CebuLitFest X Comicket 2019

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Ever since I started living here in the city, I always wanted to atteend alot of festivals and conventions. Problem was, I had no money to buy goods and stuffs as I was a poor uni student. Lol.

Thats why, now that I’m adulting, I can now afford it. YAAASS!!

For today, let me share to you my experience after attending a recent festival here in my place, CebuLitFest X Comicket 2019.

This event had been going on for few years now, but this is the first time I legit attend and bought stuff. The event usually happens in the open activity area in our local mall, Ayala. As it was open to the public, anyone could come and go, including me. When I was young, I usually watch and observe the event from afar, wondering what amazing goods the peepz were selling. I never dared to go near the event as I know I could never buy any thing from the sellers.

But everything changed.

I pretty much went all out.

I didn’t just bought goods like stickers, drawings, posters, but also Pinoy made comics. I was enthralled by all the stuff that was sold in the festival. I was like a child who went loose and had a buying spree. I never didn’t check if I still have money left, I was that into buying.


Now, I am hella broke. I now feel the limit of my not so high salary from work. DAMN.

Still, I don’t regret anything. I guess, it would have been nice if the prices were abit on the affordableside, but it can’t be helped, the sellers need to gain money too.

To give you some ideas, here are some of the stuff I bpught from the Festival:

Sorry for the bad camera shots. My phone is not really the best. Lol.

If I were to share, my most favorite possession out of everything I bought would be the huge poster from Fate Apocrypha and the comics. I was planning to buy 2 posters of it but I lack the money for it. For the comics, well, I might share my thoughts about each of them in the future. Yeeeee.

I guess, my takeaway from this experience would be that I need self control. Now, that I am part of the workforce and could buy anything I want, I still need to limit my wants so that I can afford my needs.

Oh man, I sound so mature. Lol.

But this is life, and we need to accept it.

And also…

I still need to save money for an upcoming anime/gaming convention this October. This time, my wallet will be ready.



Thats it for now.

This had been Will Sirius and thanks for reading!!

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