Aggretsuko Season 3

Aggretsuko Season 3, Netflix Anime Review

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I had seen both the S1 and S2 of Aggretsuko and I personally thought I had seen enough of the series and the new season won’t live up to the previous ones.


Definitely not.

It’s actually better.

A whole lot better.


And here I thought this season would be a disappointment. It shocked me in a good way, and I love it.

It follows Retsuko as her life becomes intertwined with the OTMGirls; an idol band comprised of Hidarin, Manaka, Migi, and their manager, Hyoudou.

With her financial situation deteriorating through an addition to a virtual reality game, Retsuko is unable to pay for a car accident of her own doing with Hyoudou. They settle on a deal; Retsuko joins the idol group he’s managing as the accounting director for the idol group he manages.

Meanwhile, Haida and Fenneko become aware that Retsuko is hiding something from them, and Gori starts up her own marriage counselling app with investment from Tadano. (Wikia)

I had always liked Aggretsuko. Both S1 and S2 were really enjoyable to watch and they didn’t disappoint. However, I didn’t have high hopes for S3, for reasons of me not to be disappointed. So I kept my expectations reasonably low. And I’m glad I did.

Season 3 was so good.

Like, even better than the previous seasons and I can’t believe how Sanrio pulled this one off.

The series starts off where the previous season left off, Retsuko trying to move on from her failed relationship and back to her boring life. However, her coping strategy just happened to be very addictive and expensive, which led her to a lot of problems in the later episodes. I really like how connected all of the arcs are in this season. One of my problems in the previous season was how it was a bit disconnected the arcs were, but in this new season, everything is interwoven perfectly.

I admit, though, I was a bit skeptical after we have gone through the first arc. I mean, being addicted to a virtual game is hella relatable, and quite a statement to the current problem of some people now, but it wasn’t as impactful as the previous arcs of the series. However, the next arc definitely made up for it.

Aggretsuko actually dives into the world of the idol industry. Like the game addiction in the previous arc, the idol industry is another problem a lot of Japanese people are experiencing. Well, it’s not really a problem, as I am an idol fan myself. But I won’t deny the existence of the dark side of the said industry. I personally am not a fan of it and I wish this dark side would go away, but unfortunately, it is the reality of the idol industry.

The Japanese idol industry, or any music industry in general, is loved by many. We see different sets of idols and they shine on stage, delivering us beautiful lyrics and music, while also bringing smiles to our faces. They are sometimes seen as the light in this darkness called the real world. And I, personally, appreciate them.

However, just like anything, if something is overboard, too much, things tend to go downhill. And that’s the thing that was featured in the series. Aggretsuko showed us a glimpse of how terrifying the dark side of the idol industry. From the hustle of indie idols to them actually getting stalkers, it’s…gruesome.

As I am an idol fan, I am quite updated with the news, and it’s painful to know that these problems are quite common in the industry. Deluded fans exist, and they are totally into the parasocial relationship with their oshi, or the idol they stan. They would do crazy stuff and it’s terrifying, both from the outsider’s perspective and the idol’s. As much as we want this to stop, we can’t control a human’s way of mind, unfortunately. It is sick, and I hope the industry would do better.

Now on a lighter note, let’s talk about love.


Aggretsuko Season 3 Haida Retsuko

I don’t think we could move on and end this review without tackling the romance of this series. Interestingly, the romance wasn’t focused on the main character, Retsuko, but on Haida. He had been pining over Retsuko since S1. As the best boy, I also rooted for him. However, I do admit, he kind of missed an opportunity this season. He was presented with a really good love interest, that likes him for him, but yeah, I guess we can’t control who we really liked, so he didn’t reciprocate. I don’t blame him, but personally, the other love interest fits him better than Retsuko.

Like always, the developments of the relevant characters were really amazing. I thought we already saw all the sides of Retsuko, but nope. Everything she went through this season, oh man, it made me love her more. Every reaction and decision she made were really realistic and in line with her personality, it made me understand her more. It’s the same with the other characters, too.

The animation continues to be consistent all throughout the series. I do want to point out how cute the new characters were, especially the other fellow idols. I especially liked the new character, Manaka.

Overall, this season didn’t disappoint. Not only it exceeded my expectations, it also went dark and shown us a realistic look at the current happenings in the Japanese culture. I love it.

Alot of other stuff happened more in the series, but I don’t really wanna spoil, and I only wanna talk about the stuff above. So you guys should check this new season out. You can watch this on Netflix, and each episode is short, like around 15 minutes long.

This has been Will Sirius and thanks for reading!

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