Gyakusatsu Kikan (Genocidal Organ): After Thoughts

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No words can describe what I felt after watching this movie.
Its been awhile since I was got this affected, like after watching this movie, it made me think of stuff I didn’t expect I would think about. This movie is definitely something and unlike any other.



Type: Movie
Episodes: 1
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Feb 3, 2017
Studios: Manglobe, Geno Studio
Source: Novel
Genres: Military, Sci-Fi, Psychological
Duration: 1 hr. 54 min.
Rating: R+ – Mild Nudity
Synopsis: The war on terror exploded, literally, the day Sarajevo was destroyed by a homemade nuclear device. The leading democracies transformed into total surveillance states, and the developing world has drowned under a wave of genocides. The mysterious American John Paul seems to be behind the collapse of the world system, and it’s up to intelligence agent Clavis Shepherd to track John Paul across the wreckage of civilizations and to find the true heart of darkness—a genocidal organ.

My Thoughts:
Genocidal organ is that kind of movie that makes you think about your existence and the stuff that’s currently happening in our world. I really had a great time watching it at work. Its good, but its also has many flaws.

The story is really interesting and intriguing. Its about war, humanity and the power of words. How words could change someone unconsciously, as long as you know the exact words to say. A definite genocide to cause havoc all over the world. The fact that its also very realistic (except the too high technology of the soldiers) made the whole movie very moving and meta, its hard not to think so many thoughts about the topics brought up after watching it. I really really like it.

Another topic the story touched on was about humanity, and how humans should approach responsibility and freedom. In real life, our government continues to promote security and peace to us civilians. We don’t know much what’s happening behind the curtains of those government buildings. We also don’t get much information about what really is happening all over the world. We only see what the people on higher positions what they want us to see. Is their actions justified? The ‘freedom’ we think we have, is it even ‘freedom’ at all? Why is terrorism is going strong? Those questions continues to haunt me even after the movie.
I really really like how convincing the theories and arguments presented in the movie. The reasoning given by the characters were definitely right in so many ways, I don’t find it surprising if this stuff is definitely really happening now. Until now, there is some part in the world that is currently on chaos. Whether its orchestrated or not, lives are wasted, its unforgivable.

I also really like how likeable the characters are. Even for a short time I get to understand their personalities and their actions, especially the main protagonist and antagonist, Clavis Shepherd & John Paul. Both think differently and lived different lives, but in the end, they both agreed one thing, peaceful world for their love ones. I do admit, I’m still abit confused about John Paul’s reasons of committing his crimes. I don’t find his reasoning justified, even Clavis himself don’t think John’s reasoning to be justified, but what’s done is done. I still feel abit sorry for Lucia cuz of what happened to her in the end, I was rooting for her to get a happy ending at least with Clavis, but nah.


The art and animation is so consistent and very mature. It fits well with the theme of the story. Everything reminds me alot of Joker Game, especially the character designs and color scheme. The whole animation might not look fancy and over-the-top as the famous animes, its still one of the good ones.

Ah! One of the things I’m not much of a fan of this movie would be the balance of the action and the talking. There so many talking happened in this movie, and the actions scenes were abit lacking. The movie features super soldiers, but I only see a little pinch of awesomeness from them, it was a bit disappointing.

Overall, this movie is a really good one. It delivers the message and story really well, you would even be moved by it.
It would have been nice if this was a 1 season series, I think the story would be fleshed out more and the awesomeness of the super soldiers would be featured heavily more. I do recommend you guys to watch this one in english dub. The characters are all foreigners (not from japan) and the setting usually happens on different countries. Its better if you watch this on english dub, you would have a better grasp of the story and better concentration to the movie. You would also hear the stellar voice acting performances of the awesome voice actors of Funimation.

That is all.
Thanks for reading.

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