Castlevania Review, Netflix’s Original “Anime” Series

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Episodes: 4
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jul 7,2017
Season: ——
Studios: Frederator Studios, Powerhouse Animation Studios, & Shankar Animation
Source: Game
Genres: Action, Fantasy, Horror, Gore
Duration: 23-25 min. per ep.

Synopsis:¬†When his wife is murdered by the church, the powerful vampire Dracula exacts his revenge by unleashing all the powers of Hell upon Wallachia. Wandering a land now plagued by hoards of demonic creatures Trevor Belmont, the last son of the excommunicated Belmont clan, seeks to defeat Dracula. He is aided by the power of Sypha Belnades and Alucard, Dracula’s estranged son. (ANN)

After Thoughts:

When I first heard that Netflix was going to release an anime original, I was indeed skeptical about it. But I guess, come what may.

It was an enjoyable series, and it left me wanting more. Well, since the series had only 4 episodes, I didn’t expect the content would be that short. It barely scratched the surface of the main story. I might say that this series was just the prologue of the main story. It’s like the production company was purposely made the series short, to test if the viewers would bite this kind of content. And bruh, it did. There will be a 2nd season of this series, and it will be 8-episodes long. Yas!

I really really loved how the story flowed smoothly, scene by scene. It introduced the main characters really well; their backgrounds and their purpose in the story. We were given enough info about the world their were living, and get the gist of everything that was going on around the characters.

I first watched this in dub through Netflix, of course, and it was really refreshing. The dub was spot on, Kudos to the crew handling the dubbing, you guys did a wonderful job. I was able to watch this again in Japanese dub, and still, I got the same feels as the English dub.

The art and animation were so spot on. It fitted well to the story. I didn’t even mind the goreness of some scenes, it actually made the scenes more edgy and darker. I also love the fluid animation of the action sequences, even better than some mediocre japanese modern animes out there.

Overall, this series is a must watch. I recommend this to everyone, especially those who likes to watch gory and edgy animes. Its only 4 episodes long, with a definite second season coming.

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    I’ve only watched the first episode, and liked it. I’ll watch the rest soon.


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