Castlevania S3, Netflix Original Anime Review

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Earlier this year, the 3rd season of Castlevania was released. I got a chance to watch it (at last), thanks to the Quarantine.

After the 2nd season, I really dunno how they’ll going to continue the series as the main villain is now dead. Yes, they were able to open new paths but introducing new characters last season, but they are not as solid as Dracula as an antagonist.

But I digress.

Anyway, here’s my review of the 3rd season.

A vampire hunter fights to save a besieged city from an army of otherworldly creatures controlled by Dracula. (IMDb)

Castlevania S3 was a weird one. I really can pinpoint if I like it or not.

I mean, it was a lackluster compared to its previous seasons, but it also opened a lot of doors to something amazing that will definitely happen on the fourth season. I guess, we can consider this season as the “calm before the storm” in terms of main plot.

With the death of Dracula, I already expressed my curiosty on my last review on how they’ll pick the series up.

I conclude, they are taking baby steps.

Rather than having another baddie immediately, we got a full season of diverse cast adapting to the new life without Dracula. Some are preparing for another war, while others are idling their life away.

The production behind this series definitely made the right choice in choosing this direction as we need to know more about the characters. These arcs gives us more depth and understanding as to why they do what they do. And bruh, they sure give us a lot of stuff this season.

I really don’t want to spoil anything so I’ll try to share what I can.

On the side of the main characters, we see Trevor and Sypha traveling around and visits a creepy town, while Alucard was idling in his castle. They were able to meet different people and had greatly affected them, especially, Alucard. I feel really bad with Alucard. A part of me is sad that he was left behind, but I guess, he needed this exposure to understand that there are still people out there that are hard to trust. There’s a chance he might turn bad after everything that happened to him, but I hope not.

On the other hand, Trevor and Sypha went againsts a delusional religious org. and it didn’t end well. Other than that, they were exposed again how f8cked up humanity is now, even though Dracula is gone, and were convinced to stop idling and traveling and now, are motivated to hunt demons.

Now, on the side of the antagonists, a lot happened. Isaac continues on his journey in gathering an undead army, while Camilla went back home to her castle to meet up with her fellow vampire sisters to come up with a new plan to conquer the world. Along with her was Hector, now a slave. The other vampire sisters were really intriguing, especially, Lenore. She’s that type of character that you can’t read. She’s very manipulative so I am not surprised if she double crosses anyone who is in her way.

For its animation, nothing new. The character designs looks consistent with the previous seasons. The new casts looks great too. Like always, they pour out most of their amazing animation in the last few episodes. They went full out in animating alot of fight scenes, and I am very satisfied with it.

However, what shocked me alot was the addition of the explicit content. I mean, I understand the gore and all, but I was taken aback with the 2 bed scenes. They are not bad, but it would be nice if it wasn’t sudden. Lel.

Overall, this season was okay. Nothing sepctacular was happening but a lot of information were laid out in preparation for the next season. In some ways, I am satisfied with that. i do hope thoguh that the next season won’t disappoint, after sacrificing this season.

That would be all for now.

Thanks for reading.


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