I don't watch Horror Shows Anymore

I don’t watch Horror Shows Anymore | Halloween Special

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Ever since I reached my 20’s, I don’t watch much Horror shows anymore.


How come?

Well, let’s start at the very beginning.

When I was young, I was a fan of the horror genre. Whenever my friends talk about ghost stories, I would intently listen. I would even borrow my classmates horror content books, I was that into the genre. I could even remember to this day visiting a website containing stories and pictures with horror content just because I find them really interesting and scary. Heh.

Once I was in my teen years, my obsession with the genre didn’t stop, it got worse. While I was in my first year in Medschool, my past time was to watch Horror movies. Yep, that was what I’m doing for quite some time. It was my craze for a moment. I would watch one horror movie to another, varying from Western to Asian, as long as it’s scary as hell.

But then, I suddenly stop watching.

Even now, I still couldn’t pinpoint the exact reason why I stop.

While working on this project of mine, I got exposed again to the horror genre. In some ways, I felt nostalgic being exposed to this amount of horror, though I do admit most of the shows I had been watching are tame. Hahahhahaha. Let me loose, bruh, give me time before the big guns. I might feature full-on horror next year. Hahahahah.

Other than being exposed, I also got a chance to remember my past, be able to pinpoint why I lost interest in the horror genre.

Was I able to find an answer?

I think I did…-ish.

The conclusion I came up with was…I’m an adult now. Ha, surprise surprise. No, seriously. Let me give you more info about it.

As I became a fan of the horror genre when I was young, I kinda was able to feel them too. A lot of stuff kept on happening around me, it made me scared af but also excited (I was kid, alright…my resistance to scary stuff was still oh so high). I was able to feel their existence, but they don’t show their selves to me (thank you, Lord).

These disturbances didn’t stop as they still haunt me during my Medschool days. It’s not like they are following me or something, it’s more on the places I went to are either haunted or really old or scary af that its natural for the place to have paranormal stuff. I admit, these occurrences definitely made me watch more horror movies.

But after marathoning tons and tons of horror movies, I got bored with them. I find all horror movies calculative and lame, especially the Western ones. Most of them are not anymore horror, but more on suspense thriller and even gore level if we include the extreme. The Asian ones, on the other hand, still gives me the scare but most of what I watched at that time were mostly mediocre, I kinda lost interest with the genre.

In other words, I got sick with it. Hhahahahahaha.

Despite that though, I should still be watching horror movies, from time to time, right? Not really. I literally stopped watching.

Whenever my sister would discover something new horror movie, she would invite me to watch, but I won’t comply. Why? Well, I….am scared.

There I said it. I do have an explanation with it.

As I had seen tons of horror movies, I had been exposed to a lot of horror stories too. It’s through this, I could able to predict the possible outcome or the next scenes of the newer horror movies. This makes me happy (because I got it right), disappointed (because I easily predicted it) and scared (because I know what will happen and I don’t want to see it), all at the same time. It’s a hassle.

But what’s more interesting is…the more I am getting older, the more scared I am to watched horror theme shows. Maybe because I am more emotional now compared before or because I had been exposed to horror both in real life and visually that I don’t want to see more of it.

Whatever my reason is, all I know is that I am scarred for life. Lol.

Does this mean I would never see anything horror anymore? Not really, I will still try to watch them now, I just need to prep myself I guess before diving it. I don’t want to drown with my own anxiety even before I could watch.

So yeah.

You guys might be thinking that I sure made a confession in the middle of the Halloween Special. Well, there is a reason for it.

After this post, my next entries are legit horror shows. Like I said above, most of the stuff I presented to you in these past few days was tame, but all that will change tomorrow. My last two entries embody the horror genre very well, so its going to be really exciting. Hhehehehehe

I think that’s it for today.

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This has been Will Sirius and thanks for reading!

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