Hanebado, the first Badminton Anime I’d seen

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Hanebado is an anime I never knew I always wanted.

I think you guys had already known about my love for sports anime. I just love it dearly.

For the first time ever, there’s actually a badminton anime.

I always find Badminton as a hard sport to adapt to anime because it requires AMAZING animation to pull off. Especially, when the players do snap and smash moves. That’s why I am really delighted that there’s an actual anime for this sport.

After her crushing defeat of 21-0 at the National Junior Badminton Tournament, Nagisa Aragaki’s love for her sport begins to distort. Unable to deal with the shame of loss, she starts to terrorize the members of her high school badminton club. Her grueling drills bring some to the verge of tears while others quit the club outright. With the team losing members and new prospects being too terrified to join, the future of the badminton club looks exceptionally grim. That is, until Kentarou Tachibana joins as the new head coach. Not only is he an Olympic-level player, but he also comes bearing a secret weapon: Ayano Hanesaki, the girl who defeated Nagisa six months ago. However, Ayano is not the rival Nagisa remembers, but a girl with conflicted feelings wanting to distance herself from badminton. With her future in sports now on the line, Nagisa must find a way to face her fears of inadequacy, heal her rival’s troubled heart, and bring victory to Kitakomachi High School’s badminton club.


I enjoyed watching this series. From it’s amazing animation to its intriguing story, I was captured by this series, from start to finish.

It really exceeded my expectations for it. So happy!!!

However, the show is not perfect. I was disappointed by it.

How? Well, just wait and see.

Hanebado’s story revolves around the 2 main characters, Nagisa and Ayano. Nagisa was a really good player, but she’s not as talented and gifted as Ayano. All through out the series, we got to see both characters grow, though I do find it a bit unfair as the series focused too much on Ayano. Still, it was an enjoyable ride.

I really like how the series’ plot wraps around the difference between a gifted and a hard worker, as this problem is also quite prominent even in real life sport competitions. Through this, the series was able to tackle different kinds of struggles and problems an athlete usually faces in their career. It made the series a lot more interesting and relatable (at least), especially about the character’s motivations.

However, there were still times that I feel like everything went overboard. And this is where we go back to Ayano. Ayano’s arc was pretty much the backbone of the series. As much as I dont like it, her story was hella interesting. I just don’t like how inconsistent the pacing of her development.

From the earlier episodes, it’s quite clear already that she’s going to the dark side, and I love how steady it was. My problem was her turnover at the end. It was….too fast. Like the anime studio forgot that they only had 12-13 episodes only. If Ayano’s turnover was squeezed a little longer, then I wouldn’t have problems with it.

As for the rest of the story, the inconsistent pacing only appeared near the end as it coincided with the bad pacing of Ayano’s arc.

But! That is still not the reason why I am disappointed by this series.

Its actually because of its adaptation.

I had witnessed a lot of mangas that I read turned into animes before my very eyes, and sometimes, I am not a fan of how the studio adapt them. Unfortunately, this anime fell on the same trap as well.

Not only the story was changed, the tone of the series too was changed.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the anime series, I even find it better, tone-wise, over the manga. The manga had a huge mix of comedy and drama, it was all over the place. The anime series, however, went full on drama, especially in the 2nd half of the series. If at least the anime tones down the seriousness, even for a little bit, then it would have been a lot better.

Now, for the story change, it was ridiculously huge. The only thing that was followed consistently was the beginning, then the rest was….uuuhhhh…weird. I guess they did this so that they could maintain their plan of making the series dramatic.

Because of this, Hanebado is not anymore manga I had known. Sad.

Now for the animation.


Remember when I said that the sport, Badminton, needs to have a legit AMAZING animation. Bruh, this series NAILED IT. The animation sequence during the competitions were legit amazing and jaw dropping. It was so good. Even though, I did notice a lot of stuff animations during the slow burns, I REALLY DONT CARE ANYMORE. Lol.

Anime continues to amaze me.

Overall, Hanebado was a good watch. I think I got disappointed over the fact that they didn’t follow the manga, but if you haven’t checked out its manga, then you guys might enjoy this. Especially if you guys love sports anime.

I guess that’s it for today.

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