I enjoyed watching Watashi ni Tenshi ga Maiorita!

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Last year, I watched an interesting anime called Uchi no Maid ga Uzasugiru!

It was quite a controversial as one of the themes of the anime was having a main character who is into girls…young girls.

The concept really made me almost hate the anime, but in the end, I fairly enjoyed it. Yes, I don’t like that specific characteristic of the MC, but the overall series was quite good. Especially its animation.

And that is thanks to their studio, Doga Kobo.

Today, I will be talking about another controversial lolicon-ish anime from the same studio. The anime is Watashi ni Tenshi ga Maiorita!

College student Miyako Hoshino is quite shy around other people. She mostly spends her time in her room making cosplay outfits. When her fifth-grade sister Hinata brings her classmate Hana Shirosaki home, Miyako instantly becomes captivated with Hana’s cuteness.

Miyako tries to do various things, ranging from making Hana wear cosplay dresses to giving her sweets. This gives Hana a bad impression of her at first, but Miyako will do anything to grow closer to the angel who has descended before her.


This anime was very enjoyable and so fluffy.

Well, as this series was done by studio Doga Kobo, that’s pretty much a given. But bruh, Watashi ni Tenshi ga Maiorita! or simply known as Wataten, was quite a delight to watch. It was much better than the studio’s previous release, Uchimaid.

How was it better?

Other than its slick and smooth animation and character designs, the story is much tamer and had less controversial moments.

Enough with this comparison, let’s focus more on my overall thoughts of the series.

For its story, its so fluffy and light. It’s about a main character who is socially awkward who’s good in making clothes, befriending and hanging out with kids. This premise might be simple, but bruh, there’s a lot of funny shtick in store in this series. I couldn’t count how many times I laughed all throughout the series.

I won’t deny this anime had elements of the trending age gap yuri theme. This had turned off a lot of people, especially as its quite blunt in the synopsis. However, this anime is more than that.

Yes, the main character, Miyako is indeed infatuated with her sister’s classmate’s cuteness, but her admiration remains as an admiration. She doesn’t do anything about it, unlike in Uchimaid where its quite in your face as to how the MC “wants” the kid. This is just my opinion, but I find their interactions together cute, funny, and very tame.

Their relationship wasn’t the only highlight of this anime as the other lead characters, Hinata and Noa, continues to standout all throughout the series. Hinata was a firecracker. With her constant “Myaneee” in the series, she grew to be my favorite character in the series. She’s too cute and I want her as a little sister. I mean, even Noa couldn’t resist Hinata’s charms. Noa is that self-proclaimed cute girl in the group, and for some point, she’s totally into Hinata, who was a legit cutie. Their relationship is really really cute and it made me go spazzing because of their moeness.

It’s amazing.

One of the things I love abotu this series was the inclusion of the mothers, as I really didn’t expect that. Usually in an anime, the existence of the parents tends to be quite scarce, however, the mothers of the casts played vital roles in the series and I enjoyed their time in the series. I want to see more parents in series, please.

Like I mentioned above, Doga Kobo blew me away with their animation on this anime. Yes, in terms of quality, its quite close to Uchimaid, but you can also see some improvements, especially with the movements, character design outlines and overall aesthetic of the anime. Uuuggghhhh, Doga Kobo I LOVE YOU!

Overall, I had a great time watching this series. It was very enjoyable and I never regret watching this.

Like I said, you might be worried because of its scandal, but bruh, don’t believe in it and just give this anime a try. This anime will give you MOE and TONS OF FLUFF.

Definitely, a recommendation.

Yo! Sirius here.

I wasn’t planning on releasing this review as I am quite busy editing some backlogs and some health issues. But I am a sucker in terms of blogging, I can’t just not post, you know. Hahahahahah.

So yeah. I hope you guys enjoyed this one.

This has been Will Sirius and thanks for reading.

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