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Anime Weekly Watch – Winter 2020 #8

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Yo! Sirius here!

Oh man.

I was planning on releasing more entries before Anime Weekly Watch, but IRL stuff hinders me to work properly like before.


Good thing, I’m quite strong in maintaining this weekly watch thing.

For this week, I will only be reviewing 5 animes as the latest episode of To Aru Kagaku no Railgun T got delayed because of CoVID-19. As a fan of the series, its a bummer.

As mentioned on my previous Anime Weekly Watch post, I will be putting Eizouken on hold for the time being, as I am not feeling it compared to other shows. I think I might enjoy the series more if I binge it.

Now that I shared all of those changes for this week, it’s time for me to share my thoughts for this week’s episodes:

Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun

To start this post, let me share my thoughts about one of my favorite animes this season.

In the new episode, we see Yashiro being aloof and having a hard time talking to Hanako-kun after everything she witnessed in the last episode. It seemed she’s conflicted about how she’ll approach Hanako-kun and haven’t processed properly her feelings. Minamoto kouhai offered help by telling her he’s open for his rants. Yashiro accepts his offer and told him everything. Both of them were able to find the right mindset on the issue and how they’ll treat Hanako-kun.

I find this a bit iffy. Yashiro casually sharing to Minamoto kouhai was too careless for me. Hanako-kun’s past was shown only to her, so sharing it to other felt a bit bad and not my taste.

At least though, I like how it seemed Minamoto kouhai’s big brother, Minamoto-senpai, seemed to try and understand his brother and thinks there’s another player in this game. I hope he’ll eventually team up with the lead characters in defeating the enemy.

Speaking of the enemy, another revelation happened later in the anime during the sweet moment between Yashiro and Hanako-kun. I felt bummed by how their moment got cockblocked, funny how Hanako-kun felt the same way. Hahahahha.

Anyway, the one who destroyed their moment was none other than, Hanako-kun’s doppleganger, who turns out to be the brother. I feel like he’s the older brother of Hanako-kun and from his way of interaction, he might also be the person who bullies the MC. Yep, bullying is involved. As he is an evil spirit, he might be here for vengeance against Hanako-kun for killing him.

Damn, this anime is definitely getting intense as the episode goes by.

The next day, the antagonists start another twisted rumor which Minamoto kouhai immediately captures. He reports to Yashiro and Hanako-kun which the latter just assesses that Minamoto can handle him on his own. This shows Hanako-kun disconnect to their usual stuff ever since the meetup with his brother.

As this anime continues to surprise me every week with its plot turns, I hope this continues even in the next episodes while maintaining the current momentum of intensity of the series.

Truly a magnificent anime this season.

[HorribleSubs] Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun - 07 [1080p].mkv_snapshot_17.57_[2020.02.22_13.19.28]

Haikyuu to the Top!!!

The new episode is here!

In this episode, we get to see the aftermath of Kageyama and Nishinoya’s conflict. It ended well and not into a fight. It seemed Kageyama is having a hard time communicating with the team. His frustrations grew which resulted to an outburst during the time out. Interestingly, Hinata was the one who made Kageyama realized that its okay to be King, after all, that is part of his personality. He can express his thoughts whenever he wants and doesn’t need to be a “goody-two-shoes”. This realization made Kageyama himself again and was able to set better for the team. Yeah, conflicts and clashes are there, after all, some of the players have strong personalities, but everything worked out in the end.

I really thought Kageyama’s struggle was about him not yet getting used to playing with his teammates again, but it turns out to be communication and personality problems within him. It’s not like he’s been a good boy these past few seasons, but to be able for him to grow, he also needs to get over properly his issues from the past. Good thing, it’s now resolved in this episode.

I mentioned this above, but I still can’t believe how smart Hinata sounds now after the training camp. Yes, personality-wise, he’s still the same. But clearly, he had grown up and matured in terms of knowledge of the game. I guess I haven’t got used to seeing him being so observant and commentator. Hahahhaha.

Nothing much had happened in this episode, other than the stuff I mentioned above. It would be nice if the team would spice the game up with whatever as I don’t think I would enjoy seeing them lose in their first match this new season.

haikyuu to the top

Koisuru Asteroid

Hhhhhmmm…interesting episode.

Last week, there was no episode as the one airing was a recap of the first half of the anime. Because of this, I became more excited as to how they’ll continue what they left off.

In this episode, we see Inose not getting over the fact that she’s the new president of the club (Mira becomes the new vice-president, while Ao is the treasurer). She can’t help but feel like she’s not for the job and she might fail.

To challenge themselves, they accepted a task on letting an elementary class see the wonders of the sky. As this was Mira and Ao’s field, Inose felt helpless but was able to do something (taking pictures for their monthly anthology). Mira and Ao taught the kids everything about the planets, stars, constellations, and satellites. It became a learning experience for all of the members of the club.

Interestingly, we got to see Ao conflicted and sick during the 2nd half of the episode. I really don’t want to assume things but there is a chance that this might be the typical trope of a lead character transferring to another place. Hopefully not.

The episode didn’t finish without us seeing the seniors. We got to learn that they’ve started applying and taking entrance exams at different universities. It seemed Sakurai-senpai seemed to have passed 1 university already, even receiving the acceptance letter. However, Morino-senpai, who also applied to the same university, seemed to have not passed.

A part of me wants to see more of this arc as I want to see the seniors overcome this, but its quite clear that this was just a side arc, as Ao’s arc and the incoming new arc will be the focus of the next couple of episodes.

This definitely made me curious of what’s to come.

koisuru asteroid

Itai no wa Iya nano de Bougyoryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu

Bruh! Another jawdropping episode.

Damn, this anime continues to amaze me with Maple’s OP-ness.

With the new members, I was expecting the series to focus on their growth, letting the 2 new members learn a thing or two with the guidance of different members of the guild. However, only Maple and Sally did it, not that I am complaining. With the training of Maple, the new members were able to reach level 20 and get 2 new skills.

It would have been nice if Sally’s training was also shown more as I kinda wanna know what techniques she’ll teach. But I guess the stuff she teaches will eventually appear during the event.

With the 2 new events around the corner, each member of the guild is honing their skills in their own way. Kurumo got a chance to find a dungeon and get an armor upgrade. Kanade learns more and more about the Akashic records and how to use it. Definitely, this guild is becoming OP along with Maple.

I think my favorite arc of this episode would be the chain quest Maple got in the last half of the episode. It’s so funny seeing Maple easily finishing the quests. Her OP-ness were of use in ways even people watching this series could ever imagine. Maple’s reactions to it made everything a lot funnier.

As always, I don’t think we could end an episode without Maple gaining another OP abilities and skills. She can now become an angel. Damn.

Oh man.

With the current developments of the Maple Tree guild, I can’t wait to see them perform in the next events, especially the guild wars.


ID: Invaded

With how the previous episode ended, I am very interested as to how the writers of this series will twist and make it more intriguing.

With Hondomachi stuck in a well within a well, the team decided to let 2 brilliant detectives inside 1 well. This had never happened before so everything they are doing is still untested and might be harmful. But it looks like it is for the better.

Narihisago and Fukuda went into the well of Momoki. For this episode, it’s a bit one down like the setting of the well is a desert. However, it wasn’t boring to watch as there were 2 brilliant detectives solving the death of Kaeru. They banter intellectually, its fun to see it.

I was shocked they were able to find particles at Momoki’s place, especially in the bedroom. That was really weird. Even Momoki went nuts after hearing that his old team are going into his well. He says its a trap, and for some point, I believe him.

My gut tells me its the Assistant Director who is the mastermind. The way he instructs the team felt like he planned all of this a long time ago. Something is really fishy.

Both the brilliant detectives also found the chair used for them to enter the well. Narihisago decided to went in, like Hondomachi. With Fukuda nearby, I think he has better chances of leaving the well within the well.

I can’t wait for the next episode.

Week 8 is finished.

Oh man, this week was hard. Other than me putting Eizouken on hold and waiting another week for Railgun, I was having a hard time writing articles again.


How come? Well, its mostly me not in the mood.

As next week is the last week of Feb, I will try to hustle a bit and produce a bit more than the previous weeks. I hope.

Anyway, that would be all.

This has been Will Sirius and Thanks for reading!!

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