another blew me away. Not only they blend so well with each other, it felt like each one of them were created to match each and everyone one of the characters. I’m not sure if I had mentioned this before but this ensemble is one of the best I had seen in a long time.

Now for the art and animation. It’s still living up to today’s standards, however, it’s classic quality is a standout so it made the series a bit old. However, that doesn’t mean it’s bad, definitely nope. Inu x Boku SS anime had an excellent animation. Even though I noticed a lot of simple cuts, overall, the animation was really smooth. It was really nice. For the character designs, I actually love it. Each character got the right design that fits well with their personality.I can never think of a better design that what is shown in the anime.

I haven’t read the source material, the manga, however, from the looks of it, it seemed the anime was well-adapted.

Inu x Boku SS

For the music, I really like the OP, its quite catchy and it definitely gave me nostalgia with its beats and melody. Unfortunately, I am not much of a fan of the ED as I seldomly listen to it.

Overall, watching Inu x Boku SS anime was quite the ride. Not only it gave me nostalgia feels, it reminded me why I adore this genre, romantic comedy + something, in the first place. I really enjoyed every minute of it. 

I’m so happy I was able to finally finish this one.

I want to thank you to Hiding in Public, one of my fav anitubers, for reminding me about this anime.

Definitely, a must watch, especially to old anime watchers out there.

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