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Anime Weekly Watch – Winter 2020 #7

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Yo! Sirius here!

What a fruitful week, at last! Compared to last week, I was able to put out 2 blog posts, other than this weekly post of mine. I am proud of myself. Heh!

Anyway, it’s time for Anime Weekly Watch! Yeeee!!

It’s the 7th week of the Winter Season. We are pretty much halfway done bruh. It’s amazing. I mean, I haven’t felt any burnout…yet.

I hope not.

Okay, time for my thoughts!

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T

Bruh! The episode I had been waiting for is here!

Yes, this anime will be first this week because its the first episode I watched this week fro the Winter line-up. I am that excited.

The previous episode left us hanging with Kongo being beaten up and her friends about to go head to head against the assailant.

I’ll be honest, these two characters, Kinuho and Maaya, I never paid much attention to them and just labeled them Kongo’s friends. I saw them as irrelevant to the plot, both in Index and Railgun. But after seeing the OP for this new season the first time, I realized that they seemed to have an important role now so I am doing my best to take note they moments properly.


Not only they annihilate the assailant in the most embarrassing way, but they also show their prowess in their element. Kinuho controls water, while Maaya looked like she has telekinesis, but she controls buoyancy, instead. As they are really close friends, they work well with each other, very in sync, but they can also hold on their own. Amazing women.

While being able to revenge what happened to Kongo, they were able to understand the assailant’s seeming hatred to friendship and show that his outlook is wrong.

The fight just shows how formidable and strong both Kinuho and Maaya were, I want to see more of them.

I don’t think an episode of Railgun would pass without the main girl, Misaka. Mikoto Misaka, still under supervision by her classmates, witnessed Kongo’s unconscious body being brought to the hospital. This made her really angry, like really really angry, she even threatened her classmates who are in her way.

As awesome as ever, she was to track down the assailant and haunted him in the most badass way. She threatened him to the core and it was so fulfilling to watch it. Though I do kinda want to see more Railgun-in-action, I’m cool with what is shown.

Now that creepy guy assailant is out of the picture, his colleagues, however, plans to make an appearance and cause some trouble. I dunno what they’ll do yet, but definitely, it made me look forward to next week.

screenshot_20200215-101233_mx player1877767962712644199..jpg

Eizouken ni wa Te wo Dasu na!

New week, new episode.

In this new episode, the trio discusses production on their mecha project. They don’t need to make an amazing anime, but above average enough for them to be satisfied and make the audience be amazed. They determined all of the stuff they are currently lacking and concluded that they need more help in the art and animation, and music.

Kanamori was able to find some loopholes and they were able to recruit a new member of their team. He will be in charge of sound music.

Kanamori, along with Asakusa, asked help with the Art club for people to help them in art. They then discuss how everything will be drawn and colored. I find this really interesting as we see Asakusa express timidly her ideas for the project to other people and tries her best to explain it as much as she can. This made her conflicted and tried to back out. Kanamori and Mizusaki convinced her otherwise and tried to lit the fire within her again.

Good thing, she’s back on track again. This time, with better more ideas.

In some ways, this gives us an idea that this stuff might happen within the production of an anime. Anyone could feel overwhelmed with everything to a point that they want to back out. Good thing Asakusa has the other two to remind her again about their goal. It’s nice.

Compared to Railgun, my hype for this series is dying down to the drain. Don’t get me wrong, I like how the story is flowing right now, but nothing’s making me look forward to next week. It’s unfortunate, I might drop this one soon and just binge it after everything is complete.


Haikyuu!! To The TOP!

Oh man, that was an intense episode.

The episode starts off with Karasuno first practice as complete. As predicted, the trio who went to training camp were really different from their previous forms. Yes, they are still noisy and all, but for some point, they are more mature, especially Kageyama and Hinata.

Hinata nonchalantly shows new moves he learned at camp, which amazed the team. He definitely changed for the better. Kageyama, on the other hand, well he’s struggling. I mean, I kind of predicted this as in some ways, I experienced the same feelings in a different scenario. Going back to your normal team after being exposed to amazing players, there’s going to be a lot of issues. Good thing the coach was able to notice this and tried to talk with Kageyama. Still, Kageyama is still struggling.

In the 2nd half of the episode, Date Tech came to Karasuno’s school to play a practice match. Date tech is known for having amazing blocks. This is going to be a problem for Karasuno, especially Kageyama.

We were then shown the struggle of the team in getting a point against them, at the same time, we see Kageyama realizing stuff while still figuring out how he’s going to handle the pressure of the enemy team and setting proper sets.

That ending moment though. Oh man.

I can’t wait for the next episode.


ID: Invaded


I am still speechless with everything that just happened.

The episode starts with detectives gathering particles from the site where Narihisago killed the serial killer who killed his daughter. The gathered particles were then used for Hondomachi to dive. This was her first dive and its quite fruitful.

During her dive into Narihisago’s ID, we got to see what’s going on in our main character’s unconscious, and yeah, his daughter and wife are in it. The scenario was quite interesting and seeing Hondomachi trying to solve it was a delight to watch. We also see more of Hondomachi’s nonchalant personality. Like what that agent said, she is definitely right, but her lack of empathy sure is terrifying.

During her dive, Hondomachi later saw the chair she uses in diving. This made the team puzzled as Narihisago’s particles are supposed to be really old and how come the chair was there. As I predicted, Hondomachi used the chair and dive into the well within the well.

At this time, I was expecting the series to go deeper into this weird scenario. However, out of nowhere, police raided their vicinity and arrested Momoki. The evidence against him was too conveniently put, it’s quite clear he’s been set up.

And Uuuggghhh, I haven’t mentioned this ever in my previous entries, but I find the old guy, the founder of their private organization, really really shady. The way he moves, he talks, and his aura, it’s too cold and weird for me. Like there is something off about him.

Anyway, the last scene of the episode was when the team informed Narihisago about Momoki’s arrest. I can’t believe he actually believed them and he seemed to want to murder his friend.

Momoki’s arrest was really iffy, and I’ll continue to believe he’s been framed by someone within the organization.



Itai no wa Iya nano de Bougyoryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu

Yeeee!! New episode!

Bofuri continues to surprise me with new content.

The episode starts off with the main characters adjusting their life in the real world. I kinda forgot how long is 1 week in Virtual in equal to real-world time, for sure its a long time, as our main character, Maple, seemed to suffer differentiating both. Her antics on Virtual, she brings it in the real world and it’s hella funny. However, this also shows the negative effects of staying too long in a virtual game. Sally doesn’t show any symptoms because she’s already used to it. Soon, Maple would then developed immunity too.

Next part of the episode, the besties decides to make a guild.

As it’s already featured on the OP, the gathering of the members of the guild didn’t feel like a surprise to me. However, being able to see the chemistry of the members with each other was a delight to watch as each of them now knows how strong their comrades are. this helps in motivating their selves.

I really like the part of the recruitment of the 2 sisters. I kind of forgot their existence since their first appearance to the series. Just like Maple, both of them maxed out strength which made them too strong for their own good and weak in other abilities. This makes sense as the OP shows they would own humongous hammers. I can’t wait for the two of them level up and become “BROKEN” like Maple.

One little thing, I love how Maple keeps on using her familiar in traveling. It made her the talk of the town again as her familiar turtle is too much of a standout. I don’t blame her though as I would do the same if I have one too, as it is quite convenient.

As we reach the mid part of the series, I can’t wait to see more of the guild in action as a group and the 4th event, which is the guild wars. This makes me remember the days when I used to play MMORPG games and do these kinds of events too. It was so fun, and I can’t wait to see it here in the anime.


Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun

We continue where we left off from last week’s episode.

Yashiro goes on and tries to look for info about Hanako-kun, by visiting the library at 4 pm. As she is quite scared, she asked help from Minamoto Kou, the exorcist kouhai.

Indeed, they were able to see the books of the life of people. As Yashiro was scanning, she saw her book. She then checked it out, she then got stumbled on a red page. Even though she was warned about it, she still looked over the pages, hoping to find information about Hanako-kun. The bad apparitions came and tried to devour Yashiro, however, Hanako-kun came to the rescue.  Here we meet the creepy librarian/teacher, Tsuchigomori. It turned out he’s an apparition and is under Hanako-kun’s leadership.

Through this meet up, we were able to learn more about the current weird dark events in their school. It turns out one of the Seven Wonders betrayed the group and made a contract with a human being. This traitor now tries to twist the flow, balance, and peace of the school. This gives us a clue that those bad people from the last episode might be the villain of the series. It’s still very vague what their purpose is, I hope it would be worth it and not lame.

Yashiro was then assigned to apprehend the Tsuchigomori’s Yoshihiro. Through this, Yashiro was able to learn more about Hanako-kun. Hanako’s backstory was so heartwrenching and sad. He went through so much to a point that he changed his own future, which broke Tsuchigomori, as he was Hanako-kun’s homeroom teacher at that time.

After learning all of this, I now want to know more about Hanako-kun. What really happened to him? Who hurt him? What made him give up his dreams and change his future?

Just like us, viewers, Yashiro felt devastated after learning about Hanako-kun’s past. I do hope she uses what she just learn for the better and not for worst.


And that is all for this week.

You guys might be wondering why I have no opinions for Koisuru Asteroid. The reason for that is that the anime had a recap episode this week which is a bummer. Sigh, I really want to see its new episode. It’s unfortunate.

Now that we are in the 7th week of the season, I wanted more from the series’ I watch. We are reaching the climax of the stories and I can’t help but feel really excited for the coming weeks.


That is all.

This has been Will Sirius and thanks for reading.

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