Anime Weekly Watch – Winter 2020 #6

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Yo! Sirius here!

Oh man, this week is the most unproductive I had ever been since the start of the year. Lol.

Rather than publishing any content, I lazed around and just listen to podcasts and watch Netflix shows. Heh.

Good thing, I didn’t forget about Anime Weekly Watch.

I was able to watch the winter animes I am following this season. Yes, even the ones I didn’t feature in here in AWW.

But yeah, its a shame I wasn’t able to write any stuff other than Anime Weekly Watch. I do hope I can regain momentum in writing next week.

I think this intro is getting long, here are my thoughts for this week’s new episodes.

ID: Invaded

We start Anime Weekly Watch with a bang! Oh man, what an episode.

We actually got more than we asked for.

In this new episode, we got to see the arrest of Gravedigger and know more about why she’s doing this. We see Hondomachi Koharu going head to head against Kazuta, which resulted to the death of the latter. I find it really weird as to how calm Koharu was in everything the happened. Good thing, we were able to understand it in the last section of the episode.

We also got to see the supporting casts discuss the involvement of John Walker in all of the serial killer’s cases. They made theories in how he exists in their unconscious, which allows us, viewers, to know more about the shadiness of their own organization.

In the last part of the episode, we learn that Hondomachi leveled up in terms of recognition. She seems happy with this as she sees this as a promotion. But her partner sadly explained it to her what it means to be labeled a “Brilliant Detective”. It seemed that her weird calmness when faced in danger and her top deduction pretty much shouts her having serial killer tendencies.

I don’t want to dive into her Psyche much, but based on what she exhibits I can say that there is a possibility of Hondomachi to have these tendencies. This doesn’t mean that she’s a bad person or anything, but definitely, her outlook is different from the norm and this is refreshing to see, in my opinion.

I can’t wait to see how she’s going to take it in the revelation.

Eizouken ni wa Te wo Dasu na!

Giant Robots!!!

One of the genres that made me a fan of anime is Mecha. So seeing this series now focusing more on making a mecha anime is giving me feels.


Okay, about the episode, we got to see the “Film” Club getting their first legit work from a fellow school club, the robotics club. It was mentioned that the theme of their upcoming cultural festival focuses on robots so the Robotics club wants the main casts to make an epic mecha promotional anime for them.

During their concept planning, the “Film” club went on site-seeing, looking for the right background places for their new project. Through this, we go meta again as we dive into the fact that this move is usually done by productions to properly make an anime. At this moment, it made me remember some scenes on Shirobako, when some of the characters actually went on a plane exhibit to see the real planes and get a better grasp as to what they’ll draw. It’s amazing.

I don’t think an episode would get by without seeing Kanamori blackmailing/negotiating someone. And yes, for this episode, the target was the robotics club. Lol. Good thing, they were able to hear each other out and come up with a better understanding and look of the outcome of the anime.

And bruh, the robot definitely looked like the famous Iron Giant, but cuter, more modern and colorful. Lel.

Anyway, I can’t wait for the next episode.

Haikyuu!! To the TOP!!

In this episode, its the last day of their training camp, both of Hinata/Tsukishima’s and Kageyama’s, we got to see more of their development.

Hinata continues to be a ball boy and absorb every little information he gets from the players in the camp. I think the other players gave him tips and all because Hinata looks like a kid who really wants to be taught. Tsukishima was doing his thing, improving his block readings and now, in some ways, can set plays too. Their growth makes me happy, but again, it would have been nice if I saw more of Tsuki.

Kageyama, on the other hand, was reminded of his time during his “tyranny” days. I was a bit scared that he would feel down or get conflicted or something, especially when that Blondie shady guy keeps on provoking Kageyama. Looks like he wasn’t fazed by his words, but definitely, it made him think a lot of what he could do to be on the same level as the other players on the camp. And bruh, I can’t wait for all of them to play against each other.

In the last section of the episode, the new version of Hinata and Kageyama eventually meet and bond over their time in their own respective training camps. It was nice seeing them together as it’s been awhile since both of them interacted with each other. Infairness, I actually miss their bickering.

Ooh man, I can’t wait to see the next episode as its the start of games. I want to see how the main characters implement all of their learnings into their club team.


Itai no wa Iya nano de Bougyoryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu

The new episode was really fun to watch.

Bofuri continues to deliver enjoyable content and I am living for it.

My problem with these kinds of shows, especially when watched weekly, is the fact that I might get bored watching them week after week. However, Bofuri is definitely different. Even though they just follow the typical formula of cute girls being cute, the game aspects glittered all over the episode were too nostalgic and very on point. Again, as a former gamer, I love it.

But what made this episode really really funny was when Maple showcases her OP-ness and her broken powers. Even her legit award-winning gamer bff was left dumbfounded and amazed by how OP Maple was.

They also got a chance to meet new people. I really don’t mind who the people the main characters meet along the way, but the 2 new characters seemed to be part of Maple’s team in the opening sequence, so I think they will have more moments in the future.

And at last, the one thing I was waiting for, SALLY’S BADASS FIGHTING SKILLS. YAASSSS!! I had always wanted her to go all out and show her prowess in gaming after seeing her go serious before. Due to some circumstances, she actually went on a hunt and killed a lot of players, which made her be known by a lot of players. I thought the other players wouldn’t notice, but they were able to associate her to Maple, making their “party” something the players will look out for.

PS: that ending though XD


Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun

Another solid episode from the series.

I do admit, compared to last week’s episode, this one was a bit of a downer in terms of intensity, but I guess, because the Valentine’s Day is coming, the latest episode was full of lovey feels.

After the kiss given by Hanako, Yashiro had been contemplating what was the meaning of it. She even asked help from her popular friend, Akane.

It turns out the kiss on the cheek was a protective seal to protect the MC, hence, she felt embarrassed thinking it was something more. But personally, I can clearly see love blooming between the two.

In the middle section of the episode, we got to know that Minamoto senpai is the big brother of the Exorcist guy, Kou. Hence, Minamoto-senpai is also an exorcist. It’s quite clear he doesn’t like Hanako-kun and he wants to remove all of the youkais in the school. Oh man.

Lastly, the new characters introduced in the previous episode got a chance to shine in this episode. She implied that there are other Hanakos in the school. Another version, very interesting.

She encourages Yashiro to know about the 5th mystery to know more about Hanako-kun.

Like I said above, this episode was solid but not really intense, especially that its just a filler to introduce the new mystery which we will see in the next episode.

Can’t wait to see.


To Aru Kagaku no Railgun T

Oh fudge.

As always, watching an ongoing To Aru anime will be the death of me. For this new episode, again, they end with a cliffhanger.

Shiiiizzzzzzz…I am so frustrated right now. Fuuuuuddddggggeeee!!!

Okay, compose…

The episode starts off with the painful moment when the gang doesn’t even remember Misaka. As a fan of the series, this scene gives me a lot of negative emotions, ranges from frustration to anger, it’s too hard to see.

Later on, Misaka was able to ask a favor on Kongo to help her find her sister. I will admit, I used to be annoyed by Kongo and her minions, there are a level lower as annoying as Kuroko. However, she’s been bearable since the start of this season and bruh, I am starting to like her in this episode. I know how much she adores Misaka, but I also know she always steps up whenever someone’s in need of help.

During the process of looking for Misaka’s sister, she got in trouble. At first, she was way ahead of the enemy but got beaten up in the end. Uuuggghhhh, this was another scene that I had a hard time watching as I was starting to like Kongo and he did this to her. Good thing Kongo’s friends and Saten was able to witness this and rescued her. But uugghhh…I need to wait for another week before I will see the outcome of their fight.

This is so frustrating.

Another frustrating thing was the fact that Misaka can’t escape her own classmates. I feel for her.


I just want to see all of the episodes like…RIGHT NOW!!


Koisuru Asteroid

It’s the cultural festival episode. Yyeeeee!!

I don’t think a highschool anime would be complete without this.

The episode starts off with Sakurai-senpai and Inose-senpai getting the core from the ground to use for the exhibit cafe the club is making. At first, Sakurai was clearly having a hard time, so Inose’s friends asked helped from the baseball team, which also happens to have a lot of Sakurai’s classmates to help her out. They were able to finish quickly and Sakurai was able to understand that she shouldn’t be pessimistic immediately. After all, you will never know the outcome if you never even try.

Next scene, we get to see the astronomy group coloring a bunch of balls into planets. Infairness, the finished products looks so good, its amazing. Suzuya visited them and brought them sample foods for the cafe, which the group only consumed and didn’t even leave any comment. Lol.

During the cultural festival, we see the club members in the maid uniform and they are very very cute. I especially like the moments when the parents of Ao and Mira came and checked out the cafe. Parents are quite rare in anime so it was nice for them to visit.

We also got to see the other soon to be important characters, that hasn’t been introduced yet. It seemed one of them might be the little sister of Sakurai-senpai, I dunno yet.

At the scene, we learnt that Morino and Sakurai decided to step down as president and vice president, respectively. This news was a huge shock on the members, especially to Inose-senpai as she was then appointed as the new president.

Oh man, I wanted to see more of them and definitely, the next episode will focused on Inose’s acceptance of her new role and I guess, the adjustment of the club.

I can’t wait to see the next episode.

Oh man. This week had been hard for me.

It’s not that the winter animes episodes are bad, but my attention to animes and blogging is waning out as I am becoming lazy and only want to listen to podcasts. I am not pushing myself to publish stuff as I might not like the results, but being unproductive is killing me.

I hope I can recover next week.

Anyway, that is all.

Thanks for reading.


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