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Hisone to Maso-tan Anime Review, This was fun to watch

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I had been using my Netflix subscription really well. After Beastars, the next anime I watched on the popular streaming platform was Hisone to Maso-tanย or Dragon Pilot: Hisone and Masotan.

This anime was released last 2018, around the time when Netflix started to regain popularity in the anime fandom. As always, I didn’t join the hype and didn’t even bat an eye on this anime.

I decided to watch this show now, well, other than I don’t have anything to watch, would be the reviews I saw on youtube. I saw a lot of anitubers praising this show, while at the same time give some interesting criticisms. It’s the negative points that made me watch the show. Lol.

Straightforward and innocent Hisone Amakasu is a Self-Defense Force rookie stationed at the Air Self-Defense Force’s Gifu Base. She was struggling with the fact that she sometimes hurts people unintentionally by her innocent words and decided to join the Air Self-Defense Force, hoping to maintain a certain distance from people. This decision led her to a fateful encounter which profoundly changed her life. It was the “OTF” dragon hidden in the base and it chose Hisone as his pilot. When it soared into the sky with Hisone, her fate as a dragon pilot was decided. It is said that dragons have a key to the future of the world…(MAL)

Hisone to Maso-tan dragon pilot

In fairness, I actually liked the anime. I didn’t expect that.

Hisone to Maso-tanย was a surprise.

When I read the synopsis, the story didn’t grab me. But the moment I watched the first episode, I was captivated by it.

The anime follows Hisone and her journey as the OTF pilot of the dragon, Miso-tan. What I liked about this series was its character drama. It’s brilliant and well-executed. Each character introduced in this series was really interesting in their own right and left an impression on me. The character dynamics and it’s setting were the driving force of this series. Each episode lets you learn a lesson or two alongside the characters, and seeing them grow all throughout the series was really satisfying to watch.

However, I do have a problem with the series.

Like I said above, the reason I checked this series out was the criticisms the anitubers pointed out. The majority of them mentioned the romance and sexist aspects of the series that was the downside of the show. And I agree.

Don’t get me wrong, I love romance. However, the romance in this series wasn’t really good. Yes, there were a lot of sweet moments, but it’s problematic too.

As the setting of this series was in a military base, it’s understandable that its a male-dominated place. Because there are only a few women in the camp, a lot of guys were…uuhhh…showing “affection” to some of them, to a point that its borderline harassment. And I don’t condone that. Watching it happen in front of me, made me cringe in disgust, and I admit, it almost made me want to drop this show. Good thing my love and interest for the characters and the story made me stay.

Other than that issue, I’m all good.

For it’s animation, Studio Bones continues to amaze me with their releases. Around the time this anime was airing, the studio was also handling the famous, My Hero Academia. I was scared that it’s production would be affected. But it looks like there’s no problem at all. Visual-wise, this anime is amazing. It’s unique, and not like the modern animes you usually see nowadays. It’s standout really well. It fits well with the story, too.

Overall, this anime was really good. I’m glad I gave this one a chance. I know the issue I mentioned above might turn you off and I don’t blame you. But it would be nice if you guys give this anime a chance, maybe watch the first 3 episodes before deciding if you guys would continue or not. It would be cool if this series gets a 2nd season. But by the looks of it, it will never get one. It’s still a good show to binge-watch.

Totally recommended.

Yo! Will Sirius here.

Long time no post. Heh. I had been hung up with work lately, especially now that they added more tasks. I won’t complain though, cuz it only means more money. Lol.

I had also been busy writing fanfics on Ao3. So yeah.

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    It feels like the movie How to Train your Dragon but with a fusion of dragons and jets. Will lawsuits come a-knocking because of this?

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      The initial concept does sound like How to Train Your Dragon, but the main story of this is far from the movie. So I don’t think there would be any lawsuits ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…


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