Castlevania 2: After Thoughts

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I enjoyed alot watching the previous first season of Castlevania. It was only 4 episodes so it can’t be helped that I wanted more it. Good thing, the 2nd season of the series was recently released. I got to binge watched it to my hearts content, and infairness, its actually better than the previous season.



Episodes: 8
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: October 26, 2018
Season: ——
Studios: Frederator Studios, Powerhouse Animation Studios, Shankar Animation, Project 51 Productions, & Mua Film
Source: Game
Genres: Action, Fantasy, Horror, Gore
Duration: 23-25 min. per ep.

Castlevania continues to amaze me with its engaging story and stellar animation. This sequel was done right and is actually better than its predecessor. That’s noteworthy.

I do admit, the story this time was abit slow but it had stable pacing. We got to see the 2 sides of the war, the protagonists going to Belmont’s place to find clues to defeat the enemy, and Dracula’s war council. I like this plot better than the first season cuz its alot more solid, premise-wise, and the arc has now a conclusion.

I also really like the dialogues all through out the series. It felt really modern, and its really witty when it comes to jokes and sarcastic comments. I especially love the conversations between the protagonists. It gave us an idea that even though they are in a team, they still dont get along very much. While on Dracula’s side, I find the betreyal a bit predictable. Still, seeing the supporting antagonists slowly succumb to temptation was done really well.

The characters were well developed too, especially the important ones. We got to see more sides of them, showing us that they are more than what meets the eye. With a rich dialogue, it made the interactions and clashes of personalities alot more fun and intriguing to watch. I do find it abit disappointing not to be able to see other vampire generals not share their opinions much and just got killed off in the end. It’s like, they don’t have any purpose to be there in the first place but are just enemies that needed to be killed before the big boss.

Now for the art and animation. Artstyle wise, they maintained the beautiful designs from the first season. The background art was done really really well. It matched well with the tone and mood of the series. For the animation, now this is abit on a rocky side. While watching, I could see alot of static shots and lack of motions of the the characters. In some ways, I could tell they budgeted those scenes so that the animation on the important parts would look really good. And yes bruh, the fight scenes were well choreographed and had stunning visuals. It’s a shame that its level wasn’t consistent all through out the season.

Overall, Castlevania was quite entertaining to watch. I greatly enjoyed this series and definitely am looking forward to the 3rd season. Ooohohohoho.

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  1. Dewbond Permalink

    Cut down the library episodes by one and spend more time in the castle and it would have been great.

  2. Permalink

    Fantastic review. The dialogue is very entertaining. And so brilliant! I liked this season more than the previous one. I can’t wait for the 3rd season!


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