Gabriel DropOut Anime Review, Daily Lives of Angels & Demons

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Recently, I had been craving for an anime that could liven up my mood while I am suffering from my daily dose of workload. Hell yeah! I found one.

I was a little bit hesitant to watch this gem. From the get-go, this anime looks like an anime that is comedy-focused with a touch of slice-of-life, and for sure its going to be episodic. And I was right (Yay!). Even so, I enjoyed the heck of this series.

Story (6/10)

The premise is simple. It’s about a group of angels and demons trying to live and fit in the world of humans. The anime follows their usual daily life antics, problems and struggles.

It follows the usual slice-of-life type of storytelling. It’s pretty solid and it’s also well-paced.  I have no problems with it. Though, there were scenes that were boring and skippable (is this even a word?!?). They were bearable, at least.


Art & Animation (8/10)

Of course, let us not forget, this anime is moe. MOE. The art and animation is clearly screaming MOE. And bruh! I have no problems with it. MOE is beautiful. It gives me life and happiness. **sparkling eyes**

Anyway, I have no problems with the animation. It was consistent all the way, from the beginning to the end (even the OVAs). The colors were bright and it totally fits well with the anime. Though I do find the art quite cute and round compared to the manga. Still, I have no problems with it. This type of art made the anime cute.

Characters (8/10)

The characters were very memorable. Gab, the angel who is lazy, a NEET and gamer; Vigne, the proper angelic-by-nature type of demon girl and the straight man in the group; Raphi, the angel who is a perfect student-type with S/M fetish and stalking tendencies; and lastly, Satania, a stupid tsundere demon who is a chuunibyou and loves to buy stuff from Hell Shopping Network. All of them are freaking adorable and well designed characters. I really love how they interact with each other, they definitely compliment each other well. They pretty much liven up every episode with their antics and interactions.


Music (5/10)

I’m not a fan of it, unfortunately. It’s memorable, yes, but they are annoying the more I listen to it. At least the ending song is bearable.

Enjoyment (8/10)

Like what I said above, I enjoyed the heck of this anime. I find myself smiling like a crazy person after every episode. Even face palm every time they do some stupid or funny antics. This anime is definitely what I need. It helped me relieve stress from my life, at least.

Overall (7/10)

Overall, this anime is a feel-good show. You can easily watch this anytime, the end result is still the same, you will feel refreshed and relieved. Well, that was what I felt every time I finished watching an episode. So in the end, it definitely just depends on the person. Lel.

Anyway, I do recommend this. It’s not a must watch, but if you need an anime to watch for the time being (to waste time or something), definitely watch this anime. Also include the OVA’s, they are also good continuation.




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