Anime Weekly Watch - Winter 2020 #5 - railgun t

Anime Weekly Watch – Winter 2020 #5

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Week 5 of Anime Weekly Watch!!!

January just ended and its the start of the love month, February. Just like last week, there will be changes again this week.

There is an anime that had a strong opening that immediately died out, in terms of hype (within me). That anime is Oshi ga Budoukan Ittekuretara Shinu. I don’t think I could watch this anime weekly any further. Just liked the animes I dropped last week, I think I would enjoy this series if I binge-watch this instead.

Like always, I will be reviewing a different anime instead, and this one is quite popular as people (like me) didn’t expect this one to be really really good. I also think you guys have an idea which anime I am talking about, so look forward to my thoughts about it.

Here are my thoughts:


What an episode. Wow.

And I thought this series would go stagnant, nope.

ID:Invaded now dives into more about the Gravedigger case and what was the meaning of the last scene of the previous episode.

Compared to the previous episodes, we now get to see more of the other main character, Hondoumachi Koharu as she tries to solve the case. I know we got used to seeing Sakaido being the center of this series, but giving the spotlight to Koharu made the series more interesting and not stale.

When that kiss happened, I was shocked by it. Even the fact that Koharu might be very young and is a genius or something. Good thing, the series addressed the Koharu was already on legal age and justifies the action of that man into something else other than what it seemed.

I really like the twist as it makes a lot of sense. Just like what happened to Phineas Gage, where after his accident (a pole went through his head), his brain got damaged to a point that his cognitive functions got messed up (e.g. his personality changed). I know I just went on a tangent and gave a psych related example, but yeah, try to research it to know more.

Anyway, like what I’m saying, the drill on the supposed Gravedigger suspect might’ve have changed something on his head. His brain became messed up. You guys might question as to why Koharu, who also has a drill on her head, didn’t became like him (or the first episode serial killer, if we go to the extreme). Well, its actually an easy answer, the drilling was different, and the drills on the latter’s head “maybe” didn’t affect much of her brain, unlike the suspect.

What I like the most of this episode was the fact that we got to see Koharu shine and show she’s made of. She proves to everyone, the viewers, that she’s The Detective of this series for a reason.

Okay, I won’t prolong this any longer as I still need to review 6 more animes.

I can’t wait for the next episode.

Anime Weekly Watch - Winter 2020 #5 - id invaded

Itai no wa Iya nano de Bougyoryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu.

As always, this series delivers full of fluff and MMORPG nostalgia.

For this episode, we now see the 2 main characters go on an adventure, finding medals for the 2nd event. They also got a chance to fight off monsters that are legit hard to beat. With the amazing combi moves of both Maple and Sally they were able to win against the monster.

I especially loved the 2nd fight as we not only see the strong bond between Maple and Sally and how they fight well together, we also got to them struggle very much to a point that even I thought they would lose. One of the things I don’t like in this kind of series is the lack of possibility of loss, good thing, this series has that possibility.

I also love that moment when the developers of the game got together and expressed frustration over Maple’s broken and unbalance play in their game as she continues to surpsie them with a lot of problems. Interestingly, they never acknowledge the presence of Maple’s ally, Sally, as she’s quite OP herself. Maybe, because Sally does try to be “balance” enough for the developers not to worry about. This definitely made me excited of what’s to come from them.

Lastly, I want to say how much of a cutie the 2 familiars were in the episode. Oh man, they are so cute. I want to have them as my pets too.

Uuggghhh… I can’t wait for the next episode.

Anime Weekly Watch - Winter 2020 #5 - itai 1

Koisuru Asteroid

Oh man, this series never fail me to give me moe and hit me in the right feels.

Compared to the previous episodes, we got 3 different arcs this time, but they flow really well with each other.

The first one was a beach episode. We got to see the youngsters of the club enjoy themselves at the beach. Ihad been wondering when would Suzu became jealous of Mira & Ao’s closeness, interestingly, it happened in this episode and it happened in the most tame yet proper way. There was no drama and it went straight to the point, and I love it. This shows how compact the story was and how mature the characters are, as they willingly try to be a better person as the series goes on.

In the next arc, Mira and Sakurai-senpai went on a mineral show together. Both of them spazzed on the rocks and crystal, and they bounce off each other really well. Their relationship sure is dynamic. I was expecting their date to be awkward but, nope, it turned out to be really fun. It’s through this arc we also got to see Sakurai-senpai’s worries as she’s about to graduate and she doesn’t have future plans yet.

These worries of senpai became a highlight in this 3rd arc as the cutural festival is coming. If you guys had been watching a lot of highschool animes, this pretty much is a sign that the end of the school year is near. While the club (along with their sensei) discussed about what should they do in the festival, they planned to focus on geology while having a cafe. Personally, their planned is quite interesting. Sakurai-senpai, as an overthinker, she immediately went against the idea as she thinks it won’t be possible. As an overthinker myself, having a realistic outlook sucks as we tend to be negative and we have a hard time being positive. Especially, if the possibility of success is so so small, we became clouded with negativity. Sakurai-senpai seemed to be feeling this way, topping with worries about her future.

Sensei, being the mature person in the room, encouraged senpai to nevertheless do the cafe. After all, we can never know its success rate if we don’t try. The other members backed up this idea and also encourages Sakurai to be more open to this idea as they are there to support her.

I really love this part as it not only gave Sakurai room to grow, it also made room for the viewers, to be encouraged and also grow along with the characters. Koisuru Asteroid seemed to do this in every episode and its very touching. I love it.

I can’t wait for more.

Anime Weekly Watch - Winter 2020 #5 - koisuru asteroid

To Aru Kagaku no Railgun T

Well, WTF.

Oh man. This episode definitely woke me up and pretty much slap me in the face that this series is a “To Aru”. Everything was normal and then everything turned to shizzzz. Damn!!!!!!!

Uugggghhhhhh… I want to see the new episode now. I don’t my heart can handle the cliffhanger. F8ck!

Okay. I really need to calm down.

To give you an idea WTF is going on. In the first half of the episode, we got to see the Railgun gang being themselves. Getting into cute troubles while enjoying their festival together. Seeing these moments made me smile and I pretty much let my guard down. Then the 2nd half happened.

In the 2nd half, Misaka now noticed that her Sister wasn’t able to return her classmate’s gym clothes, which prompt her to search for her. Clues then keep piling up that there seems to be a conspiracy. As a viewer who can pretty much see the clues, watching Misaka made me frustrated and thrilled. I want her to know everything…like RIGHT NOW. And then that ending happened.

WTF!!!!! The was a low blow. Well, yeah I kinda predict that Misaki would do that to Misaka’s friends as it was hinted already, but witnessing the ending was hard to watch. It made me angry, alongside with Misaka. Like bruh, I know Misaki is not a bad person, but uuuggghhhh..she’s making me hate her right now.



This series is totally proving that some series are meant to binge-watched and shouldn’t be part of the Anime Weekly Watch list, or else, there might be people who will get an heart attack because of cliffhangers.

Anime Weekly Watch - Winter 2020 #5 - railgun t 2

Eizouken ni wa Te wo Dasu na!

OMG!!! This anime is amazing.

I’ll be honest, in the first half of the episode, I was hesitant about this anime and even thought of putting this on hold because of the constant talking. I know the stuff that they were talking were relevant, but bruh, it’s boring af.

However, I changed my mind when I immediately felt the sense of urgency because of the nearing deadline. Not only they made some changes on what they will show to the public, they also made some drastic changes in how they will work on the project.

This made me realize how much harsh the anime industry is. The 3 main characters represents well the current animators, designs, production management of an anime studio. I find it fascinating to watch them bicker and made adjustments. It felt real and genuine.

On the day of the showing, I didn’t expect it to be so public. Almost all the students, even some teachers were there to see which clubs will be given budget or not.

There were some harsh exchanges between the Film club and the student council, but ultimately letting the club show their work. And boy oh boy, they blew everyone away. Even me, it was that amazing.

As the passion of the 3 main characters were felt by the public, they were given the budget.

This made me become excited with what’s to come. I mean, they were able to pull off an amazing short anime without having a budget. Now that they have one, I can’t wait to see their masterpiece.

Anime Weekly Watch - Winter 2020 #5 - eizoken

Haikyuu! To the TOP!!


Nice episode.

Compared to its previous episodes and the other animes released this week, the hype fell off. However, that doesn’t mean the series is not anymore good. It still has a consistent pacing and flow like the previous episodes.

What I like about this new episode is we get to see more of Kageyama’s training. We meet and atleast get some first impression to some of the new characters. They are surely interesting. Kudos to the mangaka for being able to continue making interesting characters all throughout this franchise.

Other than Kageyama, we also got to see more of Hinata’s growth as a player and a ballboy. Not only his observation skills has improved, he can also create easy and proper plays on court. It makes me proud to see him grow and grow in every episode.

Unfortunately, this episode still lacks Tsukishima. Yes, he did get some screentime in the first half of the episode, but it seemed his growth and development as a player is happening at the background instead. As a fan of him, I am a bit bumped by this as I want to see and know more about his thoughts and how he could improve as a blocker.

Tsk tsk tsk.

Hopefully soon.

Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun

Yes, This series is back here on my Anime Weekly Watch!

I gave my initial first impressions on this series on my Week 2 of Anime Weekly Watch. I expressed how much I had fun watching this series, and it remained consistent…uh became better as weeks goes on.

I mean, this series gives me creeps, at the same time, it makes me laugh, and also give me fluffy feelings. Very weird and I love it.

Since my first impressions, both MC’s went through a lot. New characters were introduced, we got to know more about Hanako-kun and how Nene became the assistant of Hanako. We also got acquianted to 2 more entities that is part of the Seven Mysteries other than Hanako and learn more about them.

I especially was intrigued with this recent arc as not only it lasted 2 episodes, the story was creepily interesting to a point it left me at the edge of my chair watching what’s going to happen next. It’s amazing. Compared to the previous mysteries, it was my first time hearing about the stairs thing. So far, this is my favorite arc.

Since the start of the series, the series made it feel like we are going to meet the other mysteries one by one, like a monster of the week formula. However, in the end of the recent episode, it seemed we will have a legit antagonist now. I can’t wait to see more of her.

Before I will end this review of mine about this series, I also want to share how much I love Hanako and Yayoi’s relationship. Yes, its a bit weird and overboard, but damn Hanako-kun sure knows how to make girls blush. Ooohohohohoho.

The more I watch this series, the more I feel like I just made the right decision to include this here on Anime Weekly Watch.

I can’t hell wait for the next episode.

Anime Weekly Watch - Winter 2020 #5 - hanako-kun

Oooohohohhoohoh!! Such a fruitful week.

Other than this Anime Weekly Watch, I also released different kinds of content and I am very proud of myself in doing that.

Like I said above, changes have been made…again. I know I said that I won’t change anymore but Hanako-kun series is too good to skip by and the Oshi Budoukan series was meh recently so I don’t regret interchanging the two.

I do hope I won’t change anymore as I like this current line-up very much.

Anyway, I think I need to rest for awhile. Maybe a day or two. I mean, bruh, I released consecutively long ass articles. Hahahahha.

I’ll definitely come back after with some interesting content. Look forward to it.

That is all for today.

This has been Will Sirius and thanks for reading!

Anime Weekly Watch - Winter 2020 #5 - itai 2

See you in the next few days… XD

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