Etotama: After Thoughts

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I continue to watch underrated animes from the previous seasons. After dropping a couple of animes, I was able to find a gem.



Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 9, 2015 to Jun 25, 2015
Premiered: Spring 2015
Studios: Shirogumi, Encourage Films
Source: Original
Genres: Action, Comedy, Fantasy
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 – Teens 13 or older
Synopsis: When Takeru Amato moved into his new apartment in Akihabara, he was warned that there was one problem with it. He wasn’t warned, however, that the problem was a hole in the floor that leads to the realm of the zodiac gods. He also wasn’t told about Nyaa-tan, the eccentric, immature, prospective zodiac-sign cat.
Nyaa-tan would like nothing more than to join the rest of the girls, otherwise known as Eto-shin, in the Chineze zodiac, but she’s going to have to fight to work her way in. Fortunately, establishing a relationship with Takeru can help her with that. In Etotama the members of the zodiac don’t just represent people’s births; they draw their power from positive human emotions in the form of energy called Sol/Lull. With this power, the Eto-musume, or potential Eto-shin, can change from their mostly humanoid appearances into smaller “pretty modes” that can battle with each other in the Eto world.
Nyaa-tan needs to get Takeru to warm up to her fast, and not just because they’re living together. The ETM12 selection festival to determine the next member of the zodiac is coming soon. With Takeru’s good graces, Nyaa-tan just might be able to fight off the other Eto-musume and the 12 Eto-shin themselves, and finally take her place in the zodiac.

My Thoughts:

Etotama is an anime starring the chinese zodiacs and myths connecting to it. I didn’t expect I would like this one. As you can see, the synopsis is very long so I didn’t bother to read it and just dive right in to it.


Etotama is an anime starring the chinese zodiacs and myths connecting to it. The main protagonist, Nyaa-tan, is a cat musume. Her purpose all through out the series was to be able to accomplish her goal to be a member of the zodiac. This premise alone is very interesting. I had always wonder why the cat isn’t part of the zodiac, I mean, the rat is there, the cat should be too. In some ways, this anime tried to give an ‘answer’ to this thought. Infairness, what I actually get alot more that I expected.

The series started off really funny. The humor all through out was both crazy, stupid and at the same time really really enjoyable. Even with this kind of comedy, I really like the fact that it doesn’t affect the story. It meshed well with the story and its definitely added alot of flavour to the series. Not only the comedy, but the action in this anime is spectacular. Each fight was unique and related to the characters involve. It was really fun to watch.


I really really like how the story flowed all through out the series. I was expecting that this anime would turn out to be another boring and generic one, but I was wrong. Even with alot of characters and story arcs, it never swayed away from the main plot. It was abit episodic, but it works. We get to see the characters grow, especially the main protagonist. She lost her past memories, even her abilities and her fighting prowess which gravely needed in order to her to succeed in reaching her dreams. As we reach the end of the series, we get to see Nyaa-tan grow stronger as an Eto-musume and also we get to uncover the reason as to why she & the rat, Chuu-tan, are not in really good terms.


The art & animation of this series was so spot on. I’m not really sure, but I think the reason why its so ‘perfect’ or really really good cuz what I have is a BD copy of the series. Hhhhmmm….yeah, maybe that is the reason. The character designs were really good. It fits well with the story and light-hearted tone of the anime. The 2D animation was consistent all through out the series, and damn there was CG. But bruh, it was surprisingly, visually good. It wasn’t sloppy or even lacking. It actually made the action scenes really nice to watch. I especially love their chibi look. Its so cute!!! I would definitely buy merchs of those chibis.


Hands down, the best part of the whole anime were the characters. All of them left quite an impression to me. Each one of them were unique and interesting, each one stando ut on their own. Yes, this anime focuses more on Nyaa-tan, still we get to know more about the other Eto-shins, their abilities, quirks, and their off-the-wall personalities. They made the series really fun and enjoyable to watch. Not only them, but even the only boy of the series, Takeru, was unique in his own way. He happens to possess quite an infinity load of fuel for the Eto-shins which was quite amusing. He didn’t develop much compared to others, but he’s a character that is vital for the growth of the other characters, so he is still relevant. Overall, I really don’t have a favorite, though I do consider Moo-tan as best gurl cuz of her efforts in the later half of the series. I find Uri-tan’s way of speaking really cute and not annoying. I admit, I did find the main protagonist, Nyaa-tan annoying and too mischievous for me, but I did warm up to her as I see some development later on.


After the characters, another best thing this show has is the interaction and strong bond of the characters. I really really like how each one of them interact with each other. Cuz of their unique personalities, their jokes and bickering felt natural and real. There was no BS, and each of their actions has reasons I find really understandable. Like Chuu-tan’s evil ways, you can’t blame her for the stuff she’s done, there was always a reason for everything after all.

Lastly, I really like the undertone lesson I get to learn from this series. I totally didn’t expect to get some moral values from this kind of anime, but I did, and that’s amazing. I won’t spoil much what lesson or moral values that was, all I could say that what they were going through and the stuff they had learn were really relatable and can be applied in real life. Because of that, I have quite positive regard to this anime. Oohohohohooh.


Overall, this anime was unexpectedly good. When this first aired, just like everyone else, I skipped this one to focus more on the other ‘hyped’ animes in that season. Stupid me. I almost skipped a really good anime. At least now, I appreciate this one and try to spread the word that this one is a really really worth the watch.


Anyway, that’s it for now.
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