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Anime Weekly Watch – Winter 2020 #4

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Week 4 of Anime Weekly Watch!!!


I’m holding well so far as the animes I’m watching this season are so interesting, I can’t help but feel excited about the next episode.

Ah! Before I start, I’ll announce that I put Majutsushi Orphen Hagure Tabi and Darwin’s Game on Hold for now, as I feel like I would appreciate them more if I binge-watch them instead.

Now that my list is down to 5, I tried watching other Winter 2020 animes that’s worthy of my time. I’ll reveal them at the end of this post.

Now, here’s my thoughts on the 4th week of Anime Weekly Watch.

ID: Invaded was the first anime I watched this week.

To be honest, I was left dumbfounded by this episode. Unlike the previous episode where I thought I kind of predict the twist and turns of the story, this episode is very different.

For this episode, we got to see the aftermath of the suicide of the previous episode’s serial killer. It’s through that we get to know more about our MC and how he’s been driving this killers to death, ever since he became part of this program.

Believe me, the MC’s urges to kill is quite understandable as even me, I want to kill all of the serial killers. But that mindset is so wrong.

Anyway, what left me dumbfounded was the cliffhanger in the end. WTF was that about?

I guess we can only understand it once we see the next episode. Oh man..


Itai no wa Iya nano de Bougyoryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu was pretty interesting this week.

As what I expressed in the previous episodes, Maple is too broken and unbalance in the game. It seems the game developers notice this and limits her capabilities. Hahahahah, nice one.

This just shows how unique this isekai game anime is as this never happened before. It’s uniqueness made this series a mile better than others.

Even with its MMORPG elements, its cute-girls-doing-cute-things still remains a highlight in this series and I am happy that it didn’t disappear.

For the 3rd time, we are treated with amazing action scenes and fight animation. Looks like this is going to be a trend, but I like it. zthat way, it covers all the important bases.

I mean, different people are watching this show. Some are watching it because of the cute-girls-doing-cute-things trope, while others are in for the MMORPG elements. This makes me understand more why this series became popular and actually got an anime adaptation.

The 2nd event of the game will start soon in the next episode. I can’t wait.


Oshi ga Budoukan Ittekuretara Shinu‘s newest episode sure was interesting to watch.

The more I watch this series, the more i could really see the blossoming feelings of Maina and Eripiyo with each other.

I know this anime is supposed to be an idol anime not a yuri one, but with what was shown last week (the thing I never got the chance to talk about) which was the one of the popular members of the indie idol group seemed to have a gf. That scene pretty much proves this series is not just your typical yuri bait, but might go full on with it.

In this episode, a new character was introduced. She was kinda in the previous episode, she was more prominent here. She also became a Maina fan after seeing her in last week’s runaway event. With the introduction of her, it made Eripiyo aware of her selfish ways.

She wants Maina to be famous and be loved by everyone, but at the same time, she wants her for herself only. I also had the same feelings as Eripiyo before, but I think Eripiyo had it different because compared to me, she and Maina actually have a chance to meet face to face.

This conflict within Eripiyo made Maina worried. But yeah, misunderstandings continue to build up as both characters are not conveying their real feelings.

I was really surprised with that last moment in the episode. I know that train scene could really happen in real life, I kind of wished those two talked it out on the spot. Lol. However, if we really look at their personalities, that would be really impossible. Hahahahahah.

Now that we can establish this series as yuri, I can’t wait to see more developments of their blooming relationship.

Haikyuu had an amazing episode this week.

We were able to see Hinata seeing everything with a new perspective. Rather than sulking, he tries to learn what he can other than chasing the ball.

This reminds me when a friend of mine told me that a really really good coach of a sports team would be a person who was never part of the starting team. Why? Because they see more of what was going on outside the court, a better and wider perspective of everything. What my friend said totally make sense.

Players tend to hustle and do their part in the court, they sometimes don’t see the other important factors needed to have a good play. Hinata realizes this and tries to learn what he can so that he will become a better player in the future.

Other than Hinata, we were also got a glimpse of Kageyama in the All-Japan training camp. He seems to be holding up in there, though I do want to see more of it. Based on the preview, looks like we will see it sooner.

We also got to see Tsukishima. It seemed he noticed the sudden change of Hinata and now he’s frustrated. The ending sure is a cliffhanger, I really wanna know what they’ll talk about.

Oh man, I can’t wait.

Koisuru Asteroid just became a cute girls doing cute things show into an info-dumping wholesome show. And I love it wholeheartedly.

From the first episode, I knew that there will be a lot of information about earth science and astronomy that I will learn through this series but i didn’t expect it to be this many. Hahahahaha. Still, I was entertained all throughout the episode.

The cast first went to an earth science museum, seeing all of the fossils, stones and remarkable bones. On paper, the trip may sound boring, but believe me, visiting this places is quite a experience. 2 members of the club definitely went wild.

In the next stop of their trip, they went to a space center where the main MC’s along with club president went all out spazzing too. Just like the museum, visiting a space center would be an experience and personally, I totally understand the MC’s excitement.

I really love how the members interact with each other, as most of them have different likings even though they are in one club. They help each other out in discovering and learning more about stuff, so heartwarming.

As always, the episode ends with a wholesome learning about bring able to find something you are passionate about and not be embarrassed by it.

This anime continues to amaze me with how wholesome and fluffy it is. As a viewer, you just can’t help but not to like this show.

I can’t wait for the next episode.

PS: Sensei is so BAE. I starting to like her more.

Now that I gave my thoughts on the first 5, here are the new animes I will be reviewing from now on:

First up, Eizouken ni wa Te wo Dasu na!

OMG. This anime is so intriguing.

Now I understand why a lot people are gushing about this.

Eizouken is anime about creating an anime. Directed by the famous Masaaki Yuasa, who is widely known for directing Ping Pong the Animation, Tatami Galaxy and Devilman Crybaby.

Unlike other anime fans, I’m not really into his works but I do respect his works.

Just like his other series, this anime had an interesting art style like no other. Not my kind of style, but interesting enough to keep me watching.

As of now, I reached the 3rd episode. The trio has now a club room and now are discussing on what concept and the production of their anime.

I love how meta and realistic the series was in terms of making an anime. They not only give some subtle commentary on the current dire situation of animators on Japan, they also go into detail on how they would make the anime.

As a fan of this medium for a long time, this series makes me feel like a kid again and properly appreciating every inch of this medium.

Definitely a must watch. I can’t wait for the next episode.

The last anime I’m adding on my list would be To Aru Kagaku no Railgun T.

Believe me when I say that I am quite hesitant on watching this series as I haven’t watched Index 3 and Accelerator. But bruh, Railgun is my favorite series under the To Aru franchise and I can’t hold myself back from watching one of my all time favorite series.

So yeah, Railgun T.

I marathon the 3 episodes, and now, I WANT MORE. Shocks, I sure ended on a cliffhanger.

Based on the events of series, it seemed they continued where they left off in the 2nd season. The Sisters are still a secret to the public, the annoying but reliable Kuroko is still injured and on wheelchair, and its the start of the festival arc (Railgun version). At first, I was abit dumbfounded as to where this arc exactly on the To Aru Timeline, but I was able to pinpoint it after seeing the first episode. Heh.

Seeing my favorite characters again on screen was a delight on my part, I couldn’t stop smiling. Misaka is as cool as ever, her Sister is also very adorable. Ever since the Sisters Arc, I always look forward to every interaction between them. The other main characters are still charming as ever and I am still am still annoyed by Kuroko.

I’m not sure if its because its a long time since I watched Railgun, but I was a bit surprised to see Kongo and her little gang being so close to the main protagonists. Maybe those moments in 2nd season made them close I guess. Oh man, I really need to rewatch everything.

For this season, Misaki, a fellow Level 5 Esper, seemed to be the antagonist, but from my own knowledge in the To Aru universe, I know she’s not. Anyway, I can’t wait to see her go head to head with Misaka. Misaki seemed to be connected to a shady organization. I dunno much about it, but surely, I am excited to see more from her.

I’m still not sure if I am ready for this, actuallly watching Railgun series weekly. Last time I did this was with a To Aru series was Railgun 2nd season and I wasn’t able to hold on. Lol. I literally stopped watching I think after Touma and Misaka defeated Accelerator, and then waited until the series finished so that I could binge it instead. Hahahaha.

I’ll try to stay as long as I can, though I am currently struggling now as I want to see the next episode…like NOW.

Anyway, the first 3 episodes was quite good. Not only it gave us a run through about WTF is going on in Academy City, the info dumping on Esper’s powers continues to delight and annoy me. Heh. This is definitely a To Aru series.

Again, I can’t wait for the next episode.


Week 4 is finished.

Like I said above, I won’t be reviewing Darwin’s Game and Majutsushi Orphen Hagure Tabi as I will just binge them once they are complete.

The 7 animes above are the Winter Animes I will be reviewing from now on.

Anyway, that’s it.

Thank you for reading!!

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