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Yo! Sirius here. Long time no post.

I’m still alive.

I know I haven’t been posting much, it has been a struggle. Yeah, I am still watching anime. It’s a forever thing. It’s more on I don’t know what to publish.

I have been having a hard time releasing entries here on my blog because I can’t seem to find the right words to express more my thoughts about the animes I have been watching. So after contemplating, I decided to compile them instead.

These animes that I gave my thoughts on were animes I had watched these couple of months, which their reviews had been on my drafts for quite some time now. So I’ll drop them here instead.


Kado: The Right Answer

When I first heard about this anime years ago, I got turned off by its CGI. However, it got a lot of good reactions from people, so I thought I should give it a try again. But as time went on, the reactions went sour real quick. It intrigued me more.

I watched it.

And now I understand.

Kado The Right Answer has the potential to be a really good anime. From its premise itself, it screams anime of the season. But the writing failed to capture the audience in the end. If I were to point out where it flopped, it would be on how the story tried to conclude. With a 1 season run, the writers must have tried to think of something of a quick solution to close the story, and that’s the one that got approved, but the viewers couldn’t swallow it. It didn’t live up to their expectations. Mine too.

Such a shame.

Seikaisuru Kado

Sirius the Jaeger

This one, I got interested in this one after watching its trailer, especially after knowing that it’s an anime original. However, it went down so fast, it’s a shame.

The premise was really interesting, even though it did sound really cliche. It made me watch it, but in the end, I struggled to stay and continue. The story had been dragged in the middle, and the characters, whom I thought was interesting at first, were so dry and unutilized in the series, it’s painful to watch. Also, there are also characters that don’t have a purpose in the story but seem to get the most screentime. It’s bad.

But the watcher in me pulled through and I managed to finish it. Until the very end, the anime was a disappointment. I dunno why studio PA works greenlit this one, but this anime is like its existence is a mere filler to other shows, and it’s a waste of talent, production, and money.

The Empire of Corpses

This movie was creepy. I am never a fan of zombie films, but I still gave this one a try.

It seemed the movie was loosely based on Frankenstein and it also had historical figures as characters. It’s interesting, but the story wasn’t coherent enough. Yeah, I immediately got the gist of the plot, but the movie had too many unnecessary twists and turns, it made me confused. The more I watch, the more I soon dislike the movie. I mean, at the end of it, I really don’t care anymore. I don’t care about the plot, the characters, and what the hell had happened to their world, cuz it’s clear that they f*cked up so bad, but were still optimistic for the better days.

I don’t know about that. And then, the ending, what was that all about? The movie is stupid.

The Empire of Corpses


I don’t know if it’s the timing or it’s because I don’t have any expectations for this anime, but I really enjoyed this one.

Yeah, this anime is your typical sports anime with bishounen lads. I am usually bored watching these kinds of shows, but I don’t know, maybe this anime was just lucky, I was in a good mood.

This anime was generic, but it works. The sports in this anime is not real, but it works. The characters happened to be quite likable, which added to my enjoyment, and the developments were interesting to watch. I couldn’t count how many times this anime, made my predictions tank, and that says a lot.

I mean, yeah, premise-wise, looks-wise, everything-wise, it’s generic, but the way the writer was able to capture my attention and made me press that next button and look forward to the next chapter of the character’s lives is really nice. It has been a while since I felt this kind of feeling.

The way the ending was framed, it seemed they are planning for a season 2 or something. If ever, I will still give this one a watch.

Welp, that is all for today.

I will release more of my thoughts on the other animes I had been watching lately.

I haven’t finished some of them yet, so stay tuned.

This has been Will Sirius and thanks for reading.

Sirius the Jaeger

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