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Last 2018, B The Beginning was released. At that time, I don’t have a Netflix account yet, so I pretty much put this series on hold (along with Devilman Crybaby).

Why did I pick it up now? Well, I have a Netflix account now. Lol.Another reason would be because I kinda wanna watch something different and serious anime for the time being. I had been watching a lot of lighthearted series for a while now, so to balance it, I watched this series instead.

As this series had been around for a while, it can’t be helped that I have heard, or read a lot of reviews about this anime. I’ll admit, I might’ve been influenced by them too, so maybe, my expectations of the series might be a bit skewed.

Still, I greatly enjoy this series.

On the islands of Cremona, a vigilante runs amok. Celebrated by some and hunted by others, the notorious “Killer B” takes justice into his own hands, armed with a sharp blade and superhuman abilities. Unable to apprehend this renegade, the Royal Investigation Service (RIS) calls upon the expertise of Keith Flick, a seasoned, yet eccentric detective who was relegated to the Archives Department following a personal loss. As crimes in Cremona begin to escalate, from stealthy executions of wrongdoers to sophisticated strikes on public figures, it soon becomes clear that there is more than one person responsible.With the help of his impulsive sidekick Lily Hoshina, and unexpected aid from the elusive Killer B himself, Keith begins to unravel plots involving secret organizations, domestic terrorism, and human experiments. When the involvement of the RIS extends beyond the scope of justice, the extent of the government’s corruption—as well as the trustworthiness of close allies—are thrown into question.


vlcsnap-2020-01-22-21h48m38s542B The Beginning was an interesting anime. It not only focuses on a niche genre in anime, but it also had an intriguing plot that keeps me on my feet.

About the genre, the series was mainly a crime drama, with supernatural elements. I don’t know if I had shared this before here in my blog, but I am a sucker of crime drama shows. Those type of shows is the ones I keep on watching, especially the Western ones. Seeing this kind of genre in an anime made me really really happy.

Did this series execute the genre well? Yes and No.

Yes, it was everything I had hoped for a crime drama anime. However, it’s mixing with another genre, supernatural, that made this series a bit too much. Don’t get me wrong, I totally love the supernatural concept. But these elements made the story a bit too much for 1 season. There were a lot of issues pertaining to its pace, as it wasn’t consistent at all, especially the 2nd half of the series. There were moments that the story felt stagnant like it was going nowhere, only to pick up at a faster pace in the last few episodes, to support the impending climax of the story.

This is just my opinion, but I think it would have been better if the series were at least 14-15 episodes instead of 12. That way, some concepts and the too much info-dumping in the 2nd half would at least be spread out properly.

Well, that’s just me.

Let’s proceed to the characters.

This anime had some outstanding characters, and some underwhelming too.

To start off, the best character in this series was, of course, the main character, Keith Flick. Just like in any live-action crime drama out there, Keith Flick is that smart person who is quite mysterious but knows the answers to some of the intriguing points of the series. What I like about him is that, personality-wise, he’s very human even though he has traits of a genius.

My least favorite character would be, believe it or not, is the other main character, Kokuu. He’s too bland to be the main character. I could only see him emotionally invested when it involves his past. I mean, his younger self was even better than him. That just shows how his character was mishandled all throughout the series.

Other than those two, there are some intriguing supporting characters too.I really like the main antagonist of the series. He happens to be someone I didn’t expect to be the main villain as he wasn’t even prominent in the first half of the series. It would have been nice if there were subtle but clear clues to at least give the viewers, like me, an idea as to why he was the villain. In some ways, his character was also mishandled. I mean, his motive and past were al over the place in the 2nd half of the series. If it were scattered well in the first half, the 2nd half won’t feel overboard.

I really like Lily. At first, I just see her as an annoying side character, but it turns out that she has more role in the series that I expect it to be. Interestingly, she happens to be really smart too and has an interesting connection to Keith. Her development overall was interesting to watch as I got to see her grow and learn more about her at a proper pace.

Now for the other characters, they are quite likable, especially the RIS team. Each one of them is memorable in their own way and I can’t wait to see more of them in the next season.

Now for the animation.

This series was done by Production I.G., which was amazing btw. They were able to animate the series in a way that is fitting to the setting of the series. The character designs were really on point and I love it. I do notice the shortcomings of the art, especially during the not-so-important scene. The studio, however, was able to turn things around by giving us amazing animation in the action sequences. Again, it would have been nice if the animation was equal in all scenes and moments, but I guess, the final product is good enough for me to not consider this series as bad (unlike other Netflix animes).

Before I end this, I also want to say how much of a BANGER that ending song. Damn.

Overall, the series was a good anime to watch if you are into crime drama (like me). It may not be perfect, but it has enough points for it to be an enjoyable watch. Definitely, the anime left me hanging at the end and it definitely made me want to watch more of it.

I can’t wait for the 2nd season.

Oh man, it’s already long. I won’t prolong this any further.

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