Anime Fall Anime 2017 Season Update: Dropped Animes so far

Fall Anime 2017 Season Update: Dropped Animes so far

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Reading Time: 2 minutesWe are almost at the end of the first half of the fall anime season, and yet I had dropped quite a number of animes already.

Do you want to know what they are?!?!


Here are the list of the animes I had dropped, along with some explanation why I dropped it:

Boku no Kanojo ga Majimesugiru Sho-bitch na Ken
– uuuhhhhh, the reason I dropped this is simple. It’s a bad anime. I thought this series was a little bit better than Hajimete no Gal, but it didn’t impressed me. I do find the Male & Female MC cute as a couple, but the supporting casts were uuuuugggggggghhhhhhhhh. So yeah, this series is dropped.

Code:Realize: Sousei no Himegimi
– Its a reverse harem anime, what do you expect? That I would enjoy this cuz I’m a girl? Hell no. I thought there was a potential in the first episode, but meh the next episodes were lacking and kinda generic, art-wise and story-wise. So, dropped.

– I think I already mentioned on my first impressions entry that I would dropped this series. This anime is not my cup of tea, it was weird and confusing. I don’t have the leisure time to watch and understand this series. Dropped.

Sengoku Night Blood
– Another reverse harem anime, sigh. I didn’t expect 2 reverse harem series in one season. Anyway, this series is too dull. The premise is had the potential, like Code:Realize, but it fell short when the rest of the episodes were boring and meh to me. So yeah, this was dropped.

Two Car
– A potential yuri-bait anime series, and yet I dropped it. I’m just not impressed with this series at all. I was only enjoying the yuri-bait and not much on the story or what the hell was going on in the anime. It was that boring and lackluster. The yuri-bait in the next episodes were kinda tempting, but I ended up dropping this.

Here are also animes where I dropped them even before I watched them:

Tsukipro The Animation
Taishou Chicchai-san
Dynamic Chord
Love Kome: We Love Rice 2nd Season

I didn’t watched the animes above, cuz they are either yaoi or guys being idols type of animes. I am not much of a fan of those animes so they are dropped.

ClassicaLoid 2nd Season
Hitori no Shita: The Outcast 2nd Season
Time Bokan: Gyakushuu no San Akunin

I didn’t watched these 3 animes above, cuz I didn’t finish or I dropped their first season. And yeah, I have no plans on rewatching their first seasons, so the 3 animes above will never get a chance to be part of my watching list.


I dropped quite a number this season compared to last summer.




That is all for now.

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