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Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019!!

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This is a start of something new.

With the end of 2018, I want to look back on some interesting stuff I did here on my blog and my life. After that, I’ll share some goals that I have for myself and for my blog on 2019.

I’ll try not to make this entry longer than it should be, so let’s start!

…from my personal life

I think the biggest thing that happened to me this year would be…me…becoming a licensed Psychometrician. For sure not many of you know what it is about. Psychometrician is a professional that practices psychometrics, the science of measurements. It’s a profession that focuses on administering psychological tests/assessments and interpret them. Getting a license means I am now a certified Psychometrician and I can practice. Though, it is kinda hard to find jobs related to my prefession. Heh.

Still, this was a huge accomplishment to me because I was able to prove to myself that I had what it takes to pass the exam. I also was able to prove that I am not a failure, not to my family, relatives and friends, but to myself. It was a sweet success.

Another highlight of my life would be my first job, being a barista trainee in a cafe. I think I never shared this one before, but yeah, I worked in a cafe earlier this year. My stay there was short, but I still learned alot, especially about customer service. Being able to communicate and make sure the customers feel happy in the cafe was alot of work, but I really learned alot. It’s a shame I wasn’t able to learn how to make coffee drinks, but atleast I do know how to make drinks other than coffee. 😉

If I had highlights, I also have really down parts. I am not happy about it, but it can’t be helped. Life’s always unfair, its on how we overcome it and stand up against it that makes everything worth it.

Enough drama, let’s proceed to my blog highlights!

…from my blog

I really did it. I shared alot or made alot of entries related to music, tv series, and movies, which is a huge accomplishment to me. As much as I love anime, I also want to share to you guys my thoughts about the other mediums of entertainment too. Though, it is quite disappointing that I literally had no posts in the later half of the year. Lel.

I’ll do my best this 2019, I promise.

Another highlight of my blog would be the huge amount of backlog anime review content on my blog. As much as I want to be updated on the new animes, I just can’t helped to watch the old animes. I am also happy that I was able to introduce some of them to you guys. Though, I do admit that I haven’t watched the known and mainstream old animes. Heh. I’ll get to them eventually.

I also like the special posts I did:

I put alot of effort into making them, so I feel really proud of it.

I’m still shocked that I have 3 nominations of Real Neat Blog Award, even though I don’t see my blog as neat. It’s still weird. Ah! I do wanna point my frustrations in creating the Create-a-story tag. Compared to the other special posts, I had a hard time make this one. I kept on rejecting alot of short stories I made for the tag, and in the end, I posted a mediocre one. It was a last minute change, but oh well, I can’t change it now.

Recently too, I was able to participate in the annual project, 12 Days of Anime. I think I already shared how much I wanted to join this event in my previous 12 DoA entries so I won’t say it again. Though, I do feel bad for not making “quality” content needed for the project. Like in the Create-a-story tag, I was consumed with anxiety the whole time I made the project, and rejected alot of ideas even though I already prepared them for the project. It was a stupid move of me. I’m sorry, I will do my best next time.

If I remembered it right, it was around the beginning of the 2nd half of the year when I decided to make a page and fully publish my content in facebook. It was a huge step up from me because I really don’t want other people to know I had a blog, but meh, I still did it anyway. Screw them. Still, I knew what I did was right. I got alot of attention and I am a really thankful cuz people I know appreciated my blog, even though I was mainly talking about a niche medium. Because of it, it boosted my views and followers to the height it is today. Yeeee!

Of course, I won’t forget the milestones I experienced this year. Damn.

I actually accomplished 2 milestones. The first one was the 100+ followers (which I made an post about) and recently, 200+ followers (which I wasn’t able to make a post about it). I am really thankful to all of you, because getting that much support that fast is still shocking to me. I feel like I don’t deserve all of this, but still, I am very gratefull. I will do my best to continue to make alot of content that will not only satisfy you guys, but also myself.


I guess, that’s it for 2018. I’m not really sure if I had forgotten something, oh well. Let’s move on and welcome the new year 2019.

For this year, I have alot of plans. As of right now, I won’t be sharing them yet, I still need to prioritize my IRL work schedule before anything else. After everything would be sorted out, then I’ll announce some awesome stuffs in the future. Stay tune for future Updates!!

I’m not really a fan of new year’s resolutions and stuff, I don’t usually reach them anyway. Rather than resolutions, I do have goals that I atleast want to achieve this year. Some of them are just goals that I wasn’t able to reach in 2018, and hoping would be reached this 2019. Yeee.

For my personal life, my main goal is work-life balance. With me, having a vast knowledge in the in and outs of an industry and organization, I know that its is hard to achieve it. Still, if I want to be able to do everything I want and need to do, I’ll achieve that work-life balance no matter what.

Another goal I plan to achieve would be saving alot of funds. I think all of us wants this too. Lel. I want to buy the stuff I always wanted to buy. hahahaha.

For my blog, I planned to revive my other featured contents on my blog and be able to do more special entries. Special entries like doing a monthly specials and do some collabs. I won’t rpomise anything but I’ll make it work.
I might also start upgrading my blog, like monetizing it or even gaining some profit while blogging. I’m still not sure when would this all happen but I know its sooner than later.

I guess, that is all for now.
Again, Happy New Year Everyone!!


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    That was a great recap. I can definitely relate to the 100 followers and the create-a-story tag. The latter was fun for me since I’m also an author, but it was a neat creative exercise. I hope 2019 goes well for you!

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    congrats, na-experience mo n din pumila sa PRC. hahaha
    at kamusta job hunting as a psychometrician?
    and btw, no one in RL knows I blog. I keep it a secret. kau lng cguro na fellow pinoy bloggers may alam. hahaha exposure is hard, pero quality over quantity. one dedicated reader beats 1000 inactive followers.
    happy new year pala. :))))))

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      Di ko kaya ang PRC hahahahaha. Whole day ako pumila, good thing nga may kasama akung ka batchmates ko para di boring hahahaha
      Unfortunately, ang hirap maka hanap ng job related sa psychometrician. Ang alam kong pangmatagalan na job was in the government, pero kailangan ng experience. So right now, I’m just applying for bpo companies as of the moment to gather funds for my future. Lel.
      I tried to keep my blog a secret din before, my bffs exposed it by sharing them to peepz who likes animes XD edi wala na. Exposed na. Hahahahaha. I am thankful sa lahat ng nagfollow sa akin, but yeah, I do prefer dedicated readers over too many inactive followers.

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        oo, madugo ang prc. i learned though that the queue is a lot easier pag hapon k pumunta. pinoy kasi akala pag maaga, madali matapos. xD at naku, babalik k dyan pag nag renew ka. hahaha
        try mo sa guidance, educ. alam ko in demand xa sa schools since onti plng mga psychomet. ewan ko lng sa area nyo.
        lol, kakatuwa nga minsan nag rereklamo cla bat ang ganda ng english ko. di ko masabi kasi nag boblog ako. hahaha
        tama yan. dedicated readers are gold. 🙂

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          I might try that field later in life. For now, experience muna ang immediate goal ko. Ang problema kasi dito sa pinas is yung mga taong nahire sa positions, are not qualified. Like most of the HR personnel in the companies are not Business or HR or Psych graduates. And if qualified peepz apply, they won’t accept cuz they lack “experience”. Lol.

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            naku, truth. pero advice ko lng sau, as of right now, apply k lng ng apply kahit alam mo di k qualified. either makakahanap k ng maaus n hr or mahahagilap mo ung process ng interview at kung ok ung kinalabasan. xempre marereject ka, pero nid mo tlga tibayan sarili mo pag nag hahanap ko. be rejected as much as possible.

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              Yeeeee, I had been rejected alot of times na. Hahahaha. It’s still painful, yes, especially if gustong gusto ko talaga yung job, pero ganyan ang life eh. Right now, I’m in a job offer stage in a company, and also entertaining another one for backup. Lel. I hope tuloy tuloy na. 😀

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                good luck. this will suck to hear pero “kung sayo tlga, sayo tlga” 😛


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