Goodluck Girl Anime Review

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Its been awhile since I watched consecutive enjoyable animes.
Thank God this is a good one.

Ichiko Sakura lives life on easy mode. Blessed with good fortune, she has everything she has ever wanted, including beauty, intelligence, and wealth. Momiji Binboda is a goddess of poverty. In stark contrast to Ichiko, she is cursed with misfortune, such as a perpetual cast on her arm, a flat chest, and a box under a bridge for a home.
Their lives collide when Momiji lives up to her title and delivers some unfortunate news to Ichiko: her large amount of luck is due to her subconsciously draining the luck from those around her! Momiji has been tasked with stealing back Ichiko’s fortune before she leaves everyone without enough luck to even survive. But Ichiko, with the help of the wandering monk Bobby Statice, manages to fight off the poverty goddess. This defeat forces the goddess to enlist reinforcements in the form of Kumagai, her teddy bear familiar, and the masochistic dog god, Momoo Inugami.
Insanity ensues as Ichiko’s quiet life is replaced with daily battles for her fortune. To survive the chaos, Ichiko will need all the luck she can get in Binbougami ga!!


Goodluck girl was an anime I always wanted to watch. From its poster and synopsis, I knew I would enjoy it… And indeed, it was a fun ride.

Story wise, the anime is quite simple. A girl, happens to have a lot of luck, was hunted by a Poverty God to save the world. Simple, easy to understand. Still, it’s simplicity made space for crazy things that could blend well within it’s plot. Hence, an enjoyable anime.

In some ways, it reminds me of the american movie, Just my Luck, but without romance and switching of luck.

For the characters, as always, they are the reason for my enjoyment. The casts consists of eccentric characters that I never expected would clash well with each other. Each character represents a typical trope but they don’t seem generic, which adds alot of flavor to the series. I think my only problem to the series would be the lack of antagonist. Yes, basically, Poverty God is the enemy of the main girl, but her involvement to the main character’s life excludes her from that role. Still, in some ways, I am contented with everything.

Now for art and animation, I love it. For an old anime, the animation looks so good. Its so smooth and it flowed really well. Yes, there were so shortcut cuts, but they are not that noticable. The character designs fits so well with the characters, I couldn’t think of anything else. The overall color palette of the series was really good. It was balance and not painful in the eyes. I also love the ecchiness of the series, it wasn’t overdone and in your face. Just enough for me to enjoy.

From start to the end, Good luck Girl delivers alot of comedy and touching moments I never knew could mix. It was something I was looking for from a lot of comedy shows I had been watching for a while, and bruh, I never knew I needed this kind of mix so bad. Both genres balance each other, which results to a satisfying show. The only downside to it was it’s short run time.

I want more.

It’s that good.

It’s sad that this enjoyable anime wasn’t able to get a season 2 while a generic isekai can. Just saying.

I mean, its quite clear that this anime had alot of possible arcs to go through. But because the series only had few episodes, the ending was kinda rushed. The delivery of the last arc was great, believe me, but I feel like it was too soon for that arc to happen. I feel like they skipped some arcs or something. Anyway, overall, the ending was still really good. I won’t trade it for anything.

Would I recommend this to anyone? Hell yeah!! This anime is so enjoyable, people needs to watch this too.

That is all for now.

This has been Will Sirius, and thanks for reading!!!

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