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Animes I had been watching lately Part 2

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Yo! Sirius here! Before I could fully dive into the new animes this spring season, let me share first my thoughts on some shows I watched recently.

Usually, I write a full review for them, but my opinions about these animes aren’t that long to begin with, so I decided to compile them instead.

Compared to my previous anime review compilation, I had a lot of fun with these shows/movies.

Anyway, I won’t prolong this much further, here are the animes I had been watching lately.


Endro was one of that anime I had followed last year that I didn’t get to finished watching…until now. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed watching this anime, I just…kinda forgot about it.

Anyway, what’s important is that I finished it.

I really like Endro. It’s a simple fantasy anime that focuses on a hero group and their daily life in school with a demon lord teacher.

This anime didn’t fail to make me smile even though most of what the characters do is really silly and cliche, they are so darn cute and wholesome to watch. The anime is very episodic in nature, but they do connect with each other as the series went on. So far, my favorite episode would be the demon lord-focused episode. Not only we got to see Mao’s previous life as the enemy, we see the contrast between what was then and now. It somewhat made me love Mao more.

Yes, she is my favorite character even though she’s not in every episode. Mao is really cute and her being the demon lord and teacher of our main gang made the series more fun to watch. Her inner monologues also were funny and wholesome too.

To be honest, I can only say good things about this anime. Yeah, this series is not the best out there, but it works. The story works. The animation is solid. The voice acting is spot-on.

It was stupid of me to put this one on hold before. Good thing I picked this one and finished it.

Ride Your Wave

This movie was one of those I put aside to watch when I feel like watching something awesome. I mean, this is a Masaaki Yuasa film, so, I expect a lot.

Did it live up to my imagination?

In terms of animation, yep, very.

But story-wise, nope.

In other words, I find Ride Your Wave mediocre at best.

I didn’t care for the story or the characters. For me, the story was boring and shallow. And for the characters, they were boring at most. I mean, Minato could have been best boy material, but he became meh when he turned into a water ghost. Hinako was annoying me. I tried to like her but her personality is not my cup of tea.

Still, I do want to point out how beautiful this movie was. The animation is spectacular, especially the scenes where it needs to go all out, it goes all out with visuals.

Other than that, the rest is mediocre.

I do want to commend some of Minato and Hinako’s dates as sweet. I especially like the special action Minato did at the very last. That was really sweet. It made me remember the live-action Gantz movie ending, cuz that scene made me cry.

I guess, it’s a shame that this Masaaki Yuasa movie didn’t really live up to the hype.

Still, if you guys want to watch a romance movie, this one is good to go.

Love Live! School Idol Project Movie

I love Love Live! School Idol Project anime.

It was a good idol anime with amazing and sweet music.

So when I knew that there’s gonna be a movie for the franchise, I was stoke to watch it.

And, it didn’t disappoint.

The movie continues where the anime series left off, with the girls planning to disband. Weirdly, they got a chance to perform in the US, which, in turn, help them boost their popularity in their home country.

I think the main conflict in the movie is the fact that the girls, especially Honoka, got into thinking what’s the right path for their group, to continue or to disband. And for me, they chose the right path, to disband while they are still at the top.

For me, them disbanding while they were at the top of their game made them more iconic and their impact to people is much more powerful. The people won’t stop thinking of their amazing run as top school idols and that aspect of “what if”. What if they continued? They would have been more successful…

It’s these thoughts that made Muse a lot more precious to people.

However, this movie is not perfect. Like I said before, I find it weird that they got a booking in the US. That was too random. It made me think that the people behind the franchise want to pull off a similar feel as what K-On did in their own movie. We don’t know. Lol.

Anyway, another thing I don’t like was the random insert of that older woman. In terms of looks, she seemed to be Honoka’s future self, but at the same time, she could be that ghost guardian angel or whatever. Her addition was a bit out of place? For me, at least.

The animation definitely improved compared to the series’ quality. The songs were still top-tier and the lyrics were more heartwarming. I love it.

Overall, the anime movie lived up to my expectation on how they would end this franchise. I haven’t fully watched the spin-off so that will be next. Stay tuned.

My Roommate Is a Cat

I dropped this anime last 2019.

I thought this one was boring.

I mean, I enjoyed the first 2 episodes but it didn’t fully get me, for me to continue.

However, I stumbled onto a lot of reviews of this anime and a lot of them were positive. From this anime being wholesome, heartwarming, and enjoyable, it made me convince to give this one another try. And thank you, Lord.

This anime was indeed wholesome, heartwarming, and enjoyable to watch.

The relationship between Subaru and Haru is so darn cute. I can’t. And who knew, an anime about an introvert writer and a cat could move and be so relatable af. Damn.

Everything Subaru went through and him slowly warming up to Haru was beautiful to watch. Both of them went through a lot. For them to find solace in each other is really heartwarming to watch.

I am so happy to give this anime another chance. I really enjoyed this one.

PS: Yeah, this anime sure made me want to adapt a cat.

Seitokai Yakuindomo Movie

When Seitokai Yakuindomo Movie 2 was announced, I got really excited, only to remember that I haven’t watched the first movie.


So I watched it.

And damn, it’s still really funny.

The story remains the same and I guess it’s a continuation of the series. The dirty jokes are still really nasty and hella funny, though I do admit, some don’t hit the mark, but the pacing of the movie kept me entertained.

The animation was indeed a level up compared to the series, I mean, this is a movie after all.

If I were to point out the funniest segment of the movie, it would be the visitation of some reporters about the expansion of the school. The jokes on that segment made me laugh so hard and slap my forehead cuz of the absurdity.

This anime never fails to make me happy.

I can’t wait to see the movie sequel, for sure.


See, I have more positive things to say in this batch. I mean, I was able to watch a lot of good animes so it’s a given.

After this post of mine, my Seasonal Anime Watching will begin, so look forward to that. Yeah, I have a lot of episodes to catch up on, but at least, I have something to watch every day. Lol

Anyway, that would be all for now.

This has been Will Sirius and thanks for reading.

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