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Aggretsuko S2 was a lot more personal

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Last year, around the same time, I got a chance to watch to the first season of Aggretsuko. I really enjoyed it and was really happy to know that there would be 2nd season. As its natural for a series to tone down and be less interesting in its sequel, this series was different.

It’s actually better than it’s predecessor, it was that good.

Aggretsuko S2 was a lot more personal

I really enjoyed watching the first season of Aggretsuko. It was something I didn’t expect I would like, but I did. With the release of the 2nd season earlier this year, its understandable that I also need to watch it too.

And bruh, it delivered.

Aggretsuko S2 continues where the OVA left off.

(oh yeah, before anything… You guys need to check the Special OVA of Aggretsuko as it was a direct sequel to the first season. Nothing outstanding actually happened to it, but atleast you guys would know where the characters stand now.)

Compared to the first season, where we get to see the start of Retsuko’s road to adulthood, in this newest season, it focused more on her struggles as a senpai in her workplace and her future.

In the first arc, Retsuko was appointed to guide the newbie at work, and yes, she’s struggles….very much. I do feel for her as the newest employee seemed to be edgy, but that doesn’t mean I also don’t put some blame on Retsuko, she also has a lot of hiccups. She wasn’t able to see the newbie’s struggle and focused more on her own self. And yeah, maybe the reactions of the newbie seemed to be extreme, but believe me, they are some people who are like that. Anyway, it was nice to see the supporting characters trying to help Retsuko in anyway they can, not only they helped the newbie, they also changed my perspective about them.

For the latter arc, we now focused on Retsuko’s romance and her future. Even in the start of the 2nd season, this 2nd arc had already started as Retsuko’s mom keeps on bugging her about her future and marriage. As I am not a Japanese, I couldn’t relate much about the arranged marriage thing in Japan, but I do know a lot about it as I had seen and witnessed it in a lot of Japanese media. Anyway, with the entrance of Retsuko’s mom in the picture, this made the main character think about her future.

What does she want?

What does she want to accomplish?

What is her dream?

It was through this that she was forced to face reality that she’s now an adult and she’s getting older, Retsuko needs to grow up and walk the path she wants to take.

All through out the season, we got to see her struggling to this and it was nice to see it as I am also in the same path as her, struggling to find my own way. I love how relatable this was to me, and definitely to you guys as well.

She was able to find the path for her, a goal she wants to achieve. But her dream was then challenged by a person who became a special person to her in the 2nd arc. Unlike other people, I am not much of a fan of the new guy. He kinda seemed to represent the millennials nowadays (totally throwing shade to my own generation). As I am pretty much a tradition-oriented person, his line of thought doesn’t coincide with me. However, I do admit, Retsuko and Tadano, the new guy, looks good together. They seem to compliment each other too, except for the fact that their dreams are not align.

I really like how they portrayed Retsuko’s struggles with this situation. She went through a rollercoaster of emotions and good thing, there were a lot of people there for her. One of the characters that shocked me was her boss, he was the least person I thought who would give advice, and he gave the best one, too. His words not only resonated to Retsuko, but also to me. I see him in a different light now. Lol.

The ending was a bit heartbreaking, but that’s reality. We can’t always get everything.

As always, Aggretsuko delivers a realistic-ish look of adulting. Yeah, maybe there were times that it wasn’t that accurate or were too extreme, most of the story points they want to convey were delivered well. That’s an accomplishment.

I’m not sure if a 3rd season was announced but I do hope to see one. I still need to see Retsuko and Haida’s relationship bloom. Yep, I ship them, and I want them to be the end game. Okay. Heh.

Aggretsuko S2 was a lot more personal

Yo! Sirius here.

It took me awhile to finish this series, even though this series was supposed to be short, as I am watching this now on Netflix. I seem to forget to continue watching this as I tend to watch Western tv series instead. Lol.

Anyway, I enjoyed this new season greatly. A much watch indeed.

Let me know your thoughts about this series down below.

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