Full Metal Panic S1: Quick Thoughts

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The moment I heard the news that Full Metal Panic would have a season 4, I was really excited. I had been a fan of the anime since it aired here in my country. I was planning on watching the new season of FMP, but then I realized that I barely remember the anime. So during the break, I started watching the whole franchise.

For this entry, I will talk about my thoughts of the anime, Full Metal Panic.

Type: TV
Episodes: 24
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jan 8, 2002 to Jun 18, 2002
Premiered: Winter 2002
Studios: Gonzo
Source: Light novel
Genres: Action, Military, Sci-Fi, Comedy, Mecha
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: R – 17+ (violence & profanity)
Synopsis: Equipped with cutting-edge weaponry and specialized troops, a private military organization named Mithril strives to extinguish the world’s terrorism and all threats to peace on earth. The organization is powered by the “Whispered,” individuals who possess intuitive knowledge and the remarkable ability to create powerful devices and machinery.
Seventeen-year-old Sousuke Sagara, a sergeant working for Mithril, has been assigned to protect Kaname Chidori, a Whispered candidate. He is ordered to join her high school class and be as close to her as possible to prevent her from falling into enemy hands—that is, if he can safely blend in with their fellow classmates without revealing his true identity.
Sousuke, who was raised on a battlefield and has very little knowledge of an average high school student’s lifestyle, must adapt to a normal school life to safeguard Kaname. However, enemy forces have already begun making their move, and Sousuke is about to find out that the adversary coming for the Whispered girl may be a lot more familiar than he expects. (MAL)

Full Metal Panic was one of the old anime franchises that I really really love. It has everything I look for in an anime. When I said everything, I meant it had romance, comedy, mecha, action, drama, and some elements of sci-fi too. Yeeeeeee! I’m so satisfied.

For the story, if we compare it to now, its one hell of a cliche one. I mean, this anime was released years ago. Cuz its plot worked and made the series popular, alot of animes following the series tried to imitate as much as they can to milk the success of FMP. One of the things I like about the series’ story is the balance of the serious and the comedic parts. It knows where to drop the laughs and the intense parts. The romance scenes were laid out all through out the series really well.

The characters were really marvelous and awesome. Each one of them were significant to the plot and they are also really likeable. Of course, the main leads got a lot of development in terms of character, but the supporting casts didn’t fail to leave a mark on the series.

For the art and animation, well the anime is an old one. Still, its quality is top notch and is consistent all throughout the series.

Still, the series is not perfect. I also encountered alot of issues, especially with the fillers. There were some that seemed relevant to the plot, but few of them were abit…uuhhh…not appealing to me. Even so, it didn’t fully affect my enjoyment of the series.

Overall, the series is amazing. Watching this series again made me remember my love for the medium, anime and my love for this anime. Can’t wait to see the next seasons.

That is all.
Thanks for reading.

PS: Please do watch the series in English dub. The dub is alot better than its counterpart and it will definitely add more enjoyment to your watching.


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    This was definitely a very fun anime. Well worth the watch and the cast remains awesome.


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