Fukumenkei Noise: After Thoughts

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Hello, Everyone! Sirius here.

There’s a lot of animes from last year that I haven’t watched even though I wasn’t even busy (WTF was I doing last year???). One of those animes I neglected was Fukumenkei Noise.


Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 11, 2017 to Jun 27, 2017
Premiered: Spring 2017
Studios: Brain’s Base
Source: Manga
Genres: Music, Romance, Shoujo
Duration: 23 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 – Teens 13 or older
Synopsis: Every day, a young girl wearing a mask stands by the beach and sings a nostalgic melody. After experiencing two sudden heart-wrenching partings when she was only a child, Nino Arisugawa has been singing her songs to the ocean, bound by a promise made with her two childhood friends—her first love, Momo Sakaki, and a boy who composed music, Kanade “Yuzu” Yuzuriha. Having never met each other, the boys both individually promised that if Nino was ever separated from them, her voice would be the beacon to reunite them once again.
After six long years, destiny has finally placed Nino, Momo, and Yuzu in the same high school. However, the passage of time has changed many things in their lives—while Nino relentlessly attempts to fulfill her childhood promise with the boys, Yuzu’s feelings for her from the past resurface, and Momo goes to great lengths to prevent a reunion with Nino. Through music, will they be able to mend their friendship and overcome all the feelings involved in this complicated love triangle? (MAL)

Fukumenkei Noise is a shoujo anime I didn’t expect I would like. Just like any other shoujo animes out there, it’s a romance. But what got me interested to this series would be the other genre they focused on, music. I really like the songs performed in the series and I wanted more. I’ll discuss more about that later. First up, let’s talk about the story.
The plot of the series had all the generic shoujo animes tropes around it, but it was able to be different from the rest.

The main character, Alice/Nino, wasn’t your typical goodie super nice character that other characters would take advantage on. She’s actually really stubborn, loves to sing, and is really…really…dumb. With that kind of main lead, you’ll expect the rest of the cast to be different or at least interesting too, and bruh, they didn’t disappoint.

Infairness, the progression of the story was okay. Each episode would end at a right cliffhanger. My only problem was the last few episodes of the series. The pacing was all over the place and scenes were unnecessary repeated, it baffled me. I know that the last arc was the climax of the story, but they should have added more relevant scenes like Yuzu’s confrontation with his mom after their performance or more details about Momo’s ninja moves rather than repeating scenes I had already seen. Those scenes I mentioned would definitely give light to some unanswered questions. It was disappointing.

Now for the characters.

Like I said above, Nino/Alice is not your typical shoujo heroine and its a breath of fresh air. Bruh, she is dumb and doesn’t listen to anyone. Her dumb moments made this series enjoyable to watch and it balance the overall drama that the series was going for. She is also self aware, which was quite surprising. She understands her situation and acknowledge her mishaps and try to overcome it. I like that about her. She’s not developing much, but I could see alot of growth from the supporting characters around her because of her.

Yuzu is hands down BEST BOI of the series. With everything he had gone through the whole series, I really want to hug him and pat his back. Damn, he did well.  He loved Nino/Alice since they were kids and yet, he’ll forever be the friendzoned. His chances of winning is so slim even though he made the most effort compared to Momo. Sigh. I haven’t read the manga yet, but I do hope there’s still hope for Yuzu to get a Happy ending, cuz damn, he f*ckin’ deserves it.

Now, for the ninja, Momo. I don’t like him. I tried to empathize with him, but he’s not appealing in my eyes. I do understand his decision and actions, and bruh, they are really stupid. But considering their age, still in late teens, he’s on the stage of “what I’m doing is for the best of everyone”. You, readers, might be wondering why I call him the ninja. Well, he keeps on disappearing to people, especially around the time that all of them should face each other. In other words, he always runs away. Can’t blame him, but I still don’t like him.

Both of the male leads seemed to have issues with family. Here in the anime, both Yuzu and Momo’s backstory were tackled but we didn’t get to see it through. Like I said above, rather than giving us more information about the issues of the male leads, we only got some repeated performances and dragged scenes to cover the remaining time of the series. It’s a shame, but I do hope that both of the male leads’ issues were tackled well in the manga.

The supporting characters were really fun and likeable. All the members of “In no Hurry”, Yoshito, Ayumi and their ex-member Miou, added alot of colours and flavour to this series. Even thought they are just the supporting characters, their growth was really evident all through out the series, especially Miou and Yoshito. Both of them were wary of Nino/Alice, but after getting to know her, they immediately warm up to her. I especially love Nino/Alice & Miou’s relationship. Even though Miou sees Nino/Alice as her rival, they still hang out and become close friends. I love it.

The other casts like Nino’s mom and Momo’s Manager, didn’t do too much but they sure left memorable moments for me to remember.

Now for the art and animation.

The designs of the characters looks closer to the manga, though I wasn’t a fan of the eyes at the beginning. The eyes was then utilized properly, I was blown away when Nino/Alice looked straight to me during the first In no Hurry live. That was amazing. Other than that, everything else were generic. The background art, the color scheme is a bit bland, and the animation of it was…to be expected. I kinda knew they’ll use some CGi on the performance parts that’s why I already prepared myself. Overall, the art & animation was okay.

The music, infairness, I loved it. Even though the vocals were a bit messy, I knew it was done on purpose to express Nino’s feelings. I listened to the studio versions of the songs and its great.

And bruh, Hayami Saori blew me away. Her performance as Nino/Alice was so spot on, I don’t think i could think of any VA to replace her. She expressed Nino’s feelings really well everytime, I’m in awe of her talent. Damn, I have another seiyuu that had stolen mah heart. <3

Overall, I didn’t expect I would like this anime. I mean, I knew that I have a soft spot for it cuz I’m a sucker of music, but the story wasn’t I expected. It was really interesting and the chraacters were also really intriguing.
I know that there’s going to be a live-action movie of the anime, so I am going to watch that. I’m also planning on reading the manga soon.

I can’t really say its a must watch. But if you guys like interesting shoujo anime that has interesting story in it and music, definitely check this one out. If you had watched this one and dropped it last year like I am, bruh, the anime is better in binge-watching.

Anyway, that is all.
Thanks for reading!!


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    I wasn’t a fan of the story, but the music as you say was so good in Fukumenkei Noise that the anime was worth the watch. I actually have a playlist for in NO hurry to shout on my ipod 🙂


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