Gurazeni: After Thoughts

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Why did I watch this show? And even finish it? Why? What was I thinking??

Let’s be clear, Last season had the best line-up of shows an anime fan could get. From action to moe series, everything was offered to us.When I say everything, that includes mediocre ones. One of them was Gurazeni.

Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 6, 2018 to Jun 22, 2018
Premiered: Spring 2018
Studios: Studio Deen
Source: Manga
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Seinen, Sports
Duration: 23 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 – Teens 13 or older
Synopsis: This is the story of Natsunosuke Honda, a pro baseball player—a relief pitcher who has been playing pro in a team called Spiders for 8 years. The team operates as a highly-stratified society, where the player’s performance determines his annual salary. Natsunosuke is one of the highest paid players in the game. He measures how good players are by how much money they make, and he intends to be on top and stay there, and as such is always looking for players to challenge and does everything to insure that he is better than they are. (MAL)

I’ll be honest here, one of the reasons I could think of that made me watch this show was because of the sports tag. I love watching sports animes. They are very diverse when it comes to themes and genres of the series. So yeah, I gave this series a chance.

Overall, the series was a meh. It was too mediocre. The story was interesting, but the constant blabbing and talking of the characters and the narrator made the series boring. I did like the fact that this sports anime shed light on what is the realistic view of the life of a professional baseball player. It gave me insights and let me understand the darker side of going pro. Still, it wasn’t enough to save the show. The characters were mostly one-sided, no growth seen. Even the male lead didn’t get much growth, he was too busy narrating the things that was happening around him.
The art & animation didn’t help. The art style overall looks okay and poppy, but the constant use of 3D animation when it comes to complicated movements, it was painful to watch.

I think the only thing about this series that I really like is the really catchy OP. Bruh, it was sang by SKI-HI, the rapper of my all time favorite co-ed group, AAA. Its carefree melody and amazing instrumentals were amazing and fun to listen to. I can never skip it whenever I watch an episode of Gurazeni. It sets the tone of the series, and I must say, one of the best OP song I had heard in last spring anime season.

This series is definitely not recommended to everyone. You’ll be hella disappointed in this one if you are looking for some good sports anime. Try Captain Tsubasa (2018) instead. I mean, even though I haven’t seen it yet, I know that its better cuz this one is really not good.

Anyway, that is all.
Thanks for reading!!

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