Anime Weekly Watch – Winter 2020 #9

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Yo!!! It’s week 9 of the Anime Weekly Watch.

Today is also the first day of March, the last month of the Winter season. Damn!

The end is near.


Now for this week, Railgun is back. Yay! Gonna give my thoughts on it later. Let’s start off with the first Winter anime of the week.

ID: Invaded

Wtf was that?

Is that even an episode??


As seen from the last episode, Narihisago went inside the well of a well, to try and find Hondomachi, However, what he experienced instead was a throwback to the time before his family’s death.

Because he has an idea who the “The Challenger” is, Narihisago immediately went to him and eliminate him. With the help of Momoki, they were able to rescue Kiki alive. Turns out, Kiki was Kaeru all along.

And now we reached the confusing part of the episode.

It seemed Kiki has an ability to broadcast her thoughts to anyone who she got an eye to eye moment, and every night, serial killers visits her dream and kills her.


In some ways, I can now totally understand why she’s Kaeru-chan in every well, as it seemed all of the serial killers who visited her in her dream unconsciously record her killing in their well. And then Narihisago, as the “brilliant detective”, goes into the wells of the serial killers and sees Kaeru’s dead body.


This series is becoming messed up, but it’s still within the range of understanding.

Definitely, this episode was a shocker to me for its plot twists, but my opinion of the director remains the same. He is Johnny Walker. From the silhouette shown in the episode, I can really tell that it’s him, no doubt.

Uuugggghhh, now I want to know more about his goals.

I can’t wait to see the next episode.


Itai no wa Iya nano de Bougyoryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu.

Another WTF episode.

Lol, what’s up with this week’s releases.


The episode starts with the guild, Maple Tree, going all over the place to kill cows for the 3rd event. This is event is clearly for the people who have high Agility, so Maple is quite weak on this portion.

However, that doesn’t stop Maple’s beautiful relationship with the Goddess of luck. Unlike the other episodes, Maple got a chance to stumble on weird quests and locations, which resulted in her getting 2 new formations and skills.


To be honest, her luck is beginning to be too much and it made Maple more broken as ever, but bruh, my enjoyment level hasn’t been broken yet.

From Maple’s innocent enthusiasm to meme-able reactions of her guildmates, this series continues to be enjoyable.

Now that Maple is clearly the most badass and unbalanced player on this game, it made me want to see and look forward to the next couple of episodes. Guild war is coming, bruh. This is going to be really interesting.


Haikyuu!! To the TOP!!

In the newest episode, we got to see more of the game.

We see Karasuno trying to do different ways to penetrate Date Tech’s defense. As always, they were able to defeat them by trying a different strategy, by letting Hinata blend in with the crowd and by letting Date Tach consume a lot of readings when blocking.

This made Date Tech struggle hard because they can only read a few happenings in a given time. Hence, a win for Karasuno.

What I like about this episode would be the parts when we got to see the growth of the members of Karasuno. Kageyama, applying the stuff he learnt in the previous episode. Nishinoya, acknowledging his weakness and trying to overcome it. Asahi, solidifying his role as the ace of the team. And lastly, Hinata, showing off his growth as a player by being aware of what he could do for the team and him becoming one with volleyball.

I especially love Tsukki’s moments as we see his evil genius mode on. He was able to predict Date Tech’s plan against Karasuno and gave his thoughts as to how to defeat it, with Yamaguchi’s interruption. Heh.

Now that their practice game is over, I hope we now get to see more of the tournament.


Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun

Oh man, that was a sad episode.

In this episode, we got to know more about the apparition Minamoto captured in the last episode. We got to know more about him and that he is Mitsuba, an old student of the school.¬†We were able to learn more about him and was able to understand his regret and wish for staying in this world even though he’s already dead.

Unfortunately, the evil Hanako-kun appeared and turned Mitsuba into an evil apparition. Here, we know understand the existence of the evil brother. If the good Hanako grants the wishes of the living, the evil one grants the wishes of the dead. However, if he grants their wishes, the spirits turn into evil and become an evil apparition.

Damn, didn’t expect he’s the one turning the apparitions to evil.

Other than this, we got to know a bit more about the relationship between the brothers. As predicted, the good Hanako-kun was the one who killed the evil brother, and it seemed the good one hasn’t gotten over it yet.

The death of Mitsuba pained Minamoto-kun, after all, he used to be his old classmate. He atleast wants to help the former, even though the former was already dead.

This series is now darker than I expected, I can’t help but look forward more to the next episode.


Koisuru Asteroid


Amazing development from the previous episode.

In the new episode, we got to see Inose-senpai taking the Japan Earth Science Olympiad qualifying exam. Through this, she was able to meet more people with the same interest as her and know her aptitude in terms of Earth Science. She predicts that she failed but the results haven’t been released yet. It’s going to be very interesting if she passes.

Based on what was shown in the episode, it seemed that Monroe-senpai wasn’t able to pass the university entrance exam of her choice, now, she’s mostly MIA as she’s studying hard to take more exams.

In the 2nd half of the episode, we were able to learn more about Ao’s struggle. We had seen in the past episodes that she’s been struggling about something, good thing Inose-senpai was able to make her say it. And bruh, I was right. Her family is moving far. The gang, along with other close peers, tries to find ways to let Ao be part of the club even though she’s transferring.

It was when Mira’s sister, the student council president, enters into the scene when they seemed to reach into a conclusion. Mira’s sister proposes that Ao’s should live in their house, after all, she’ll be living for university after March.

The shocked me as I didn’t expect they would reach this conclusion. I mean, I watched a lot of animes and tv series with the same trouble and they seemed to reach one conclusion which is to “cherish their moment until the person leaves”.

But this series was different. I love it.

Oh man, this anime continues to make me smile.

I can’t wait for next week’s episode.

koisuru asteroid

To Aru Kagaku no Railgun T

YYYAASSSSSS!!! The long-awaited new episode of Railgun.

I had been waiting for this, and bruh, it didn’t disappoint.

In this episode, we got to see Misaka teaming up again with her gang, Kuroko and Saten.

At the start, it seemed Saten got intrigued about her connection with Misaka. She then told Kuroko about this and concluded that they need to personally talk to Misaka. As they were about to meet up, Misaka met up with another enemy, who had used Misaka’s mother and Uiharu as their hostage.

Knowing Kuroko, Misaka was able to rescue Uiharu as she knows Kuroko always prioritize civilians.

Now that the gang is back together, they were able to talk about Misaki’s involvement and their connection to Misaka. They were able to conclude that Misaki has something to do with everything.


What I like about this current episode was how smart the characters are. I mean, they don’t play dumb and are actually using all of the information they have and make a theory.

Not only this show how amazing the characters are, but it also pushes the story forward at a consistent pace.

I guess my only problem with this is my own struggle in watching. I am used to watching this series in a binging pattern, and now, watching this weekly is becoming hard.

I will still try to hold on and watch this.

railgun t


I finished week 9!

If you guys noticed, I have a new layout. Yeeee!!

It’s now March and I want to start it fresh, hence, the new look. I hope you guys like it. I might change it in the future, but for now, it is what it is. Heh.

Compared last week, we sure have a lot of interesting new episodes this week. Well, the end of Winter season is coming, so its quite understandable if the animes are picking up the pace and are reaching the climax.

In the next weeks, it’s going to be intense and I’m sure looking forward to it.

That would be all.

This is Will Sirius and thanks for reading!!

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