Anime Weekly Watch – Winter 2020 #3

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Yo!! For the 3rd week, I am now watching fewer winter animes compared before.

Well, I gave most of my first impressions last week so check them out.

Now, I had chosen 7 animes to be featured here. However, I do wanna share that I might not be able to feature Kyouko Suiri because I haven’t seen its new episode, and the said episode will air after I post this entry. It’s unfortunate but we need to move on. I might choose a different anime to feature. We will see.

The first anime I watched this week was Koisuru Asteroid.

Damn, full of cuteness.


A lot of stuff happened in a short span of 24 minutes. We got to see Ao and Mira trying to study together for their remedial exams, but failed because they only talk about asteroids. Lol. Suzu then checked up on them to see their studying progress. I liked that in this arc we got to know more about Mira’s big sister. It seemed she’s very fond of her little sister, even creating a shrine for a stone given by her lil sis’. Maybe, “being fond of” her little sis might be a light term to describe her, but I hope she won’t go the generic big sis route. In this arc, we also got to know more about Suzu. She seemed to like Mira’s big sister a lot, and she’s so gay. I love it. Hahahahaha.

In the next arc, we got to see the 2 main characters working as a part-timers in Suzu’s family bakery. This arc is quite fun as we see the part-timers try their hardest to give a good service to the customers, while Suzu doing her own thing rather than teaching them. We also got to see Suzu being so so gay and really weird. The fact that the 2 main characters are used to it made everything a lot funnier. Lol. Suzu sure is making me love her so much.

The last arc of the episode was quite heartwarming than I expected. We got to know more about Inose Mai as this arc highlights her love for maps. What I love about this arc was that I got to learn some good lessons from this. It around the time when Mai asked for advice to Mikage about making a treasure map to the trio (Ao, Mari, and Suzu). The latter shared that what we find fun is the treasure, and bruh, I felt that. Lel.


Overall, this 3rd episode was a lot of fun than the previous episodes. We got to know more about the characters while having some fun moments to laugh about. The MVP of this episode would definitely be Suzu. She’s so…weird and gay, watching her in this episode was such a delight. She might be my most favorite character in this anime. ooohohohoho.

Next, I watched Darwin’s Game.

From cute to gore, such a transition. Lol.

For this new episode, I am a bit disappointed by it. The more I watch this anime, the more I feel like I prefer to binge this anime instead of watching it weekly. The thrill I felt in the first 2 episodes wasn’t there anymore now that I am watching the 3rd episode. I might put this one on hold.


Anyway, about the episode. We first got a run through about the rules of the event. From its rules, its quite clear, the makers of the game sure wants some blood all over the city. We also got a glimpse of what’s going on behind the scenes of the game. It seemed this series is a bit similar to “The Hunger Games” where the game is being enjoyed by rich people. Why am I not surprised.

However, I still couldn’t understand what’s the purpose of this D-game. Yes, we got some glimpse of the BTS, but it’s still not enough to give us an insight into the purpose of the game.

In this episode, we also saw Kaname teaming up with the kid Analyst. It’s their first meeting together, and definitely, through this event, they’ll become allies.


Like I said above, my desire to watch this anime has been diminished so I might drop this and put this one on-hold. I find this anime alot more appealing if I binge watch this instead.

I watched Majutsushi Orphen Hagure Tabi.

Uuuwwwaaaa, its oldness and classic feel sure are resonating.

From its flow of the story to its jokes, its full of nostalgia. That is both a good and bad thing.


It’s good because it made me feel like a kid again, watching a shounen anime. However, it is bad because of its not-so-great story flow. The story is becoming quite predictable and now its a slow-burn. Nothing much is happening other than letting us know more about the characters and their back stories.

I guess I am now dissensitized with the modern quality of anime that this slow-burn pace of a shounen anime is kinda making me feel bored. Like Darwin’s Game, I might drop this and binge-watch this one instead.

Next up was Haikyuu S4.

Oh man, this new season of Haikyuu is making me cry. Uuuggghhh, its still the 2nd episode and yet, I’m emotional. I feel like I am going to be a trainwreck all throughout this season.

In this episode, we got to witness Hinata crumble to the ground as he realized how huge and tall the mountain that is blocking his way to greatness. It’s painful to watch him struggle because even you, the viewer, knew that this would and needs to happen. This struggle of Hinata is a long time coming, so him now facing it gives me chills. It made me want to root him more and oversee how he could overcome this struggle.


We weren’t able to see much of Kageyama yet as the episode seemed to be more focused on Hinata’s endeavors. I do hope to see his arc very soon, but for now, I can’t wait to see the next episode and know how will Hinata turn everything to his favor.

ID: INVADED is on a new level.

This series makes me so proud I am a graduate of Psychology, as I can totally understand all of the shizzz that’s going on in this series.

From its theories and perspectives of the characters, they are so fascinating.

Compared to last weeks first few episodes, this new arc only lasted for 1 episode. It was about a bomber who explodes buildings while making them look like a spectacle. The serial killer was conveniently called “The Pyrotechnician”.


What I like about this episode was the fact that we see more sides of the main character and get to know him better, while he solves the cases presented to him. We also got a glimpse or paint a better picture of what this WELL system is. Definitely, this system is for people that has a broken mind, and clearly, the main character is totally broken. I mean, he is on the same cell as the serial killers, he must have done something really really messed to be put in that cell.

Uuugggghhhh, this makes me want to see more of this series. I can’t wait for the next episode.

Watching Oshi ga Budoukan Ittekuretara Shinu made me realize how fun it must be if you have someone to talk to about your love for idols. Uuugggghhh.

Continuing the first episode, we get to see more struggles of a typical wota. This series is becoming more META than ever before. Not only the stuff the characters are talking about were hella relatable, I personally know that they are happening in real life. From the fact that your oshi (favorite idol) might not be popular, hence, they might not be pushed by their management compared to the popular members. Another fact would be that during handshakes, other fans tend to visit the less popular members because they felt pity on them for having no line.


Uuuggghhhh…I could name more moments, but I might make this really long so I will stop now.

Interestingly, on twitter, someone translated a tweet saying that the mangaka literally based the series to Hello! Project. Some of the idols in the series are based on reali life idols and ex-idols. No wonder, this series felt like it was for me as I am a die hard fan of Hello! Project.

Oh man, I can’t wait to see the next episode.

Like I said on my intro, I won’t be featuring Kyouko Suiri here on AWW because of its release date that is after I publish this post. I decided to give write my thoughts about Bofuri instead.

Bofuri or Itai no wa Iya nano de Bougyoryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu was an amazing watch. Not only we saw Maple going all out and took out 2000+ players in a game event, but we also got to see her best friend, Sally, shine and become awesome.


Okay, before I talk about Sally, let’s talk about how broken Maple’s stats are.

From what was shown in the first episode, we knew that Maple would be well known by other players soon because she’s too broken, stats-wise, to be ignored. And bruh, she’s quite popular now. Not only the other players saw how dangerous she was, they were in awe with how cute she was too. It’s amazing.

Now for Sally, she was able to join Maple in the game in the 2nd half of the episode. It’s quite clear that she’s a veteran in games as she knows which stats and skills she needs to prioritize and focus on to reach her decide class. From the looks of her clothes, it seemed she’s an assassin in the making. She plans on focusing on her agility over anything else, while also keeping her other stats balanced. This makes her OP in her own right.

Definitely, once these two best friends teamed up, they’ll be unstoppable.

Oh man, its still the 2nd episode, and yet, I am gushing all over this series. Not only that, This series also made me miss playing MMORPG. Maybe I should get back to it someday.

Anyway, I definitely can’t wait for the next episode.


Oh man, what a week.

A lot of animes had amazing new episodes, I can’t keep up.

I haven’t seen the other animes yet, but I am sure they’ll be amazing.

Like I said above I might drop Darwin’s game in the next AWW, we will see. I might review Hanako-san instead as I feel like I have a lot of say about it.

Let’s hope the next episode of Darwin’s Game won’t be disappointing.

Anyway, that would be all for now.

This has been Will Sirius and See you next week!!!

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