Date A Live Anime Review

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Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 6, 2013 to Jun 22, 2013
Premiered: Spring 2013
Studios: AIC Plus+
Source: Light novel
Genres: Comedy, Harem, Mecha, Romance, School, Sci-Fi
Duration: 23 min. per ep.
Rating: R – 17+ (violence & profanity)

Synopsis: “Before the world ends, kill me or kiss me.”

Thirty years before the events of Date A Live, an enormous explosion devastates east Asia and kills 150 million people. This is the first known “Spacequake”, an inexplicable natural disaster that has since become commonplace. Fast forward to the future. High school second year Shidou Itsuka lives alone with his cute little sister while their parents are away.

What do these things have to do with each other? While rushing to save his sister from a sudden Spacequake, Shidou is caught in the blast and, in the midst of the chaos, finds a mysterious girl. It turns out that this girl is actually a Spirit, a powerful being from another world whose arrival devastates the surrounding area. Thankfully, Shidou is rescued by an anti-Spirit strike team… led by his little sister?!

This vicious task force is locked and loaded, ready to exterminate Spirits with extreme prejudice. But this violent method is not for Shidou. He discovers the one way to neutralize these Spirits peacefully: make them fall in love. Now, it’s up to Shidou to save the world by dating those who threaten to destroy it!

My thoughts:



Another romance harem anime, but this time, its field with action and a sprinkle of drama.

I already watched most of this anime years ago when this aired, but I seemed to forgot the content of the story. When the news broke out that this series will get another season, I thought of rewatching this anime and at least know wtf was happening before I start watching the new season. I haven’t finished watching the 2nd season, so I might post a separate review for that.

Now, for this series. I really really enjoyed it. The premise was unique and cheesy but it works. No wonder its loved by fans. The story is really engaging, I can’t stop pressing the next button every time the episode ends. It was that interesting. I have no problems with the pacing and how the story was told. I was done really well, even the cinematography of the series. Dang! Loved it.


I really really liked the art and animation. I have the light novel of this series, and even though I haven’t read its content I already checked out the illustration of it. The art in the anime is quite close to the light novel, it was delightful and visually appealing to look at. The animation was really good, especially the fight scenes. So impressive.


The characters are really appealing too. The main character, Shidou, was really likable. He is not annoying or a sore eye to watch, unlike other MC of ecchi harem animes. You can really tell that he cares for the girls, and he does everything to protect them. The girls, ooohoohohohoh, everyone are waifu material. As a viewer, we have the ability to choose who we want to be a waifu. Mine would be Tohka (second, Kotori…ohohohooho). Not cause she is the main heroine, but cuz of her looks. Lol. Hahahhahaah. My reason is really simple, huh. XD
Her looks are really my type, it can’t be helped. Hahahahaha. Every girl here in this series were really captivating and attractive on their own right, I like them all.


Overall, I really really like this anime. Its very very enjoyable and a really good binge-watch. Can’t wait to finish the 2nd season of it.

I recommend this anime to everyone. I know everyone would definitely enjoy watching this anime.

Anyway, thanks for reading.

That is all.

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