C3 Anime, something I didn’t expect I would like

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Even though I dropped a lot of mediocre animes every day, there are still shows out there that continues to surprise me.

One of those is this anime, C3 – Cube x Cursed x Curious.

Synopsis: From the light novel series written by Minase Hazuki, comes a story of love, action, and comedy. Yachi Haruaki is a high school boy who is naturally resistant to curses. After his father sends him a mysterious black cube, Haruaki awakes to find a nude girl named Fear standing in his kitchen. She’s the human form of the cursed black cube – and an instrument of torture! Utilizing her special abilities, Fear fights alongside Haruaki to defeat other cursed instruments and their owners.


C3 anime was something I didn’t expect I would like. On the surface level, it’s quite easy to categorize this anime as your typical ecchi harem. Don’t get me wrong, it really is…but also better than its contemporaries.

Overall premise, the anime is definitely incomplete. It ended on a cliffhanger, but at the same time, I am quite satisfied with it as it ended on a good moment (end of an arc). I admit, I kind of wanna know what’s the aftermath, but I don’t think we could ever get a sequel to this so….off to the Light novels. Ha!

Story-wise, I find the pacing consistent all throughout the series. It’s fast, yes, but enough to get the gist of the story. Each arc was given enough time to unfold the story, flesh out the characters and develop them. I also like how easily one arc flows to another one. It’s like there is no filler at all. I guess, my only problem with the anime would be some of the mundane school events the characters attend to, but that just me nitpicking. It’s not really really “bad”, it’s just that I’m so fed up with it. So yeah.


The anime starts off as your typical anime, but as episodes go on, it gets darker and darker. It’s also really gore and existentially deep, and all of that is thanks to the characters. Majority of the cast consists of cursed “objects”. Each one of them had their own dark past and in the series, they try to overcome them. That existential process itself was amazing to watch as it was done right. From the decisions to the reactions of the characters, everything makes sense. Because of this, their overall growth was shown nicely in the anime.

If I were to choose a favorite in the casts, of course, it would be Fear. Why? Well, she surprised me the most. At the start, I really thought she’s the typical “powerful but became a damsel-in-distress” type of heroine but damn, SHE’S BADASS when needed. Damn. I really didn’t expect that at all. She doesn’t back down on any fight, and always tries to do what she thinks is right. She’s also not waiting for her “Prince” to save her, she does the “saving” instead. I love it.


I think my ultimate problem in this anime would be the possible “romance” blooming soon. I know that its inevitable, but uuuggghhhh, can’t I have an anime where it doesn’t lead to romance? I’m getting fed up with it already.

Another factor that made me like this series would be animation. It reminds me alot <em>Baka to Test</em>’s art &amp; animation, and I’m all in for that. The character designs fit well with the story. The animation wasn’t overblowingly amazing, but it was proper enough for us to enjoy it. It made the series alot cooler.

Overall, C3 anime is quite good. I fairly enjoyed it.</p><!– /wp:paragraph –>

A friend of mine mentioned that I might not enjoy the ending, maybe he meant the cliffhanger, but like what I said above, it ended on the right time so all is good. Well, that’s just my opinion. Heh.

Would I recommend this, I guess so. It’s a nice anime to watch that is ecchi harem.

Anyways, that’s all for now.

This had been Will Sirius, thanks for reading!!



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