I got Nominated! The Real Neat Blog Award

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Keiko recently nominated me with an award that is….uuuhhhhh….totally not me. Still, I am very thankful. Getting a nomination doesn’t come often so I am going to enjoy this moment. Hehehehheeh.

Again, Thank you Keiko!!

PS: I just realized this is my 2nd time getting this award LOL. I didn’t even notice. Nevertheless, I am still happy and thankful for nominating me, Keiko. 🙂

The Rules:

  • Display the award logo
  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and post a link to their blog
  • Answer the questions of the one who nominated you
  • Nominate 5-10 bloggers
  • Ask them 7 questions

Keiko’s Questions & My Answers:

How and when do you usually watch anime?

I usually watch anime in my laptop, if not, through my phone. When? Hhhhmmmm…no specific time. Its mostly when I have nothing to do.
Ah! But now that I’m in a tight schedule cuz of my review and everything, I do have and alotted time of atleast an hour of anime everyday. 🙂

How many people know about anime being your hobby? How do they react to it?

Before, only a few people knows I’m still into anime. Now that I exposed my blog to the world through my FB, everyone knows. Ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.

Which two anime series you would choose to make a crossover of?

Crossover? Oh boiii, this question is a hard one. Hahahahhaha.
I think it would be cool if we get to see the mundane tennis anime, Baby Steps, and the over-the-top tennis anime, Prince of Tennis. Seeing the inhumane powers of the PoT chracters against Eiichiro of BS, who uses analysis and technique, would be fun to watch. Hahahahahah.
Another cool crossover would be My Hero Academia & One punch Man. Both have similar world building, so both animes would easily blend and contradict with each other. Nice, right?

Which anime portrays food in the tastiest way?

Of course, Shokugeki no Souma. The food po–the food is always delicious to look at. 😉

What’s the tastiest vegetable?

What’s the tallest place you’ve ever been at?

Hhhhhmmmm…I think that would be Victoria’s Peak in HongKong. Dunno if its the tallest I had ever been at, but its the only place I could remember as of right now. Hahahaha.

You find yourself in a middle of a desert with a lion, a jaguar, a puma and a tiger surrounding you from all the sides. Which way do you go?

I would go to the jaguar and befriend it. Afterwards, I will ride the jaguar and leave the desert and so far from the other wild animals. Hehehhehee.

Hhhhhmmmm…I’m not really sure who to nominate. I mean, there is a chance that other people were already nominated, and I can’t think of questions as of the moment. So I decided to not nominate anyone.

Sorry to disappoint you guys.
With my schedule now, I can’t really think of some questions other than that is related to my degree (Psychology). And that would be inappropriate. I just made this post to answer Keiko’s nomination. Again, I’m sorry.
But! But! But! Even with my tight schedule, I still make sure to continue to give enough content for you guys to enjoy!!! Yeeeee!! So stay tuned for my future contents.
And that is all for now!
Thanks for reading!!


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