Happy New Year 2021

Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021!!!

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Yo! Sirius here!

HAPPY NEW YEAR, everyone. It is now in 2021!! Yay!!

2020 had been a crazy year, not only for me personally but pretty much for everyone all over the world. It was that bad.

Even my blogging was affected by it.

People might think that with the Pandemic and us, only staying at home most of the time, we all would be more productive, but nope, it was more of the opposite.

I barely post anything on my blog, and that is so sad.

I am not really happy with how I blogged last 2019, but damn, 2020 was worse.

Because of the lack of content I have last year, it’s a bit hard to make my usual Goodbye, Hello post. So we will be changing this up a little.

We will go the personal route instead.

I will go through everything that had happened to me in the past year and at the end, give insight as to what is coming. Okay?


Let’s start.

At the beginning of 2020, I restarted Anime Weekly Watch in hopes that I could finish a season, but…you know what happened in the first few months of 2020. Pandemic happened. My personal life was in shambles, I couldn’t find the time to do a weekly posting. RIP me.

Bad start, right?

Since then my blogging started to slowly dry out.

I tried to revive it by April and May, scheduling and starting a lot of writings to be posted, and in fairness, the majority of them were posted. However, another curved ball hit me, this time it was my day job.

Because of the pandemic, my company was forced to adapt to the new norm, working from home. I was one of the first few employees assigned to this new practice. It was very rough in the first few weeks but I was able to adapt to it.

Until stress comes in.

The stress of everything, from my new process of working, the anxiety of the pandemic, the negative vibes I get from the news, hit me like a cannonball. As a result, my mental health spiraled down to the bottom. This affected my work and my blogging. Rather than being productive, I was drowning in my negative state and was just mindlessly watching nonsense on Youtube.

That’s when I stumbled on Legacies.

I shamelessly adore Legacies. Okay, maybe not anymore now, but the characters in the show.

I shamelessly adore and love Hope and Josie, aka HOSIE.

After watching the series (which was a million times, btw), I got into stan twitter and fanfics.

I am semi-active on Twitter before, but through Hosie, I became a lot more active(?) and I met a lot of amazing people. They made 2020 a lot more bearable and fun, even though they gave a breakdown every day, I genuinely enjoy every minute I was on Twitter.

For fanfics, oh boi, I went crazy.

Fanfics had always been there for me ever since I got into anime and tv shows. However, as time went on, I got more into books and became busy with life, I wasn’t able to read fanfics as much as I used to. But again, through Hosie, I’m into it again.

BRUH! Believe me, when I say I read almost all of the Hosie fics on Ao3, I am a legit librarian in training.

Reading consumed most of my time, which result in me, literally, abandoning my blog and my usual anime watching. Also, through fanfics and reading, I got into western music too.

I think it was around May when I had a hard time consuming Asian content (from animes to tv shows to music). It was hard to listen to them and I couldn’t understand why. I consoled my friends about this issue, and the only thing they conclude was that I got burnout.

And I totally agree with that conclusion.

For years, I devour all of the Asian content I am interested in, from tv shows to music, everything. With the pandemic, the usual way would be me devouring “more” of it, but instead, it was the opposite. I disliked it.

It was around that time I decided to stop consuming anything Asian, and unfortunately, that includes anime.

This coincides with the Hosie thing above, by the way.

Anyway, moving on.

Because I couldn’t live without music, I got into western music instead of the usual Asian. I literally made a playlist consisting of all my favorite western songs and also added new songs I discovered along the way. And also, I shamelessly became a Swiftie, I mean, who wouldn’t? Taylor Swift literally released 2 of her best albums to date, and I also rediscovered how her songs resonate with me.

The songs definitely elevated my reading of fanfics. They made each angsty story a lot more painful than intended and fluffy stories really sweet.

I love it.

Sometime around September, I also got into writing.

Yep, I got into writing fanfics.

It was scary and nerve-wracking, but I got a lot of encouragement from a lot of people. It energized me and pushed me to publish my stories.


It made me happy.

It was also around this time I slowly got back into blogging. I slowly consume Asian content again, like watching anime and listening to Jpop. It was a slow process but I was getting there.

However, my irl day job got me in a chokehold.

There were a lot of changes with our process in working that it was hard. Don’t get me wrong, I was able to adapt, but there are times when my concentration slips and mistakes were made. It made me disappointed with myself, it was hard to enjoy the stuff I used to.

It was around this time when my sister told me about the news of SM ent. new girl group.

At first, it was just the logo and name. Bruh, I even made fun of it. It was really weird.

Then the individual photo teasers of the members were slowly revealed to the public, and I will admit, I was intrigued.

They were really beautiful and enthralling, I knew immediately that this group has got me.

However, I wasn’t paying much attention to them that much until I got to see Winter SYNK teaser video. Damn, she got me.

Since then, I knew I am back into KPOP. Sigh.

I don’t regret it though.

Getting back into Asian content (anime, Jpop, and Kpop) made me feel Me again. I guess, I just needed a break from all of it, before I could appreciate it again.

December came and I was still on a roll with my writing and my hobbies. Everything was all good, I even started doing my annual project: 12 Days of Anime 2020. But my work got in the way, again.

Why am I not surprised.

Because it was the end of the year, My team needed to reach a certain productivity quota. However, we lacked a lot of manpower, so the result is many hours of overtime. At first, it was bearable. I mean, I was able to update my blog, I was able to post updates on my fanfic, and I could also consume a lot of aespa content. But my work became heavier and heavier, to a point that I need to give the majority of my time to it. Hence, me, abruptly stop posting on my blog and writing stories.

It was a hard decision, but it is what I needed for me not to be burnout. After all, it was the holidays, I am supposed to relax and enjoy it.

Fast forward to now, I still haven’t updated my blog (this post is the first, yay!) and written any stories (rip).

I didn’t stop consuming Kpop, though, because this gave me happiness and it’s easier to consume them. I also didn’t stop watching anime. I watched a lot during the holiday break, along with a lot of Netflix shows and movies. I was, in some ways, still “productive”.

I think I pretty much summarized my 2020, ish. I didn’t give out much information, especially the super personal stuff for privacy.

I know I didn’t do much, in terms of my blogging and it sucks, it does.

That is why I am hopeful for 2021.

Now, it’s time for the stuff I am looking forward to this 2021.

For my blog, I will not make any more promises cuz it’s clear that I will not be able to do them anyway.

What I learned from 2020, was that we don’t know what the future holds. So I’ll stop making plans and promises.

All I could say is that as long as I consume media, from music to anime to tv shows, and I still have opinions on them and the desire to share my thoughts about them, then I will blog about it.

I won’t have any schedules or anything similar to that.

I will be posting stuff on my whim. It is what it is now.

Now that I get all of that out of my chest. Time for ending remarks.

2020 had been rough. We experienced a literal rollercoaster ride of emotions all throughout the year. It was tough for all of us.

With the new year, let us restart our mindset and hope for a better future.

Yeah, technically, nothing really has changed.

But still, we will remain positive.

Okay? Okay.

That would be all for now.

This has been Will Sirius and thank you for still continuing to be with me even though I suck being a blogger.

Let us hope for the best in this new year.

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